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Separation must end for one and all.

Updated on February 7, 2016

Separation from God!

Grief is caused due to separation from SELF!

Separation causes grief in human beings! The next question is, ‘with whom’? We all feel that separation from kith and kin causes us grief, but this is not the real cause. All of us are separated from the Divine and we are living a listless existence here! Has anybody can affirm that he has come into existence for a specific purpose or goal. Excepting incarnations and prophets, none come with a clear aim. We are tossed on the furious waves of the ocean that is nothing but the mundane life on earth!

Contemplate a little, ‘what for we are here? What for family, the wife and children? What for friends and relatives? Sadly, there is no answer at all. We simply drift in the monstrous waves, that push and pull us in several directions. Have we got an ‘anchor’, like the big ships? Yes, anchoring near a harbor, enable the ship to remain static without drifting in the huge waves. But, there is an invisible anchor for each one of us! He is seated in each one as the Self. He will be just witnessing the show without interfering in the affairs of man, so long everyone feels that they are planning and executing things. The moment we relinquish our feeling of ‘doer ship’, the self takes over the reins. This is how Sri Krishna entered as a ‘charioteer’ for Arjuna! Even at that time, Arjuna never understood the motive behind the actions of Krishna! Only when Arjuna become desolate at the prospect of fighting war with his own people, he slowly realized that Krishna is the supreme wisdom that guides the virtuous and devoted people all over the globe!

We must understand that Bagawad Geetha is not a book pertaining to Hinduism. The teachings of Geetha are applicable to entire mankind whether one is from the East or West. It is not limited to the particular period when the great war of Kurukshethra happened. It is universal message, applicable to all human beings for all the time to come! Many multinational corporations train their managerial staff on the nuances of performing tasks and actions based on Bagawat Geetha. This single book of songs has solutions for all the ills of mankind, be it mental, physical, intellectual, psychological or spiritual. It guides man in the path of action, path of devotion and path of wisdom. Hence six chapters each is devoted to action, devotion and wisdom. Thus the eighteen chapters deal comprehensively the maladies that affect mankind and the remedial measures thereon. It was not meant for Arjuna alone. Arjuna was the calf which drank the milk of wisdom from the udder of the cow Bagawad Gita. But milk is used by all households throughout the globe. Hence using the occasion and place, Lord Krishna has given the beautiful teachings in song form, comprising of 700 in numbers.

Sometime afterwards, Krishna was requested to repeat the immortal teachings. But Krishna said, ‘it is not possible to bring the same tempo if I repeat it now. However, I can give a gist of the teachings now. It was a ripe time which brought the immortal teachings at the war field, when Arjuna requested Krishna to take the chariot in between the two great armies. Till such time, Arjuna was immersed in war sprit. But on seeing his near and dear in the opposing army, he became dejected and depressed. Krishna chooses that time as the most ideal one for the grand teachings! The main reason for the depressionof Arjuna is ‘attachment’. First he is attached to his own body and considers all those which are related to that body as ‘my and mine’. This is the fundamental ignorance exhibited by all human beings who are worldly. Saints and sages will never grieve if somebody who is closely related pass away. They are aware that births and deaths are normal events in the illusory world.

If you ask an environmentalist, ‘whether all created things must be preserved forever, he will quip, ‘where is the space for all to remain, if there is no death or destruction? He answers in environmental view. We often talk about ‘ecology’. How nature preserves ecology in a fine balance? There is food cycle, everyone is aware of. Insects are eaten by frogs and other reptiles, Birds eat small frogs, fishes and reptiles it is human being who interferes with the environment and ecology. If nature is preserved, there will be plenty of seasonal rains. All beings will be happy. It is the greed and selfishness of many people on earth which brought the miserable condition of the people, all over the globe!

Hence, we must end the separation from our own inner self by following the dictums contained in all the major scriptures of the world, which teaches Truth, Love, Righteousness, Peace and Non-violence.

How to bridge the gap?


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      What you have suggested is true. I interact less except when I find the subject is to my forte. I need to write more comments to interesting hubs. Thank you for the big review.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 23 months ago from london

      Yes, Bro. Your choice of words is so special! Greed, Separation/isolation; doership. They could easily come from the writings of my guruji Sri Chinmoy. A great man (Professor) whose name I can't recall, speaks on Rumi's poems as showing that we are in Separation/Isolatio from God. How beautiful! We are trying consciously or unconsciously, to find our way back; to re-discover the Light, as it were.

      One thing Bro. Why don't you comment on other Hubs? I myself struggle with many, but choose those you like. Soulful service (sewa, seva), expands the Heart, and will make you even more receptive to the descent of the Higher forces. Much Love.