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Sentence Sermons (Christian Inspiration) #86 --- Sin

Updated on May 1, 2011

Quotations on Sin (Set No. 2)

Sin is a veil, an insulator that keeps us from seeing God. Skepticism is a cheap sort of thing. If you go away from Christ you renounce every witness for Him.

—George W. Truett, The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., March 3, 1932.

Sin leads to sin. It is a promissory note in the bank of the Inferno, with compound interest accumulating day and night. The sinner is ever in debt, and of all who wail in bondage, the guilty debtor is among the most abject. The truth will liberate men from the serfdom of debt, as from all other bonds of sin.

—James E. Talmage, Young Woman’s Journal, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 1900.

Sin is a most expensive crop. It costs body, soul and spirit. It has never repaid anything but sorrow. Sin is man’s enemy. But he does not always believe that. However, the result is the same.

—Arthur Growden, The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., March 3, 1932.

Sin is an abuse of good things, it is a transgression of the law of goodness; it is, after all, a misappropriation of God's good and beautiful world, hence a species of dishonesty towards God. ... Sin makes man afraid of God.

—James T. Ross, Hereford Brand, Hereford, Texas, April 15, 1926.

Fire is like sin in its destructiveness. When once a fire is well under way it asks no questions of anyone, but burns all that comes within its reach. So with sin. No man can successfully draw the line and say I will go so far and no farther. You may as well mark a haystack through the center, then set it on fire and command it to burn to the chalk mark and no farther.

—Alfred Sturgeon, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, April 10, 1905.

Deliberately planning to commit another sin with the view of covering the one already committed--this is always true of sin, it leads to sin, it begets sin, it breeds sin. One sin allowed to remain in the life is sure by and by to fill that life with its own hideous brood.

—George M. Gibson, Jr., Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, March 18, 1912.

If you are willing to accept the services of sin you must be willing to receive its wages.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, July 19, 1922.

The smile of sin always ends in a sneer.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 29, 1925.

Sin never loses its trail.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 7, 1926.

Sin seldom parades; it generally lurks.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 5, 1928.

A sin that is big enough to defeat us is big enough to get immediate attention.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., April 30, 1942.

There is a disposition on the part of many people to think a sin is not a sin because it is a little sin.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., May 20, 1943.

It is remarkable how big our sins appear when we see them in other people.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 13, 1944.

Some people are in a desperate spiritual condition because they did not deal with their sins when they were small.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., May 25, 1944.

Vices, like cat’s paws may be soft as velvet, but they hide sharp claws which scratch hard and deep.

—Amos Clary, Religious Herald, Richmond, Va., Aug. 4, 1938.

The supreme tragedy of the world is sin. ... Sin turns the joys of life into the ashes of despair. Sin is the great separating force of life, even as love is its binding force. Sin divides families and communities and nations. Worst of all, sin separates man from God.

—George W. Truett, Sabine Index, Many, La., Aug. 11, 1939.

The man who sins knowingly also knowingly acts with poor intelligence.

—J.D. Franks, The Daily Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., April 20, 1927.

There are two kinds of sinners, a good kind and a bad kind. The good ones are those who are sorry for their sins and are willing to confess them before men. The bad kind are those who know it, but neglect or refuse to confess the fact.

—J.H. Funderburg, Lake Charles American Press, Lake Charles, La., April 22, 1939.

Sin is a disease of the soul. Jesus Christ is the great Physician and the Scriptures are the great prescription book. ... In the great disease of the soul, a man has only to take the medicine prescribed by Jesus Christ, and it doesn't take very many doses to heal him. Some will refuse to take this medicine just at present. They say they want to wait to get a little better first. But if a fellow who is suffering with some dangerous physical disease acts on this principle there is danger that he will die while he is waiting to get better. He can't get better unless he takes some medicine; so the man who has disease of the soul must come to the great physician and be healed. But you must have confidence in Him.

—J.V. Updike, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, May 13, 1897.

Sinners who say that hypocrites keep them out of the church are smaller than the objects they hide behind.

—W.E. "Bill" Hawkins, Panhandle Herald, Panhandle, Texas, Aug. 21, 1928.

Heart ailment is one of the great killers of our day. It leaves many people partly disabled and requires others to live according to a strict schedule. Bad as is the physical ailment of man’s heart, there is another kind that is infinitely worse and for which man has no cure. ... That sickness is sin.

Now when the psalmist says, “Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart,” he is offering us the absolute cure, God’s cure, for this heart sickness. Sin makes us sad, fills our hearts with deep regret, robs us of true joy and peace. Yet if we delight ourselves in the Lord He shall give us the desire of our heart, which is most certainly forgiveness of sins, peace with God and the blessed hope of eternal life.

In Jesus’ blood we have the cure for our sins. Jesus has made us as one with our Heavenly Father, has opened heaven for us, and is even now praying and preparing a place for us.

—Ernest H. Kanning, Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wis., July 15, 1952.

Sin is an attitude toward life that allows our bodily appetites to direct us rather than our directing them.

Sin is rebellion that runs a course to slap God in the face.

Sin is self-centeredness. ...

Sin is sensuality or trying to get from life that which God never intended. This is why God gave us the commandments. Commandments enable us to have an understanding of an acceptable lifestyle.

Sin is insincerity, taking God's truth and deliberately mishandling it.

Sin is refusal to accept God's order of redemption and abundant life. We sin as Christians when we hold God at a distance.

Sin is always related to God's revelation and man's knowledge. The more of God we understand, the more accountable to God we become. To shun God is to diminish knowledge.

—John Sullivan, Shreveport Journal, Shreveport, La., Nov. 30, 1985.

I challenge you to name one sin that man can commit, wherein he injured himself and himself alone.

—Samuel H. Wells, Improvement Era, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 1905.


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