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Sentence Sermons (Christian Inspiration) #9 --- Generosity

Updated on March 8, 2011

Quotations on Generosity

Generosity is the privilege of greatness.

—J.E. Nunn, Amarillo Daily News, Amarillo, Texas, Oct. 13, 1918.

A godly heart makes a generous hand.

—J. Herbert Bean, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 31, 1929.

Generosity cannot be beautiful except that it be radiant with gratitude.

—Earl J. Glade, The White and Blue, Provo, Utah, Dec. 22, 1916.

If your thoughts are generous and benevolent, it is because your soul is large in vision.

—Arthur Growden, The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss., Dec. 6, 1925.

Generosity, kindness, mercy, compassion, or whatever it may be called, prompts an individual to respect another and secure the respect of another. In short, it is unselfishness. It is a feeling of good will towards all persons. It stems from the emotions and will and leads man to do right as he sees it.

—E.L. Gladney, Jr., Monroe Morning World, Monroe, La., June 1, 1946.

The measure of our generosity will be the exact measure of our happiness.

—Marvin Bordelon, North-Central Louisiana Register, Alexandria, La., June 28, 1957.

Generosity is the investment from which we clip the coupons of happiness.

—J.M. Whitney, Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 11, 1936.

A generous man is not only just, but more than just. He is careful to surrender his own rights to satisfy the fullest expectations of friend and foe. ... Generosity finds pleasure in noble deeds, no matter to whom the fruits may fall.

—F.C. McConnell, Christian Index, Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 5, 1920.

The most generous contribution anyone can make to his generation is to make the very most of himself. Mark you, not for himself, but of himself.

—Alonzo Monk, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 25, 1902.

Give generously. There is no greater joy in life than to render happiness to others by means of intelligent giving.

—Roy B. Sewell, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., April 22, 1943.

A religious man is generous. He cannot be a miser. Miserliness and spirituality do not go together.

—A. Frank Smith, Monroe Morning World, Monroe, La., May 17, 1946.

Generosity has special reference to liberality, magnanimity, free will offerings, reciprocity, and all the noble traits that go to make up a great and grand character. Perhaps in nothing can we show our generosity as in the manner in which we treat our neighbor when not handicapped by jealousy nor by an overwhelming desire for ambition. ... God loves a willing giver. He will not take from an unwilling hand and heart.

—Moses Thatcher, The Journal, Logan, Utah, June 13, 1894.

One of the effects of the possession of the Holy Spirit was to make men more generous and grand of soul. This is a natural effect of an increase of pure knowledge, which gives men power to rise above paltry and petty things, to esteem the sufferings of this life as little things, and look with pity on those who scheme to wrong and trample on their fellowmen.

—Orson F. Whitney, Deseret Evening News, Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 3, 1887.

Generosity must never be judged by the amount given under an impulse of sympathy, but by the continuance of goodness and service given along the rough way of life.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 29, 1920.

Generosity is the manifestation of a great mind.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 28, 1925.

Generosity takes more practice than anything else in the world.

—Ernest C. Wareing, Western Christian Advocate, Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 5, 1925.

Generosity doesn’t require that we rob ourselves to give the neighbors a piece of our mind.

—Jack Warwick, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 23, 1937.

Genuine politeness is the firstborn offspring of generosity and modesty.

The Religious Telescope, Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 5, 1857.

God never fails to make a note of our generosity, even if the world does not thank us.

—Roy L. Smith, Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill., May 25, 1944.

Those who refuse to be generous are poorer than the needy.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Nov. 25, 1932.

Generous souls never waste time worrying over ingratitude.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Oct. 21, 1935.

Cultivating a spirit of generosity will relieve a man of small thinking.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., Feb. 7, 1940.

Generosity proceeds only from a truly generous heart.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., April 6, 1940.

Generosity is only generosity when it is based on wisdom.

—Roy L. Smith, Tampa Morning Tribune, Tampa, Fla., April 6, 1940.

There are those in this world who believe that their generosity is taxed to the limit when they erect a concrete bird bath in the front yard.

—Chet Shafer, Trench and Camp, published by The Chicago Daily News, Chicago, Ill., July 8, 1918.


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