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Shadow People , Have You Ever Saw One?

Updated on June 28, 2014
Have you ever saw a Shadow Person? What do you think Shadow People are?
Have you ever saw a Shadow Person? What do you think Shadow People are? | Source

Shadow People And What They Are

Shadow People , Have You Ever Saw One?

People can laugh and say there are no such things as ghosts and shadow people but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are both Shadow People and Ghosts. I believe that there are people that can easily see shadow people , ghosts , and other paranormal activity and people that can not.

A lot of people catch movement out of the corner of their eye and just assume that the light is playing tricks on them. However some people see shadow people as black human shapes and know that they are seeing something. What they are seeing is the question. I know I have gone into some houses and buildings and saw shadow people. I have also saw shadow people outdoors. I know of at least one location with in a mile of my home where I see shadow people every time I go there. Some people who go to that location see shadow people while other people see nothing.

I have often wondered why some people see shadow people while other people will see nothing. I really wonder what the reason for this is.

Most of the Shadow People I have seen move very quickly and while I have seen them out of the corner of my eye I have also seen them straight on moving about and then swiftly moving off out of sight.

There is even one theory that shadow people are guardian spirits or even guardian angels. Of course many people have many theories about shadow people. What do you think shadow people are? Post your comments in the comment section below.

Some Things You May Not Know About Shadow People

1. Animals can and do see shadow people. I once had a dog that would just start to raise hell just inside the back door. At first I thought the dog was wanting to go outside until one day I noticed the dog always barked into one corner where there no exit to the outside. One day I myself caught a glimpse of a shadow person in that corner. Almost at once the dog started barking wildly again. Over the next several months I caught the shadow person teasing the dog. I finally moved away and the dog was given to a friend.

I currently have a cat that sees shadow people. I have caught him running through the house and playing with one. I have caught the shadow persons reflection in a mirror so I know its there. And the cat really seems to enjoy playing with the shadow person.

2. I and others have heard the footsteps of shadow people. Yes you can quite often hear their footsteps as they move around. If they make noises like footsteps then they must have some what of a physical presence. I have even heard a shadow person laugh. And I truly believe at least some of them have a personality. I know the one playing with my cat enjoys it because it and the cat sometimes will play for an hour or more. I was just watching this again and its really something else to see. Sometimes I see the shadow person when its playing with the cat and sometimes I don't but I know its there because of the actions of the cat.

3. Some shadow people are more menacing than others. I have seen a large shadow person with fiery red eyes in the basement of the old closed down nursing home that appears to be menacing every time I see it. I have even heard it growl at me and when it did the hair on my arms stood up. This was the first red eyed shadow person I ever seen. Though I have seen many more since then. If you could see the one I saw in the basement of the old closed down nursing home I guarantee you it would scare you.

What kinds of interaction have you had with a shadow person. Please post about it in the comment section below.

New Shadow Person Seen February 22, 2012

Just this week I had a very interesting sighting. I was walking along the edge of a field where a very large old house stood until just about a year ago. The house was built in the 1840s and had fallen into very bad repair and about a year ago it burned down during a huge thunderstorm. There were several huge oak trees right up against it and they burned to.

A friend of mine has fenced the property and has several horses in the pasture there now. There is an old family graveyard there about a hundred yards from where the house once stood. No one has been buried there since 1897. There are 15 graves you can see but I have been told there are about 40 or more graves there. With permission of the property owner I have been going out there shooting video and doing paranormal investigations for about two years now. Other people have claimed to see a confederate officer with one arm on the property over the years but I've never seen him. He is supposedly seen riding a horse which is also supposed to be a ghost. And people have claimed he has ordered people off the property.

Just the other day I was on the property waiting for the edge of dark when I saw one of the most distinct shadow people that I have ever seen. Three horses were standing between me and where the old house once stood when I caught movement down near the cemetery. I saw a dark black human shape walking away from the cemetery towards the location where the house once stood. I carefully raised my camera and shot three quick photos only to find out later that no shadow person showed up on the camera. The shadow person appeared to be about six foot tall and I could tell it was wearing clothes but no hat. It walked to about where the front door of the old house would have been and vanished. Talk about the hair standing up on the back of your neck. I was shaking and my adrenaline was pumping. I went and walked the path it walked and even went to the tombstone nearest to where I first saw it but the tombstone was so weathered you could no longer see any of what was once written on it clear enough to read it. But I know from research that it was one of the earliest graves from before the Civil War. It was one of the most distinct shadow persons that I have ever seen. I will be going back and try to see it again. I think the light may have been to low for the camera and I didn't have the flash on. Next time I will be prepared.

