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Selfless Prayer and Fasting.

Updated on January 4, 2012

Blessed New Year 2011

We so easily become enslaved with the things in life that have very little meaning. I for one love going on Facebook. I found myself going on it almost on a daily basis. I decided to do a fast and step back from this cultural obsession; to be free in God's presence.

I gave up coffee, I restrained from eating the hours of 8am-3pm, and I did the Daniel fast after three.The Daniel Fast eating plan is similar to a vegan diet with additional restrictions. I changed the direction of my prayer, which usually consisted of "I need" and "I want to have..";into fervently praying for others near and far. I never took the time to read the bible unless in church, but I decided to read the bible and draw closer to God.

The second week of my fast I decided to incorporate meat instead of the Daniel fast, because I didn't want this fast to feel like self punishment since God gives us freedom in Christ. I discovered a healthier pathway, and fasting gave me the opportunity to back away from excess in order to pray.

As a Hairdresser my clients often confide in me as a counselor, so as I enhance their beauty I also secretly pray for them. I am touching the top of their heads, listening and secretly asking God to bless their lives.

During my fast I had a disagreement with my brother. He has a pretty harsh temper,and I almost lost my cool. Instead I walked away from the situation, and I said to him I'll pray for you. I looked at the silver lining in the dark cloud and realized that this argument was just a test. Which I know I passed since the old me would have probably followed my ego, and cursed him out.

Saturday I finished my fast and it was very challenging for me to give certain things up. Like coffee, and my favorite foods. For a person that never really ate as many vegetables, the Daniel fast was truly difficult. In the beginning of my fast I had set a reminder on my phone, for when the fast were finished...and on the reminder it said Praise God, Eat steak, and have a Cannoli...I had forgotten about this and for some reason the reminder didn't go off.

Sunday came along and I couldn't get out of bed...usually I go to church at noon and I didn't even wake up in time to go. I jumped up from bed at 12:45pm and decided to go into the city to get my spirits up. My two older girls had plans with my sister, so it was just me and my two year old Lianna.

I have always wanted to go to the MOMA and never got around to it until Sunday. I can't believe how easy it was for me to get there, and I found parking right in front of the building. I was so grateful; I needed a day like this, like I needed the steak I ordered for dinner. The most coincidental thing is that I didn't realize I had finished fasting.

I went to Little Italy for dinner. I didn't eat or drink a thing until 6:00 p.m, so I had worked up an appetite. That week was restaurant week and on the Menu they had a prefixed 3 course meal. I happened to order the Stuffed Artichoke, Risotto, and Filet Mignon. It was so delicious, and as I left the waiter gave me a free cannoli. It was for my little girl who was so well behaved, but she didn't want it, so I had it and it was like heaven in a shell.

That night I couldn't sleep. I got out of bed went on the computer, and that's when I realized the date and I looked on my phone to see the reminder, that never went off. Although my phone didn't remind me I felt unbelievably great that God reminded me.

As the tears of happiness roll down my cheek, I am now more conscious of the little things in my life that I am so blessed to have. Like the Starbucks Coffee in my cabinet, which has been waiting 21 days for me to open...YAY!!!!

What a great way to start the New Year. Even more so now, as I realize the power of prayer, especially when it’s for others. In my heart I want the best for everyone, this was my first time fasting for 21 days, and I really see how God worked in my life. I was selfless and I observed God work his magic.

This magical day was filled with clues. I inadvertently took a picture in Times Square. When I looked at the picture, on the building there was an ad of a huge cup of coffee and right below it in bold capital letters it said “GREAT TIMES ARE WAITING".

I wanted to share this message to all that have Faith.

God is always with us. I was once all alone, broken and afraid; I walked many paths in my life, the path I chose now is the one with the promise of a lifetime.

Isaiah 58:8:”Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,
and healing shall spring up quickly.”

Matt 21:22:"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

Gods Message


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    • gloryvetten profile image

      gloryvetten 5 years ago from Long Island


    • profile image

      Hugo Chavez 6 years ago

      I love this girl!

    • profile image

      Jeanne Murray aka sensualbliss 7 years ago

      My sister Goddess, oh how you have touched my heart and given me words of encouragement and wisdom. I was beginning to lose faith that God was even listening to me any longer. You have reminded me that He is and always does.

      God got me through my divorce (almost 15 yrs ago!) by surrounding my children & me with the most loving and spiritually awake Christian family...a small country church just outside of Frankfort Kentucky. My kids & I would have never made it if it weren't for these people. Just walking into the church, one could FEEL God there...could Feel the overwhelming LOVE. And these people didn't even know us from Adam because we had just moved there from Indiana.

      I have never in my life felt God so strongly as I did then. It was only recently that I realized how much I miss that closeness I had with God. Reminds me of the saying about how God never moves away from us, it is we who move away from Him. I'm in Charleston SC now (home of my ancestors) and living next to the ocean always reminds me of the majesty of God, but it is people like you who remind me of the LOVE He has for me.

      Thank you so much for sending me the email on FB. I am truly honored and I thank God He put you in my life!!

    • profile image

      Ty 7 years ago

      Jesus said "And you will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free" It seems like you're on your way to being free :).

      Sending you and your girls love peace and harmony


    • gloryvetten profile image

      gloryvetten 7 years ago from Long Island

      Abigail Thank you for visiting my Hub,and for your kind words! I agree with you, and May the living water flow through your life. Blessings.

    • ladyjojo profile image

      ladyjojo 7 years ago


      I agree with you 100% it's the right turn my dear you will be sure of your salvation. I am a christian and i also find myself not doing well enough. I need to make more time for God. Sometimes i spend to much time on skype or IM etc.

      Prayer is a mighty warrior against the enemy. The book of psalms make them fall postrate at the righteous feet.

      Fasting is great also it beats the body into subjection.

      May God bless you and grant you ALL your heart's desires

      Your sister in Christ


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