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Sentence Sermons (Christian Inspiration) #3 -- Faith

Updated on September 24, 2015

Quotations on Faith

God’s word is a light and a lamp—a light upon your pathway and a lamp unto your feet. It gives enough light for the next step. Now if you will take that next step you will find that the light will also progress. So give your expression of your confidence in God and God will add to your confidence.

---Luke A. Brunsting, Sioux Center News, Sioux Center, Iowa, Sept. 3, 1942.

Faith is belief ventured upon. Let us all seek to be great travelers and explorers for God in spiritual and moral matters. God still calls. He wants us to trust, to go, and to be a blessing to others.

---John Grant Newman, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, Pa., May 1, 1937.

Faith can see more in the hand of God to help, than in all the hands of earth to hinder.

---T.C. Carleton, St. Louis Republic, St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 3, 1900.

Faith is necessary in every walk of life. Christian faith is the fulfillment of men’s highest powers. It raises the follower of God to the level where he believes that he is a co-worker with God.

---Howard A. Northacker, The Daily Star, Long Island City, N.Y., Feb. 14, 1931.

You must have faith and trust to the fulfillment of God’s promises—too many church people have reversed this rule and want to be shown before they will believe.

---Billy Sunday, Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 28, 1913.

Faith is an eternal life insurance policy.

---Edmund J. Kiefer, Buffalo Courier-Express, Buffalo, N.Y., May 22, 1932.

It is very well to believe in the word of God, and to expect the fulfillment of His promises; but it is better to trust Him personally. The deepest trust is personal, and God expects us to trust Him for Himself as well as His precious promises to us.

---A.B. Simpson, The Christian Alliance and Missionary Weekly, New York, N.Y., Feb. 27, 1891.

The eye of faith sees the prize at the end long before it is reached; the eye of fear looks so closely at the difficulties and dangers of the course that the prize is not seen at all.

---Henry F. Cope, Lincoln County Leader, Toledo, Ore., June 15, 1906.

Faith is not a belief, but a trust—a trust that gives courage to the penitent, and strength to the reformer, and leads to action. Religion is not a thing chiefly of the intellect, but of the heart and the will.

---William Goodell Frost, The Citizen, Berea, Ky., Nov. 24, 1921.

When the heart is full of faith the hand will be filled with good works.

---Elijah Powell Brown, Duluth Evening Herald, Duluth, Minn., Feb. 15, 1902.

Faith is the faculty by which we image forth unseen realities.

---James L. Gordon, Washington Herald, Washington, D.C., April 28, 1917.

Faith is not against reason; it is reason at its best. It is not irrational, but is simply winged intellect, and the mind, not crawling like a snail, but winging its way like a bird.

---Newell Dwight Hillis, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, N.Y., March 4, 1901.

The man who surrenders his faith in God has surrendered the foundation of life.

---Roy L. Smith, Buffalo Courier-Express, Buffalo, N.Y., Dec. 20, 1928.

Faith is the eye and ear of the soul.

---Benjamin W. Arnett, Baltimore Herald, Baltimore, Md., April 12, 1896.

Faith is the acceptance of a truth on the authority of God revealing it, and this is the wisdom which sometimes children possess, and learned men lack. That is why Divine Wisdom said that only as we become like children, could we enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

---Fulton J. Sheen, Knickerbocker News, Albany, N.Y., Nov. 17, 1962.

Faith is cooperation with God in the accomplishment of His purposes.

---Ernest Orlando Sellers, The Citizen, Berea, Ky., Dec. 4, 1913.

Faith is the foundation that supports the superstructure of which love is the capstone.

---Guy Potter Benton, Burlington Weekly Free Press, Burlington, Vt., July 1, 1915.

When we cease doing anything for God spontaneously, we necessarily doubt whether He can have occasion to do anything for us.

---Charles L. Goodell, The Standard, Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 26, 1897.

Faith is the telescope of the soul revealing heavenly mysteries. Faith is confidence in God, it is certitude of righteousness, it is the sixth sense through which we apprehend the ways of God.

---W. Edward J. Gratz, Princeton Union, Princeton, Minn., June 4, 1903.

Heart failure is bad, but faith failure is far worse.

---Daniel H. Tuttle, The Progressive Farmer, Winston, N.C., Dec. 21, 1897.

The vision of faith is the inspiration of works, and the unseen is thereby translated into things seen.

---Caspar S. Wright, El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, April 3, 1911.

The uplifted hands may be those of prayer; but toiling ones are those of faith.

