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Separation with God causes discontent!

Updated on March 8, 2013

Sai Gayathri!

We have to go back to the source!

Even in the worldly life, separation with the loved ones causes depression as well as discontent. If we examine this point carefully, it is the association with the world causes more discontent! First of all, we have not come into this world on our own volition. It is surely governed by the eternal laws of creation. Creation is not definitely man's will. Today many would like to escape from this web of creation due to constant buffeting of worldly agitations. Many serious devotees pray to God to deliver them from this constant harassment. The worldly life is definitely not bliss. It is full of worries and cares. Even the strong willed man at times find the going tough.

Added to the bags of worries, is the misadventure we often plunge in in search of pleasures and comforts. The bachelor wants to get married while the married man wants to get out of the engagement which causes constant misery and trouble. This is all about life. Only a recluse can lead the life here in a detached manner without getting involved in the affairs of man. Hence i said in the beginning that the association with the world causes real grief. Only the separation from God brings discontent in life. This is known as "Divine discontent". There is a purpose for this discontent. This dejection and depression force you away from the attachment towards the ephemeral world. Hence our separation from God is the real reason for disenchantment and disillusion.

Now let us see how we can arrive at such conclusion? It is simple. Prior to creation of the world and cosmos, there was complete void. There was really 'nothing'. For the void to exist, there must be some unseen or unknown power. Even if we accept the theory of Big Bang, there arises a doubt. What or which caused the "Big Bang"? Now let us consider some simple examples. There is a chair in a furniture mart. The existence of a chair presupposes a carpenter who have made this. Because he is absent at the point of sale, we can not assume that the chair exists on its own accord. There must be somebody who made it out of the wood. Scientists often coin the term nature and natural. It is to prove some theory, they use this term. But where from nature itself has come or how nature exists? No answer will come from scientific community. If they invent one theory, or open one door, they will face ten doors which are closed yet. Yes, our knowledge about the world is very much limited. None can answer the basic questions "Why there is birth and death" What happens after death or before birth. Science only examine the available things and postulate many theories.

Every one is aware that the world is vast and it is not limited to the earth alone. There is space around which contains billions of stars and many galaxies which has not been traced yet. Even the most sophisticated telescope can peer only upto certain distance. Hence the astronomers say there is 'dark matter or black hole' which enables the birth of stars and their dissolution. The magician alone knows how he is able to produce pigeons out of empty hats! Likewise God alone knows how all this came into existence out of "nothing". One thing that is certain is that we are all part of the creator. There was nobody or nothing before creation. Hence everything must have come from one power and hence we can safely assume that we are part of God. Now we are separated from Him due to creation. This separation causes real pain and grief and every one unconsciously works for joining the source.

One simple example. Sunlight has evaporated the surface water of the sea which turns into cloud in the sky. On cooling, the clouds pours rain which again become a river and ultimately merge back in the sea. This is the story of human beings too!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank You manatita44 for the kind approval.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 5 years ago from london

      Good article. Best wishes.