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Seven Small Sermonette Snipets

Updated on August 12, 2011


There is an inherent human instinct to "worship", it is worldwide, cross cultual, multi national, and quite universal. Suppressing, or even trying to suppress this will only lead to idolatries (Romans 1:18-32). Every known human civilization in history has had some form or practice of worship. Most often, be it cults, world religions, and even secular idealogies mirror some aspects of the Christian belief. We are born to worship God, to fellowship with Him, and if we don't, we will seek other venues, avenues, means, & measures to try to sate that craving (longing, desire). If and when, that or those, don't work, an individual will often turn to a means of "numbing" oneself, through whatever way is most readily available, accessible, or alluring, many times even incorporating, more than one "vice". We are born, consumed with a desire to find satisfaction, significance, & fulfillment. We will seek it in relationships, families, friends, career, hobby, substance or any available means to try and quench the thirst & hunger.


Do we ever miss out on having the fullness of Jesus Christ in our lives because we only allow ourselves to see Jesus as we, (in our finite minds), hope or expect Him to be? We need to have a BIG, WIDE OPEN viewpoint for Christ, He is FAR MORE than our limited thinking. Many Jews in Jesus time, "missed" Him for who He was, because they had decided "what & how" He would be, and they were wrong, very, very wrong.


Funny how we're drawn to beauty & prestige over plainness & poverty. The Bible in Isaiah made it pretty clear that Jesus wouldn't be anything overly beautiful or majestic, not much to look at, or to look upon. Jesus said the Son of Man had no place to lay His head (homeless), He certainly didn't possess much financial wealth (poor). Yet, the Bible also says that the devil (satan) can be very beautiful, attractive, enticing even; everything the opposite of Christ. So, the devil likely offers wealth, fame, fortune & flattery, along with ease & comfort. Which of these "looks" or "lifestyles" lines up more with human desires, drive, purpose, and goals? What does the world think should be sought? So then, who does the world align with? Who do you align with? Remember, the world is upside down from Gods plan.


It's a simple salvation, easy for all to understand. It's written on our hearts, evident in nature and recorded in Gods Holy Word, the Scriptures of the Bible. Does it not then stand to reason that Gods plan, law, & command are simple and not difficult to understand? Why are we then, as a "body of Christ" so engaged in so many "deep" discussions (many that bring division & disrespect) of a simple salvation theology. The simplicity of Christ is just that, why do we complicate it so?


Anything that brings no attention to God, wasn't born out of a purpose to glorify or honor God, and is not of God, is what? If something isn't of God or Godly, what other option is there? IS there an "in-between"? COULD some things be "curses", disguised as a blessing? If it isn't "evil" in nature, seems "clean, pure & safe" - yet it manages, (in it's purity) to draw your eyes & time (off of God) and His Word for awhile or maybe more is it, can it, be, good? Or is it all on us to balance moderation?

Everything you do or say should be done to obey Jesus your Lord. And in all you do, give thanks to God the Father through Jesus. ~ Col. 3:17 NCV - Wow huh!?!


A fire left unfed dies. Do we forget too soon, as is all to common to "man", to lose our zest, zeal or fervor? Do we drift from the central point, God? How often the Bible calls us to be alert, on guard, to, remember. How often is it written, TURN!, REPENT!, Submit!, Draw Near! to the God to whom one day all will give account. Do we have a personal relationship and not just a "religious corporate" one, a mere "system" (often dead or dying). Do you personally love Him, enjoy Him, make time for Him, speaking, praising, thanking & loving, Him?

A fire left unfed dies, are you struggling with a distraction or an addiction? A fire left unfed dies. Stop feeding this fire (addiction / distraction) and begin feeding the God fire above, YOUR God fire! That will rekindle what is good and starve out the bad. But it's up to you, you have to let one burn out and ignite the other.


 Abbreviated living in a punctuated society, where tid-bits & morsels have become the diet dujour. "Snacks" have become our substance, and "highlights at 11" ARE the news, no longer just "bait".


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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