---William Jennings Bryan, The Daily Standard Union, Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 24, 1912.

We need a faith in Christ which is so real, so simple, so truly a matter of our personal experience and conviction, that nothing in the world can shake or weaken it.

---William T. Manning, Williamson Daily News, Williamson, W. Va., Feb. 19, 1953.

Faith is the mainspring of all human endeavor in the material as well as the spiritual kingdom. Faith in the integrity of our fellow men is at the foundation of business effort. Faith in the goodness of mercy and wise laws of an all-powerful Creator are at the foundation of our religious belief.

---Charles Morris, Houston Daily Post, Houston, Texas, Aug. 23, 1896.

Faith looks at the brighter side and anticipates and so achieves success. It is in the interest of Christ’s kingdom to infuse all those who follow the Master, and in order there to hopefulness and gladness are to be encouraged. There is no circumstance or condition in which the Christian may not be joyful. The rejoicing of the Christian is valuable in many ways. It puts new complexion upon life and lifts the burdens that bear so heavily upon the great mass of mankind. The glad heart, made so by assurances of divine favor, is able to dismiss care, feeling that all things are ordered for good by the all-wise Father.

---J.E. Gilbert, St. Louis Republic, St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 3, 1903.

Faith in God is a good compass to guide by. Bright visions come in dark nights. Faith must not omit works. Faith in God should not prevent us from using all providential means afforded us, and seizing upon all opportunities opened to us. A Christian should be wide awake in life and in action in the use of the best methods and means. A cheerful spirit, and always to convey this spirit to others, springs from a firm faith in God and a brave will.

---John N. Lyle, Washington Times, Washington, D.C., June 6, 1903.

Living by faith means to have the light of eternity in one's eyes.

—J.H. Avery, Panama City News-Herald, Panama City, Fla., Nov. 23, 1959.

Faith is a divine plant that grows only out of the soil of a broken will.

—Carl Armerding, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, N.M., Nov. 18, 1923.

Trust in God makes one a trustee for God.

—Albert R. Bond, Baptist and Reflector, Nashville, Tenn., April 17, 1919.

Our check of faith will be of no value if the bank in which we place it is not insured by God.

—Vivian Bruner, Baptist Standard, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 17, 1949.

God is not the author of defeat, only you can close the door on the impossible.

—H.B. Dean, Morning Advocate, Baton Rouge, La., March 9, 1956.

Faith in God means to believe He desires our greatest good.

—Mona Davis, Saints' Herald, Independence, Mo., Sept. 27, 1941.

A growing faith is not necessarily one of increasing intellectual apprehension, but one of increasing spiritual appropriation.

—A.M. Knudsen, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, N.M., Nov. 16, 1924.

Faith is that which mines the possible from the quartz of impossibility.

—W.A. MacKenzie, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 21, 1924.

We live and develop physically by exercise. We are saved by faith, but we must work out our own salvation by doing the things God wills. The more we do for God the more God will do through us. Faith will increase by experience.

—Billy Sunday, Jackson Daily News, Jackson, Miss., Jan. 15, 1925.

Faith is not a matter of being intellectually convinced of the fact of God. Faith is the ability to live as if God is in charge of our affairs.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., Aug. 4, 1949.

Faith is the window of soul that lets the light of heaven in. Doubt is a crack in the head that lets in some light, but more rain. I prefer a window to a leaky roof.

—H.W. Knickerbocker, Houston Post-Dispatch, Houston, Texas, May 23, 1927.

Saving faith is not merely some firmly held persuasion, but unwavering confidence in what God's word specifically states, whether promise or warning, a blessing for this life or for the life to come, actually made by the word of God, will as certainly be realized, if specified conditions are honestly met, as that His throne is to endure. ... Scriptural faith leads to no future regrets or disappointments.

—Ben J. Elston, DeRidder Enterprise, DeRidder, La., June 3, 1949.

Before faith can be active there must be three things present. 1. Freedom of choice, either to do or not to do. 2. A command, example or necessary inference to follow. 3. A reward connected with the choice of obedience or disobedience. ... The only type of faith that is worth having and pleasing unto God is that which obeys the Master from the least command unto the greatest.

—Nels Thompson, DeQuincy News, DeQuincy, La., April 28, 1966.

Faith is reaching up toward God as far as we mortals can reach and then trusting God for the rest. It is going as far as the human mind can go toward understanding and then bidding "the tender light of faith to shine which lights the pathway to the very end." God expects us to go to the end of our human road. At that point he does not expect us to stop frustrated and blind with discouragement. At that point he bids us trust where we cannot see and believe where we cannot prove.