It was one of the most exciting sightings I have had in a long time and it makes searching for paranormal activity and ghosts really worth it. I know first hand that shadow people are real. At one point when it was walking along it was at one point about 15 foot from one of the horses in the pasture and when it passed in front of the horse the horse raised its head and looked right at it. I'm sure that horse was as spooked as I was. When it walked in front of the horse the horse raised its head like I said and then it walked over to where three of the other horses was about 75 yards away. I'm sure the horses have seen it before but it clearly spooked the horse that was nearest to it. Hell I know it spooked me. I will keep this updated. And I will be going back to try to see it again.

Let me tell you here that there are two Confederate Soldier burials in the old graveyard but no Confederate Officer was ever buried there. At least there is no record of one ever being buried there. The claim has been made for years by many different people that the Confederate Officer with one arm riding a grey horse with black spots is seen on the property but I have never been able to find out who he could have been. It is said that the sleeve of his coat with no arm in it is pinned up. Everything sounds right but who he is or why he's seen there I have never been able to find out.

How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted. You Want To Be Sure To Watch This Video.

This is the location outdoors where I often see Shadow People. Notice all the Orbs in the photo.
This is the location outdoors where I often see Shadow People. Notice all the Orbs in the photo. | Source

What Are Shadow People?

Above is a photo of one location where I see Shadow People all the time. Notice all the Orbs in the air. Many people died at this location which is just outside a old closed down nursing home. The shadow people I have seen at this location appear to come from the direction of the old closed down nursing home and disappear near the edge of the woods. There are several old trailers behind the old closed down nursing home and I have seen the shadow people appearing to dance around these old trailers. No one lives at this location.

What exactly are shadow people and why they are there is a big question that a lot of people over the years have tried to figure out. Did you know that shadow people are seen all over the world but it does appear that more are seen in the United States than any other country. It appears that in the United States that more shadow people are seen in the state of North Carolina than any other state. The old closed down nursing home I am talking about in this article is in North Carolina in the western part of the state.

Why do you think more shadow people are seen in North Carolina than any other state. Do you know that the Cherokee Indians have seen shadow people in western North Carolina dating back over a thousand years. The Cherokee Indians believed that the shadow people came for the spirits of the deceased. They believed that shadow people were guardian spirits that guided newly deceased souls to the other side.

So the next time your setting there on the couch and catch a movement out of the corner of your eye look real quick and you just might catch the glimpse of a shadow person hurrying away out of your site. Look down towards the ground because in some locations the shadow person can be quite short. Shadow people really come in all shapes and sizes. Even hooded. I have also saw several with bright red fiery eyes. And shadow people appear to be a spreading phenomenon with more and more people reporting seeing them. More shadow people are seen in the United States with more seen in North Carolina than any other state. Why? Well we don't know why but with that many people seeing something there has to be something really there. What are shadow people is a question we really can't answer at this time.

Have you ever seen a shadow person? Why not post a comment about it down below now.

In the basement of the old closed down nursing home is another place we see shadow people. Notice the mist forming on the upper right hand side of the photo. When the mist forms is when I often see shadow people.
In the basement of the old closed down nursing home is another place we see shadow people. Notice the mist forming on the upper right hand side of the photo. When the mist forms is when I often see shadow people. | Source

What Are Shadow People?

Do you see the mist forming in the upper right hand side of the above photo. When I see this mist I quite often see shadow people. I don't really know what one has to do with the other but quite often when I see the mist I see shadow people. I have seen shadow people in the basement of this building with red fiery eyes. I know the first time I saw a black misty shape with the shape of a human being with fiery red eyes it scared the hell out of me.

I know I have seen ghosts many times and ghosts and shadow people are two different types of beings. Most ghosts look much the same as they did in life when they were living breathing humans. Shadow people come in various sizes and forms and while many do have human like form I am not sure if shadow people are ghosts or spirits of deceased persons or if they are some other form of spirit beings. Quite often shadow people are caught out of the corner of the observers eye and they vanish if you try to look directly at them. Some people have also claimed to catch or see shadow people in mirrors.

Other people have made the claim that before they see shadow people that they see mists like in the photo above. Other people have said that they see mists and that the room or area gets very cold before a shadow person appears. While other people may look into another room and see a shadow with a human shape seem to dart across the doorway of the other room or over in the corner of the next room. What are shadow people is a question often asked by people. Where do they come from and what are they.

There are a lot of people who ask the question why don't I see ghosts and shadow people? I really believe that there are some people who can see paranormal activity while there are other people who can not see paranormal activity. Why? No one really seems to know. Maybe some people are just more open minded than other people. But I will tell you that I truly believe there are some people who can see paranormal activity while there are some people who will never see paranormal activity. Why? I can't tell you. What do you think? Tell us all in the comment section below.

