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Sex and Gender in the Electric Dreamscape

Updated on December 7, 2015

Sex & Gender in the Electric Dreamscape

Volume 7, Issue 6

December 7, 2015

Remembering my earliest years as a child I do not recall that I fantasized or dreamt of fantasy until beyond my adult life, about the age of 18 or so and it was not until after I had my first sexual encounter. The differences between my fantasies and those of my male counterpart’s, is stark in comparison. Males in the human race seem to start fantasizing or having sexual fantasy dreams much earlier than the female species; and it starts sometime in their adolescent years. It is amazing how our dreamscapes evolve with our age as we age.

Further proof of our dreamscape changing with age is the fact that we are intellectually stimulated by our surroundings and learning environment. We also have to consider the fact that our television and entertainment viewing is a hugely different platform than what it was back in the day, like the 1950’s to bring up an example. We have evolved in our sexuality, as well as, in our entertainment of this day and age. It is more sexually explicit than years ago and our dreamscape reflect the environment we are living in.

So it is my belief that children and adolescents of this day and age are more mature in their viewing environments and entertainment that they may dream differently and more explicitly than the youth of some of our time. The dreamscape has evolved into a more sexually explicit realm. Even the nightmares and visions of this age have changed.

For example, the visionary like the prophets of the past are not as common as they were in the past because of the changes in our environment. Ask yourself, who was the last prophet or visionary had you ever heard of and what was the timeframe that accompanied the time of this prophet or visionary? Quite a lot of time has come and gone and quite frankly it is farther from what we are taught than what was taught in my youth. Dreamscapes, visions, nightmares, and out of body experiences are following the changes in our environment.

Some believe that when we project in out of body experiences or astral projections that we can focus or re-focus our energy to create a more positive result in our lives.

Since our dreamscapes have changed as a result of our environment and entertainment, it must be a factual experience that the astral projection or practiced out of body experience to re-focus our energies is true and not a falsehood. Shamans have done this type of action in their practices or belief systems long ago and it is not new to this world. It is new however to the average lay person who is not familiar with this type of experience and could be frightening to some.

Some Athletes practice astral projection (in there dreamscape) to improve their athletic abilities. This is something that is happening in our current environment. Athletes are breaking barriers and quite frankly motivational speakers are too, in projecting more positive results in their audiences. We evolve in our dreamscapes, our internal electric energy to match up to what we believe or want to believe and project to our own audiences in this day and age.

So what exactly is astral projection? The e-book Wikipedia describes Astral Projection as an interpretation of an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it. Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in an astral plane. The symbolism is a religious one and part of the definition of afterlife. A spiritual traveler if you will into higher realms of planes on this earth and not of this earth. It is also a form of meditation. Some ancients like the Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians from India, American Indians and Japanese have practiced the art of astral travel.

The differences of the astral traveler today and of the ancients of yesterday are completely different, and today astral travel is different because back in the day they used different methods of inducing or causing a hallucinogenic conscious or unconscious state of mind to produce an astral travel realm. The perceptions, interpretations, and impressions of the age have changed and science of the age has changed, our symbolism has changed.

So what type of information and research did I get out of what Carl Jung stated in his recollections about his memories and reflections? As Carl Jung aged and his intellect increased he had more realistic dreams and more sexual dreams, however his nightmares of his youth and childhood changed and it was not as frequent. The reason is because he had a better understanding of his presence, environment, and world at the time. He was better able to evaluate, judge, and determine what was at the center of his presence or state of mind. The symbolism of what he believed had changed his perceptions because of his intellect and understanding.

He stopped having the nightmare of the cloaked man in black because he realized that that was story that sparked his energy of fear, a nightmare that he was afraid that would become a reality and would result in his being taken away or dying. Energy formed in our mind by electric impulses of fear. Basically it was a fear that was instilled in him in his very early years as a toddler or infant that this man was his boogey man or monster. It was a secret that he did not reveal until he was well over 83 years old, a memory that touched him to his very essence and young life. Carl Jung’s insight and emotions had also changed and were more vivid and it became more three-dimensional in its dreamscape panorama, more conflicting, because as intellect grew so did the resulting outcomes that were fathomable.

Unconscious and conscious realms changed with the environment that Carl Jung experienced because it carried over emotions into his dreamscape that changed with his intellect and followed him in tow.


Jung, Carl, Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, (2015 free eBook)

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