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Seven Steps To Keeping Your Resolution This Year

Updated on February 4, 2011

11 Months To Go Where Are You?

The new year is already beginning to lose it's luster in the past month and few days, are you closer to that new years resolution you set for yourself?

You know what happens around the middle or end of December right? You always begin these thoughts of what you are going to do when the new year starts. You make a list of getting out of debt, losing weight, finding a new lover or new job. By the middle of January what you may have found yourself doing is going right back into your old habits.This can stop today if you really want it to.

With seven simple steps you can begin to work your way through to seeing your New Years Resolution become a completed goal by the end of this year.

Let's Get Started.

The First thing you want to do is assess where you are right now in relation to the goal that you set. The best thing to do is write it down in several places.

Once you have written it down create a strategy to see it come to pass. Your strategy may include several steps to get to the big goal you want to reach however there are some steps I would like to let you know about to help you remain focused on the ultimate goal you have, completing your goal for this year.

Count down the days as you work your plan!
Count down the days as you work your plan!

Seven Steps To Stay On Track To Goal

Below you will find seven steps that will help you keep your mind focused on the bigger picture. Refer back to this list as you need.

1. Know your strength and use it wisely - Your strength in the time thatĀ  you are working toward your goal is going to be your greatest ally. No matter what it may look like right now remain focused and reference your inner strength. You are certainly going to need it.

2. Look For The Signs - Now that you are focused on your goal, make sure that you pay attention to the signs that will begin to come your way. You will find them everywhere. It is your job now to become very sensitive to the many signs that will begin to show up. You may be introduced to someone who can help you, you may find unexpected resources that you may not have noticed before or you may be sitting somewhere and the light bulb in your head goes off on the next step that you need to take.

3. Cutting Naysayers Off - At this critical time in your goal to complete your resolution you cannot afford to have people in your life that are going to put negative energy on your dreams and aspirations. That does not mean to make people leave your home or break up with friends and family. What you will need to do is keep many of your thoughts and ideas about your goal to yourself. Do not allow anyone to deter you from the final destination you have set for yourself.

4. Set Your Own Stage - Do not wait for an opportunity create it. If you are looking for someone to knock on your door and say to you "Hey here is your opportunity!" What you will have to do is get out there beyond your door and make that opportunity for yourself.

5. Giving Up Something You Love - Now this may seem a bit daunting but a lot of times what we love to do we may just love a bit too much. A hobby or favorite past time or television show may be just the thing that keeps us from reaching that goal you want this year. Sacrificing your time to make sure that you focus on the final result will bell worth it in the end. You wont miss it when you are seeing that resolution become real.

6. Switch - Many timesĀ  when you are focused on the final result you may think that it is going to be a straight line to the finish line if you will. I cannot for one tell you that this has ever happened to me. Make sure that you buckle up and hold on tight and when the turbulence of the road to the vision becomes harsh switch lanes! What this means is that there are more ways to get to the resolution you seek. If one door seems to not open, go under it, of that doesn't work create your own door or just drive through it. The bottom line make sure you know that there will be bumps along the way. Keep your eye on the prize while you are switching lanes.

7. Substitute -Make sure that you know that in the process of reaching your goal or dream or your vision that using a substitute or other provision is absolutely fine. Sometimes you may have to use another way. Sometimes you may find that when you cannot find another way that there in the midst of it all you will reference option number two and find the sign that there is another way to get to the promised vision you have set before you. You will always find the provision or substitute for the provision along the way.

Finally make sure that you not just take that goal and shelve it until New Year's eve hoping that all of the things on your list will magically come to pass. It will take strategy, implementing the strategy or plan, learning how to overcome those obstacles and moving on in spite of, and also knowing when to remove negative things and people out of your life. When you keep that goal in front of you and keep plugging away at it you will see yourself facing your vision head on until it is REAL.

Good luck.


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    • suzetteboston profile image

      suzetteboston 6 years ago

      Honey, I gave up on January 2, 2011....too much, too much. Thank you for your wonderful insight and information. I'll try again, next year.

    • Wrlddiva profile image

      Ya Gurl Paulette 6 years ago

      I swear by the Six List as well....thanks that lets me know I can load the steps I am taking thus far myself!

      Love Live Breathe!

    • winepress profile image

      winepress 6 years ago

      Years have passed and I've got no single resolution fulfilled. The year is long and a lot of things happen making it almost impossible to stick to the old plans. But with this Hub I'm going to stick my neck out and go according to plan.

      Thanks for sharing and keep sharing, you touch lives.