—Eugene M. Frank, The Topeka Daily Capital, Topeka, Kan., Aug. 25, 1951.

Faith is the seeing grace. It sees God and discerns our true relation to Him. It also sees our obligations growing out of those relations. Faith sees opportunities that are hidden from the eyes of unbelief. It especially sees that there are no insuperable difficulties in the way of accomplishing right things, because faith always brings God into the accomplishment of every enterprise, and there are no difficulties with God in the accomplishment of His will.

—J.B. Gambrell, Baptist Standard, Dallas, Texas, Oct. 31, 1901.

Faith is the secret of victorious power. It is one of the elemental and indispensable forces in human life. It is creative and without it nothing can be accomplished well. If you read the lives of the great you will find no man or woman who had not one object of devotion in which all his faith was needed. Faith is giving yourself to the highest that you know, in art, in music, in personal relations, and anyone who says that that is anti-intellectual will have a difficult time proving it. ... Fear is the enemy of faith. Fear imprisons life, faith liberates it; fear disheartens, faith encourages; fear sickens, faith heals; fear narrows, faith expands; fear depresses, faith gladdens.

—Harry Emerson Fosdick, New York Times, New York, New York, June 30, 1930.

Faith is a gift of God and it is given to an individual when there is a reaction of a true principle. The faith that is in our dictionary is not the faith that we are talking about. Faith that is written in the dictionaries of men is nothing more than belief. Faith written in the books of God is a gift of God. It comes from no one else. Therefore, it does not come to a person unless he is in harmony and is doing the things that he ought to be doing.

—Alvin R. Dyer, Diary, Paris, France, December 1960.

Faith is the rope that rings the bells of heaven.

—J. Benjamin Lawrence, The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, La., Jan. 24, 1910.

Faith is comparable to a living seed. It is sown in the field of belief, but lies dormant and imprisoned, until the warm rays of truth thaw the areas of doubt and passive belief. Soon the seed of faith begins to absorb the elements of hope, desire, love and humility from the environments of an open mind. These elements begin to motivate life and action, until the seed of faith becomes a living, expanding growth, reaching farther and deeper in its search for the elements necessary for progress and development. Faith finds its sunshine in prayer, its water and fertile soil in study and good works. With equal proportions of these necessary elements, faith rapidly reaches the maturity of absolute knowledge. Often we impede the growth of faith by not exposing it to the sunshine of prayer, or in failing to provide water and nourishment through lack of study and application of the knowledge we receive.

—A. Lavar Hinton, New Englander, Cambridge, Mass., January 1942.

Faith is not to know everything. But it is to learn to use knowledge humbly and then know that it is not enough.

—Marion D. Hanks, White Field, Seoul, Korea, January 1968.

Faith is believing that things which are true will in the end prevail.

—Grove H. Patterson, Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 23, 1931.

Faith is not a dead knowledge of the head, but a living confidence of the heart which trusts all of God's promises, and particularly God's promises regarding the forgiveness of our sins, life and salvation.

—Carl Schmid, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, N.M., Jan. 25, 1925.

Faith and works are two hands clasped in prayer.

—Rinta Snow, Woman’s Exponent, Salt Lake City, Utah, November 1908.

By faith God enlightens our mind to know Him and the unseen things revealed by Him and moves our will to accept and believe them on the strength of His own veracity. Being supernatural in character faith cannot be attained by natural reason alone, but is given to us by God. It is a most precious gift because it is the foundation and root of all other virtues and of the whole Christian life. Without faith we cannot please God, nor serve to love Him.

—Cornelius Van de Ven, Monroe Morning World, Monroe, La., March 3, 1930.

Sometimes the beginning of a new year holds mixed feelings. Looking back--maybe sorrow, misfortune, missed opportunities, wasted time. Looking ahead--the hope to bypass these valleys. But, let's reverse that! Looking back--blessings, accomplishments, open doors, God's provision. Looking ahead--the faith that these things will be repeated! "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." (Philippians 1:6.) God has a perfect will for each of us in [this year] in every area of our life. Trust Him for His gracious provisions and the wisdom and strength to carry out that will.

---Paul W. Wilson, First Baptist Church, Cedar Lake, Ind., January 1993.


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  • Jan Fowler profile image

    Jan Fowler 6 years ago from Santa Clarita, California

    It is interesting how many people have something to say about faith. Interesting, too, how many people have the same level of faith in so many various G-ds. Thank you for these quotes.