What do you think shadow people are? Have you ever saw a shadow person or shadow being? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Check out all the orbs in this photo from a recent investigation in the old closed down nursing home. I have never saw this many orbs before in a single photo.
Check out all the orbs in this photo from a recent investigation in the old closed down nursing home. I have never saw this many orbs before in a single photo. | Source

What Do You Think Shadow People Are?

Never have I saw as many orbs as there are in the photo above. When I walked into this room I heard a voice say , " Oh God Please Help Me " and the temperature in the room turned very cold. We have taken a tape recorder into this room and caught a voice on tape saying , " Oh God Please help Me ". We have also heard wild scratching sounds coming from over head in this room and at one time there used to be a chair in this room that would move on its own. One day we went to the location and the chair was just gone.

I have never saw a shadow person in this room but other people have claimed to and some people claim to hear a old lady laughing in this room. It is known that the last person to live in this room was a 86 year old lady and she died in the bathroom just down the hall.

What do you think of the story of shadow people? Why not tell us in the comments section below.

Haunted Alaska, Ghost Stories From The Far North. Some Spooky Stuff In This Great Video. So Be Sure To Watch It.

© 2010 Thomas Byers

What do you think Shadow People are? Have you ever seen a shadow person? What do you think shadow people are?

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    • profile image

      Pat McNees 7 weeks ago

      You gradumicated from a school in Kentucky, didn't you? Have you ever saw one? It's "seen", Einstein.

    • profile image

      mandi 2 years ago

      I am not one who is easily scared, I have seen many creepy and hard to believe things in my years but i have never seen something like this in my home before last night. I will explain in detail after you get a sense of things I have encountered in the past. Some nights i wake screaming with blood screams so curdling that even my military husband has been scared by them, I have seen people in my dreams that look normal aside from their dead black eyes and filed looking sharp teeth, they try to trick me in my dreams but they are unmistakable as they leave you feeling immediately in danger. I have woken up beside rivers and in closets without the ability to use my voice for days without recollection of how I made it to these places, I have seen (along with another girl who was with me at the time) A tall figure of a man standing in our doorway blocking us from leaving a room thinking it was just a person who turned out to be 2 floors below us at the time. I have woken up in the middle of the night to feel something sitting at the end of my bed, woken to see a wolf creature with the body of a man snarling at me at the foot of my bed, I have heard footsteps in my home with no one around to make them but me while I was sitting at my computer in silence reading books online on numerous occasions, doors that slam, smells of food when no one is cooking. I have encountered many scary things in the past. I have had nightmares of these things over and over since I was a small child and they have never gone away. But last night as I was going into my basement what I saw scared me more than anything I have ever encountered before in my entire life. There was a dark thick shadow at my back door (IT WAS INSIDE MY HOUSE) At first I just said to myself it was a coat rack with a coat draped over the top, it was around 4 feet tall and just still in the middle of my back door inside. When i turned and looked at it, it did nothing so I assumed it was just a shadow, I continued up the stairs and turned on the hall light and nothing was there. Then I decided I would double check, it must just be a shadow from outside peering in, when I turned the light off again there was nothing. I know I saw something there, a thick blackness with a domed top and draped like body and no face, I felt immediately terrified, the hair on my body stood straight and I felt like something was watching me but after doing a full sweep of my house I found nothing. For the first time in my life I was so scared that I was in tears. I don't understand what this thing was, how could there be a thick rounded black shadow there when the next second it wasn't, it was not created by anything outside. It was not my shadow as I am much taller and it would have been as tall as myself with how close I was standing to it. It seemed like the shadow of something in that spot like when you turn out a light and the objects in the room seem to darken to shadows but you can still tell something is right there because of the density of the blackness. I returned to my bed and I could not sleep, for 5 hours i laid in bed awake to afraid to fall asleep. I did not get any rest until the sun was up and my husband and son were out of bed. I am at a loss as to what to call this, whether it was a shadow person, a spirit, an alien I do not know, all I know is it left me feeling so uncomfortable that I dared not sleep while the moon was still in the sky. I hope to never see this thing again, even my cats were scared of it and ran and buried themselves under my blankets.

