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What to Do While You Wait on God

Updated on July 26, 2020
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

Everyone has to wait for something or someone from time to time. Most people have confessed that they do not like to wait for anything. However, we all have to wait for something.

We have to wait for the bus, train, airplane, or other forms of transportation. We have to wait for the traffic light to change to green because we have to stop when it is red. We have to wait to see our favorite program on television. We wait in line to pay for purchases when we shop. We have to wait at the doctor's office along with other patients.

No matter how hungry we are, we have to wait in a restaurant for the waiter to seat us, take our order, and bring food to our table after it is cooked. During the course of a day, there is a long list of things we have to wait for including waiting on God to answer our prayers and act on our behalf. While waiting is not a pleasure, there are some things we can do to make waiting a lot easier.

Waiting | Source

Waiting on God is a lot different from waiting for other things to take place. When you wait for a television show, you probably have a schedule letting you know what time it is expected to air. When you wait in line to pay for a purchase, you can see the line moving and you can estimate when it will be your turn.

When you travel, you probably have planned in advance the time the bus, train, or airplane will depart and arrive at a destination. When you wait on God you can't see what is happening, and you don't have a schedule when God will move on your behalf.

When you wait on God, you have to do so by faith. You have no schedule or estimated time of arrival. You can't see what's happening behind the scene. You have to trust that God will come through for you when the time is right.

Pray While You Wait

Pray without ceasing during your time of waiting. When you pray, you communicate with God. You talk to God, and then you wait to hear Him.

Effective prayer is a two-way process. You talk and then you listen. God is pleased when His people not only pray to Him but wait to hear what He has to say.

Praying Hands
Praying Hands | Source

Trust God While You Wait

While you wait, trust God. He will arrive at the appropriate time when it is best for you. While you wait, trust that God will be with you and never leave you.

Remind yourself of God's faithfulness while you wait. Don't worry while you wait. It is impossible to trust God and worry about things at the same time. Trust God especially during your time of waiting.

Worshiping God
Worshiping God | Source

Worship While You Wait

Worship is one of the best things you can do while you wait. Worship is good at all times but especially while you are waiting on God for Him to answer your prayers.

No matter what you are waiting for God to do for you, know that your waiting is not in vain especially if you worship while you wait.

Grow While You Wait

Waiting can be an excellent time to grow. While you wait, God might be perfecting some things within you. While you think nothing is going on, God is working behind the scenes on your behalf.

While you are waiting on God, God is also waiting for you to grow and develop enough to be able to receive what He has in store for you. You might think you are waiting for one thing, but God is perfecting you to receive so much more.

Waiting | Source

Waiting can go a lot better for you if you begin to thank God for what you are waiting for before it manifests.

Wait With Pleasure

God could answer your prayer right away, or He might want you to wait to receive what He has in store for you. While you are waiting, God is lining things up for the greatest good. God wants to get the glory through your waiting. The thing you are waiting for takes time. While God has no problem giving you something instantaneously, often times He chooses not to. God uses your time of waiting to perfect those things within you so you will be ready to receive what He has in store for you.

Never think God is punishing you by making you wait. Learn to wait with patience instead of waiting with anxiety. Think about what you will get after your waiting period is over.

While you are waiting on God, know that God is also waiting for you.

What It Means To Wait on God

While you are waiting on God, you don't have to sit around twiddling your thumbs or pacing the floor. Waiting can be a great opportunity to get closer to God by focusing more on Him than on the thing you are waiting for. In other words, focus on the Giver more than on the gift. Also, focus on the Provider rather than on what He will provide.


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