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Keep smiling! makes you younger!

Updated on March 4, 2011
Are you smiling only on the outside?
Are you smiling only on the outside?

if you were to ask me, what would i want people to remember me for? or what "mark" i want to leave behind? hhmmm, without batting an eyelash, i want people to say that i have touched their lives ( one way or the other, in whatever <pleasant> form and which ever time it was ) but more importantly, i want my friends and my loved ones to remember how much i have contributed to their laugh lines ( i told you, i was gonna leave a "mark")

last night was fun. seeing good, ol' friends at dinner...(and again) confused about which to prioritize : munching or catching up on the latest buzz...( but thank God for multi-tasking, get to seriously engage on both! ...sorry guys, multi-tasking is, obviously, not your cup of tea. hehe)

maru, as always, was the clown in the crowd - with a lot of "baon" jokes that we've already heard in the past, but still, his "antics and jokes", never fail to amuse us.( being the brother of "the" comedian vic sotto, what else do you expect?

i really don't know whats with laughter that we enjoy it so much . i guess i can never refute whoever said, laughter is the best medicine, (patch adams? ) because obviously, it fixes even those that aint broken. (slang ha)

it takes wit to make people laugh and i just take my hats off to them that add color to our (sometimes) drab, flat & dry life.

to them that made me laugh ( my husband, for one...and mr bean? ) and to them that i will laugh with in the future, thank you. you have made the world a lot happier.



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