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Senses dominate human life!

Updated on September 22, 2014

How incarnations served the humanity?

How senses entice mankind?

In fact, enjoyments are only reactions to certain stimuli. The tongue perceives the taste of a sweet. But the tongue though tastes the sweet, the impression is transmitted through the brain to the mind and it is the reaction of the mind to the taste. This taste remains in the memory. Hence whenever we see a sweet, our tongue automatically oozes saliva. It is the recollection of the memory. This is the case with all sensory pleasures. The same mind reacts differently to pain and grief. In fact, pain and grief are distasteful to the mind and the mind rebels at the memory of pain and grief. This memory is also stored in our sub conscious. Every human being wants to enjoy happiness always and he wants to live in comforts. This is not a wrong desire. But he is unaware of the path towards the perennial happiness. He seeks the same from external things of the world and relationships. We cannot always get whatever we desire. Similarly, we cannot avoid certain painful experiences, however much we dislike it. The fact is that the worldly pleasures ultimately lead us to grief. Hence Buddha declared that everything is ephemeral and everything is grief in the world. We have observed that ‘new relationships’ are sweeter in the beginning and become frustrating in the course of few days or weeks. Hence the ancient sages have warned the people, not to be carried away by the outer charm of things. When we contemplate deeply, all that attracts our senses gives us more pain and grief in the end.

We are always being carried away by our sights, hearing, taste, smell and touch. These are all traps of the senses. Once you enter into the trap, it is very difficult to extricate yourself. Many affluent people have become penniless due to the association with people of questionable character. Many gamble or bet in races, some are addicted to night clubs. Some people are accustomed to drugs and liquors. Needless to state, that their life will become spoiled in due course. God deputes many saints and sages into the world to correct the behavior of erring humanity. Hence we have a whole lot of such pious people in every age. They bring lot of changes in the mindset of people by their own actions and teachings. Such souls are selfless and their only aim is to raise the conscious of common man. But when atrocities abound and when people never listens to such sage advice, God himself has to descend on earth in human form to correct the people. Such incarnations illumine the mind of most of the people on earth and many people turn to Godward path. Jesus is one supreme example. His birth was predicted and mother Mary was duly informed about the ‘immaculate conception’ of the son of God. Both Mary and Joseph got clear instructions about the future course of events. Incarnations of God do not take birth like other human beings. They select their mother before they come into the world. We all can select only our life partners. But incarnations select their ‘mother to be’. Naturally they are the holiest of the lot and earned lot of merit to bear the son of god in their womb!

Even in this century, we had one such incarnation from India. He is none other than Sathya Saibaba! In his case also, the mother to be “Easwaramba” witnessed one strange phenomenon before the birth of Sathya Saibaba. One day, when she was drawing water from a well, a blue ball of light entered into her being from the sky. She immediately swooned unable to bear the supreme experience. She narrated her experience to her mother in law, who warned her not to disclose the same to any since people will talk in many ways. Thus they kept it as a secret. The same was revealed long after Sathya Saibaba was born into the world. Even when Saibaba was in the womb of Easwaramba, musical instruments hung on the wall, played Divine music on its own without anyone playing them. When the perplexed parents narrated this to one pundit who was a neighbor, he clearly told them, a great power is going to manifest in your home soon. This is the way; angels greet the arrival of such great souls. Likewise, the birth of Rama and Krishna too are shrouded by many mysteries. But, we must utilize such grand opportunities and benefit by their birth in human form. We have to follow their teachings and adopt them in our day to day life. Since people have not followed the teachings of Jesus properly, humanity suffered a lot. He sacrificed his life for the sake of humanity but people failed to realize his supreme sacrifice. People realize his greatness only after his departure. Still the world has to learn a lot from Buddha, Jesus, Zorastrar and other noble souls. Sathya Saibaba had lived for eighty five years and carried out lot of humanitarian work. The super specialty hospital which offers free treatment to one and all is a temple of health. Likewise his free education concept bore the fruit since all the students are taught free from KG to PG. He had provided potable water to more than seven hundred villages in Andhra Pradesh and enabled water supply to a big metropolitan city “Chennai’ by spending money of more than 800 crores from Sathya Sai Trust. He never depended on government for such service activities. In fact, he had shown by his own example, ‘how everyone should serve others’ without expecting anything? Many world dignitaries visited his hospital and university and lauded the efforts. In fact, many authorities are planning to have such free institutions for the sake of poor and downtrodden!


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