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Seymour: Linking Astrology and Astronomy

Updated on January 28, 2015
Astrology In Medieval Islam
Astrology In Medieval Islam | Source

Some people scoff at the mere mention of astrology, yet cannot resist the urge to glance through the predictions for the week. Reading Astrology: The Evidence of Science, will change the way they perceive this science. The author, astronomer and astrologer Percy Seymour reveals the link between the heavenly bodies and the destiny of mankind.

An Astronomer Who Supports Astrology

Percy Seymour, British astronomer and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society says that there is indeed science in astrology. He has stuck out his neck with a daring theory. While the Yorkshire Post dubbed his book as “one of the most important books of the century,” the Weekend Telegraph called it "a shameful book."

The Chinese Zodiac
The Chinese Zodiac | Source
Percy Seymour, Author Of  'Astrology: The Evidence of Science'
Percy Seymour, Author Of 'Astrology: The Evidence of Science' | Source

Seymour’s Radical Science of Astrology

So what has shaken up astronomers, astrologers and the press about Seymour’s thinking? It’s his attempt to reconcile astrology and astronomy. While astronomy is the study of the nature of heavenly bodies, astrology explores their influence on people’s lives. The two have never met. And this is exactly what Seymour is trying to do: use the discoveries of astronomy to support the tenets of astrology.

Effects of the Heavenly Bodies on the Fetus

Seymour’s theory states that astrology is not mystical or magical but magnetic. It can be explained he says, by the turbulent magnetic activity of the sun, churned up by the movements of the planets, streamed towards earth on the solar wind, and perceived by human beings through the earth’s magnetic field while they grow inside our mother’s wombs.

The fetus in the womb might receive magnetic signals through the cells of its nervous system that acts as an antenna. The moment of birth, in fact, is triggered by a magnetic signal from the deciding planet. Each child responds to the signal that his genetic makeup has programmed him to receive. And as the child becomes an adult, periods of personal growth and changes in fortune are determined by the very same line up of planets ad stars that took place at the moment of his birth. These line-ups are known as 'aspects.'

Zodiac - Temple Of Shiva, Kanipakam, India
Zodiac - Temple Of Shiva, Kanipakam, India | Source

Magnetic Fields and the Living

Many creatures on earth respond to magnetic cues. A couple of instances are the bacteria that inhabit the oceans and use magnetism to guide them to their food, and birds that navigate by the magnetic field. In their constant movement, the planets pull at each other, raising tides and distorting orbits. Occasionally, they get into patterns – lining up, squaring off at right angles to each other, or grouping together on one side of the sun.

According to Seymour some of these ‘aspects’ generate forces that reverse the sun’s magnetic field approximately every 11 years, thus beginning a new sunspot cycle. This increases the flood of electrically- charged particles that the sun beams to the earth on a ‘solar wind’. These are the geomagnetic storms that create the breathtaking aurora borealis near the poles, upset radio, telegraph and telephone communications, and may make compass needles go off-tangent and so cause shipwrecks and airplane crashes.

Ancient astronomers thought that certain aspects coincided with major changes on earth. They knew nothing about magnetic fields, but they were right to link the aspects with earthly happenings. Geomagnetic storms could have created long-term changes in the weather which then would destroy food sources or interfere with the ability of people and animals to find directions.

Horoscopes that Have Withstood the Test of Time

Seymour says that he was struck by the accuracy of horoscopes cast for Queen Elizabeth and Ronald Reagan. While the Queen’s personality analysis pointed out her strengths – family loyalty and sense of duty, it also threw up her weaknesses such as her undue concern with trivialities and lack of humour.

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan constantly followed an astrologer’s advice and that shows in Reagan’s successful tenure as President of the United States for eight years. Seymour himself reluctantly consented to have his horoscope cast by a computer.

The experiment was being carried out by someone else and Seymour was surprised by its accuracy, for he had never believed in astrology himself. He says that it truthfully detailed the roles played by his parents in his life and the sort of work he’d go in for.

Percy Seymour on the Scientific Basis of Astrology

According to the astronomer Percy Seymour, there is truth in astrology. He claims that the heavenly bodies determine the destiny of human beings, even the moment of birth. The initially skeptical Seymour was impressed by the accuracy of the horoscopes cast for Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth, as well as his own.


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    • Sachal Smith profile image

      Sachal Smith 2 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Astrology has been around since the most ancient times and is embedded in the practices of about every culture.

    • Anita Saran profile image

      Anita Saran 2 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Thanks for reading, dahoglund! That's an interesting insight.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 2 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Although I am not deep into either subject, I tend to believe there is a connection. The three wise men described in the Christmas story, I think, were astrologers. During the historical period of science the subject matter was subjected to concrete proofs and all else more or less discarded. I think that is what happened to astrology.