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Sentence Sermons (Christian Inspiration) #69 --- Hypocrisy

Updated on March 30, 2011

Quotations on Hypocrisy

Holiness without honesty is hypocrisy.

—Henry F. Cope, Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 6, 1907.

The oily hypocrite does not lubricate the church wheels.

—Henry F. Cope, Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Ill., July 23, 1905.

When a man boasts of his humility you can depend on his hypocrisy.

—Henry F. Cope, Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 14, 1906.

A hypocrite proves that he is hypocrite by being untrue to himself.

—Phil Conley, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Miss., March 20, 1948.

The biggest hypocrite is the one who says he can get along without God when he knows in his heart that he can’t.

—Irving H. Berg, New York Times, New York, N.Y., Nov. 30, 1925.

The greatest hypocrite in the world is the man who thanks God he is not a hypocrite like the man in the church.

—Charles C. Selecman, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, Feb. 6, 1922.

There is no cowardice in the world greater than hypocrisy.

—W.H. Boyle, Juvenile Instructor, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 15, 1895.

Vanity is the beginning of hypocrisy.

—Abraham H. Cannon, Salt Lake Herald, Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 5, 1894.

Hypocrisy is the source of the blackest inconsistencies, wearing a mask, seeking reputation rather than reality, making the outside clean and leaving the inside foul.

—John C. Granbery, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, May 12, 1902.

If one form of hypocrisy can be any worse than another, it is religious hypocrisy–the religionist who uses worship as a cloak, who gets the stage, who keeps the spotlight to perform for display.

—E.D. Head, Baptist Standard, Dallas, Texas, Jan. 1, 1953.

Praising God and persecuting men never chorded in any music save the anthems of hypocrisy.

—W.A. MacKenzie, The Leesburg Morning Commercial, Leesburg, Fla., Feb. 13, 1927.

Negative goodness is no more acceptable to the Lord than positive badness.

—A.M. Knudsen, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, N.M., Feb. 18, 1923.

Fear may make, and sometimes does make, cowards. If this were the worst, we might pity the victim of fear, and it would end with that. The victim of fear more often becomes a hypocrite. We may pity or despise a coward, but every moral sense puts its condemnation upon the hypocrite. And hypocrisy is the product of fear. One cannot allow himself to be controlled by fear and be honest. To be afraid to do right, to be led to do wrong by fear of injury to one's own skin leads straight to hypocrisy. ... Hypocrisy is taking a certain position through fear and then trying to justify the position on false grounds.

—P.I. Lipsey, Baptist Record, Jackson, Miss., March 29, 1928.

Hypocrisy is self-defeating. Usually it makes others think less, rather than more, of us. It makes real improvement impossible, for we cannot correct faults we deny.

Its fears are unfounded.

It fears being marked as guilty, not knowing all have sinned.

It fears being rejected, not knowing the pardoning grace of God.

It fears being condemned, not knowing that confession is a step toward salvation.

It fears having its sickness diagnosed, not knowing the remedy.

Jesus warned against hypocrisy, not because He despised a hypocrite, but because there must be sincerity on our part in order for God to deal with us.

—Walter L. Moore, The Quarterly Review: A Survey of Southern Baptist Progress, Nashville, Tenn., January-February-March 1964.

Hypocrisy has kept more people out of Christ than crime.

—James DeForest Murch, Christian Standard, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 4, 1942.

Self-indulgence in pleasurable sins holds many souls with a hypnotic spell. They imagine their sins too delightful to be surrendered and will take no stand for Christ without giving them up, realizing that to do so would be hypocritical, but seemingly forget that to claim decency and live in secret sin is the bases hypocrisy. God said it and it is true, "Be sure you sins will find you out."

—W. James Robinson, The Baptist Chronicle, Alexandria, La., Dec. 14, 1911.

Hypocrisy is the bane of the ministry, the pet of society, the sham of the professions, the betrayer of business, the slayer of truth, and the tragedy of innocence.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 5, 1922.

Hypocrisy is a polished lie.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 4, 1923.

Hypocrisy always deceives itself.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 4, 1924.

The mask of a hypocrite is a pretended smile.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 26, 1925.

The meanest hypocrite is the man who claims that the reason now why he doesn't go to church or pay any attention to religion is the fact that he had to go too often when he was a child.

This is to dishonor one's parents in a way that is indecent. Nothing but a sinblinded and ungrateful heart would ever admit that one's parents made religion so unattractive that all relish for holy living has been destroyed.

Moreover, the man who got too much of religion when a boy is guilty of blaspheming God. He neglects God because God is not interesting and because he finds the Son of God a bore, and because he doesn't want to go to heaven. He need not fear. He won't go to heaven.

—H.M. Whaling, Jr., Houston Daily Post, Houston, Texas, March 15, 1915.

Hypocrisy is the worst form of unbelief. Honest idolatry is infinitely superior to dishonest worship.

—Orson F. Whitney, The Journal, Logan, Utah, June 5, 1895.

There may be hypocrites in the church, but no man ever escaped from hypocrites by staying on the outside of the church.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., March 27, 1941.

No hypocrite was ever able to compel another man to follow in his steps.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., June 12, 1941.

He who seeks to cover hypocrisy with the cloak of religion will find it very thin.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Sunday Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Oct. 8, 1933.

A man guilty of hypocrisy finds it easy to imagine hypocrisy in everyone.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., May 22, 1934.


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  • munirahmadmughal profile image


    7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

    "Sentence Sermons Christian Inspiration 69 Hypocrisy".

    The hub is rich in content, full of information and self explanatory.

    Hypocrisy is the assumption or postulation of moral standards to which one's own behaviour does not conform; dissimulation, pretence.

    It is the worst form of conduct and is a cheating of the fellow beings which is against dignity of mankind.

    The gravity of the hypocrisy increases when a person given to hypocrisy is in higher or sacred position. People repose an innocent trust in him and he betrays that trust and proves his own meanness.

    Hypocrisy is a disease in the heart and it goes on increasing and it goes on increasing due to insistence and persistence in perversion and falsehood. Our conduct must prove our words. To say a thing to others which we do not act upon ourselves is a grave misconduct. Its adverse effect is the worst consequence. The huber has very rightly quoted that the cloak put on it proves thin. The truth shines sooner or later and the falsity kept hidden by the hypocrite bring embarrassment to him of the worst kind.

    An important thing that has come to light is that the men of wisdom have been blessed with finding out the truth even from the highly cloaked things. The principle of sifting the chaff from the seed is a principle of the law of evidence which is to know the truth about the facts alleged.

    The hub is commendable and "up" by all standards.

    May God Almighty bless us to remain truthful and save us against all sorts of hypocrisy, whether it is open or hidden.


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