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Sex, Sentiment And Wonder As Seduction Tools In 'The Satanic Witch'

Updated on January 14, 2012

"The Satanic Witch" is one of the most influential modern witchcraft and seduction books. LaVeyan satanism is a religion a lot of atheists find to their liking because of its strong philosophical basis. But it is still a religion with its own dogmas and religious practices. Satanic witchcraft is divided into two very specific schools - greater magic and lesser magic. Greater magic refers to ritual practices, ceremonial magic, named 'psychodrama' (I, myself, like to compare them to theater exercises). Lesser magic is a way how to influence current environment to make it fit ones desires, it's a practical magic. Some people call that 'manipulation' or NLP (neuro linguistic programming), for others its 'black magic'. No matter how you label lesser magic, it has proven its effectiveness. "The Satanic Witch" is the book I often find myself rereading countless times because it is one of the most valuable books on the topic of lesser magic.

Sex, Sentiment And Wonder

"The Satanic Witch" holds valuable advices on how to influence people. It is mostly written for women and it contains wisdom on how to exploit mans weaknesses in a way both sexes can enjoy. If greater magic tells on how to perform lust, compassion and destruction rituals, lesser magic uses imagery of sex, sentiment and wonder to achieve the goals of a satanic witch. La Vey compares men with children which often enjoy pretty, colorful images. Men are visual creatures and the way how a woman represents herself visually is a powerful tool in seduction. A wise satanic witch chooses an image that represents either sex, sentiment or wonder and charms the men (and not only men) around her,


Let's be fair here - only very, very few girls are really ugly. Others might not look like top models but you know, with a bit of make up and a sexy dress every average looking girl can appear sexy and exploit her sex appeal for her needs. La Vey even suggests that average looking women has some advantages over naturally beautiful women. Although they put little effort to attract men since that happens naturally, they also get less appreciated for the effort they put. Nothing compliments men more than a woman trying to look sexy for them.


Sentimental satanic witches are the best represented with the 'good witch' appearance. Cookie ladies, that charming cat lady, the woman that always evokes pleasant memories of your childhood might be a satanic witch. The cute, naïve neighbour girl, the compassionate woman with puppy eyes... They all use sentiment to charm people around them.


The satanic witches that use wonder as the method of their appeal are probably the most cunning ones. Wonder usually represents a wide range of ideas from austerity till macabre, fear evoking appearance. Wonder as a tool works a bit differently than sentiment or sex. Instead of attracting people directly, wonder appears to scare them away. And then the satanic witch can use the fear to achieve her goals. Other option is using wonder to make the other people pity you. "Oh you are so crippled, poor creature..." If you make yourself to appear as miserable as possible, people will be either glad to help you or would pay anything to get rid of you.

It is always the easiest for a satanic witch to adapt the image she feels most comfortable in naturally. In order to use all the options the imagery has to offer, the satanic can practice 'out of usual' images so she might apply them when necessary.

These themes can be also combined, and more often than not, it's hard for a woman to stick with one theme only. However, the purest forms offer the most straight forward results. Read more on the subject on "The Satanic Witch" itself. I kindly suggest you to read this book, it's full with wonderful and insightful ideas and techniques.


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