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Serving others is serving the God within each person!

Updated on July 12, 2014

There are no others, Every one is God in different costume!

Many of us tend to feel that the world is in pell-mell. No doubt, the media depicts a negative picture of the world. The various events around the world point out to this sorry situation. Also the media feels that negative news catches the attention of the reader and by that the circulation will increase! Well, is there no positive news around? There are some positive developments around the world but the media does not give importance to such positive trends. This is how the media thrives in the current information age.

The media is abuzz with news on bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, suicides, strikes, poverty, gay marriage, and sex with unusual ghee. They never feel that the negativity creates melancholy in the minds of readers. Also they create conflicts by the way of their reporting. Now, there are live coverage of war and friction. They show assassinations in live coverage. In a way, the media has descended to abysmal level of reporting. Many may argue that it is the media which brings the hidden truth of every event. Not necessarily. Some times the media acts in a vindictive manner. Even if there is some positive news, they publish it in the third page in some obscure corner where no one will notice. Social responsibilities have been dispensed with. This is the pathetic state of affairs all over the world!

In one bag of grain, there may be some stones and other materials. We have to remove the stones and other materials to use the grains for our food. We never discard the entire bag stating that it contains few stones! The world always contains both good and evil. Not all the people are bad or all are good. It is a mixture but the percentages vary between people. There lived many noble souls in the world like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and Prophet Mohammad. Also we have a good mix of Hitlers, Stalin and Mussolinis. Even in ordinary conversation, we remark, ‘do not be like Hitler’ In India we had many such personalities like the Ravana and Kamsa in earlier eons. In every country, there are villains and noble persons. The atrocities of the bad people highlight the goodness in noble one. We have day and night. Can we say that the night is bad and day is good? No, God has created every thing in pair. While creating docile animals, he has also created lion, tiger cheetah and foxes. Every one know the contribution of all these. If docile animals are allowed to proliferate without any check or control, there won’t be any space in the world left for other species to live. The ecology of the planet is maintained nicely because of the presence of cruel animals.

Many in the world are not aware of the philanthropic activities that go on silently. Without such activities, the world would have been reduced to ashes due to the greed and selfishness that envelop each individual. 99% of the world population aims for their personal agenda. Hardly 1% cares for others that too in various degrees. For instance, removing a glass piece or thorn from public path once a while too constitute service. But these types of small acts shall not be done with the aim of attracting the notice of others nor should we proclaim it later. Silent service without attracting the media gaze is best. Secondly when we undertake such small acts, we must not keep in my mind that ‘we are serving others! The fact is while serving the so called others, we are really serving our Self. There is a proverb in Sanskrit language. When we help or serve others, we are really serving the God within. When we hurt others, we are hurting the God within! Would you like to hurt God willingly? No sane man will do it. Hence Sathya Saibaba has proclaimed, ‘HELP EVER, HURT NEVER!


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