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Self Realized souls are rare!

Updated on March 29, 2016

Self, Here and Now!

Sri Ramana Maharishi!

As gravity attracts all things, all the planets are orbiting around the Sun due to gravitational forces. Earth’s gravitational force is high, and the magnitude is comparatively less in others planets. It is the fall of apple from a tree, triggered the imagination of Newton. Why the fruit is falling on earth, instead of hurled into space? This is how the scientists think. For us, no such thought might have come. Ultimately, he and other scientists found the gravitational pull of the earth.

We are all inhabitants of earth and so far no life has been discovered in other planets. Especially in human beings, the attractions stems from their own form and bodies. Yes, this is none other than the ‘ego’. Also, the mind exists because of a body. Without a body, where comes the mind? They both are intrinsically connected and they can not exist alone! Our body attachment is similar to gravity! Only a highly evolved soul can get it disconnected from the body conscious. Yes, Ramana Maharishi is one such soul, who relinquished all ideas about body. He lived as a soul and not as a body. He was never concerned with the needs of body and this was demonstrated during his penance for six months in an underground cellar in a temple. All insects, cockroaches and other poisonous creatures feasted on his bodies posterior. He was oblivious of his body for six months. He has not taken food or drink, nor did he care for passing urine etc. Physically, he was emancipated.

By the grace of God, some good souls noticed the boy engaged in continuous penance. Hence few persons attempted to lift him from the floor. Alas, his skin got attached to the floor with puss and blood. Somehow, they were able to lift him from the unhygienic situation, brought him to a safe place, tended his wounds, fed him and gave him water. They cleaned his body and thus the devotees were fortunate to see him alive on that day. He lived there until 1950, always immersed in his own Self. He was maintaining silence for the better part of his life. Only on rare occasions, he wrote a word or two on slates in reply to the questions of genuine aspirants. He used to help people in the kitchen. He will peel the skins of vegetables; make chutney out of the vegetable skins. Though he was immersed in self, he engaged himself physically in the Ashram activities.

Of course, such souls are very rare. It is the culmination of many spiritual practices in the previous births which resulted in full self realization even as a youth. The beauty of His presence induced spiritual awakening in many devotees who came to his presence. He has not expressed himself vocally but his silence was enough to clear the spiritual doubts that arose in the minds of many devotees who gathered there. When somebody solicited spiritual queries, sometimes, he wrote the answers in paper or slate and on rare occasions, he will refer some books in which the precise answers will be found. At times he wrote beautiful poems translating ancient scriptural texts. His knowledge was profound. Though he attended school upto eighth or nine standard. Afterwards he left the school to seek out the self from leaving the family environment. He was ready to part with his mother and brother. Such detachment is possible, only when one is advanced in spiritual wisdom. Only ripe fruits could get detached from the trees. Raw fruits will never fall down easily unless somebody plucks it forcefully. Fruits must become ripe as a natural process. Then only it will be sweeter. Our mind too needs to be trained in that direction. Progress in spiritual path is slow, but we must persist with determination and pursue the path, till we reach the goal ultimately! The goal is nothing but Self-Realization!

Happiness is.....


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