    • profile image

      alana 2 years ago

      I experience d my first shadow person when I was happened the night after my lil brother funeral which he died in pain from cancer only 12yrs.I was sleep and I know it was late cause all the lights in the house was pitch dark so everyone was sleep cause I usually leaves the bathroom light on that's outside my door on and my closet door closed .yes I was hearing footsteps and noises and seeing things but I paid it no attention until that night I was sleep and someone or something woke me up in my lil brothers voice when I did woke up it was standinding at the foot of my bed in the dark to me its shape and height was like my brother but I couldn't see his face maybe to dark who knows but I tried to scream nothing came out I tried to move I was in a transe were whatever it was had locked down but after about a minute or two it knocked me out back into my sleep and the next day I couldn't believe what just happened but my grandparents are into church so I told her and she told me not to worry about it that he if it was just visiting and came to see if I was ok but I don't know from this day what I really was but I also experienced out of body experiences and times were I couldn't wake up after a bad dream like I was stuck and yes im 36yrs old now and still get those experiences still and shadow person sighting my lil daughter has the touch to she was seeing people before her time in brod daylite and whispers which always had her scared and crying if anyone has a clue what to do holla at me at:alanahawthorne@yahoo.comit soft

    • profile image

      Jack 2 years ago

      I began seeing shadow figures on my nightly walks with the dog, about 18 months ago. First on the neighbor's porch, then on the other neighbor's roof. Then in other locations. Always outside and always at night. I would just dismiss this had the dog not barked at these entities. I am a bit clairvoyant, but have never seen a shadow figure before in my life. Whatever these things are, they are not friendly. They appear to be menacing. The dog hates them.

    • profile image

      Stephen A. Degnan 2 years ago

      Two nights ago, December 22, 2014, I was sound asleep and awoke to see a black mass in the shape of a hooded man or possibly a large women standing three feet from the side of my bed. The room was totally dark before and after the event and my windows are covered with shades that bright sunlight can not penetrate. The shadow being was normal sized and back lit by a bright white opaque light. The vision lasted only one to three seconds. No facial features, arms or hat could be seen and I felt no fear or maleficent from the image.

    • profile image

      Wanderingmuse 2 years ago

      You's odd how many times I've heard stories of "shadow people" as black entities with red eyes, through several people who have NEVER talked to each other, let alone heard about it from anyone else. Granted the fact that so many people see them, normally without hearing them from anyone else, I think it is proof that they may exist.

    • Maecherie profile image

      Ashley Griffin 2 years ago from Missouri

      He is afraid of the dark.. So, I instantly got up to see what was going on. To try to put him back into bed and all. Well.. Get this.. He is under his blanket still, sound asleep. I then check his older sisters room, she too is sound asleep lightly snoring. So, I then go into our bedroom and lay next to the boyfriend. Maybe he was pretending to be asleep? Maybe he went into the hallway to sneak up on me? I shake him awake. Ask him if he is playing some joke on me.. He gets angry lol. Grabs a weapon and starts to search the house. Of course there is nothing to find. What I think happened is... 4 years ago TO THE DAY, my brother passed away. He had down syndrome and he use to rattle doors and slam doors all night when we lived together. His medicine didn't let him sleep on schedule. I am thinking he was letting me know he is still around sometimes. I'm not sure what else it could be.. besides it being someone else or something else entirely.. Which makes me a little uneasy.

    • Maecherie profile image

      Ashley Griffin 2 years ago from Missouri

      I was up late last night watching some shows on Netflix. I just got done checking on my kids and my boyfriend. I thought maybe the boyfriend would still be up since it was Saturday. But, no everyone was sound asleep.. No guilt in watching another episode.. ;) Well... After awhile around 12:30 I saw a silhouette on the wall across from me. The wall was connected to the hallway, we keep the hallway light on for the kids. I sit there staring at it... It went from right to left and right again and then left. Then disappeared. Then a doorknob started to rattle. For a whole minute I'd say. I was assuming it was our son trying to get into our bed, like he does a few times a week. You hear the door finally opening then it slams shut. He wouldn't do that.. He is afraid of the dark.

    • profile image

      o37 3 years ago

      They're us. Our shadows, our "other," our subconscious, which has a voluminous form and personality that differs from our form that is visible and known to the naked eye. When it's big and healthy, it can be witnessed sometimes by other people as an "aura." Sometimes I catch my own, just making its escape away from my inner sight in the early morning as I awaken, having ruled the night like a king in dream state. Sometimes I can see other people's, especially if they are acting "shady", like when they're really watching something that's happening across the room, but with their eyes looking at something else. At that time, their shadow is slightly separated from them, in facing a somewhat different direction, and visible, at least to me sometimes.

      I think there are many things that can happen for this otherness when we die, without a body to align itself to, but it is generally not to be feared. I've had much guidance from otherness, signs to help me avoid catastrophes (clumsily delivered at times, but always well-intended, and very clear). There is definitely a lot more activity in places with more history, and for me it's also especially where I have more personal ancestral history, and so I can only assume it's my grandmothers, and grandmothers' grandmothers' grandmothers, showing their enduring love, for what is left of them on this earth - me.

    • profile image

      chris 3 years ago

      I am 13 and have seen shadow people as long as i can remember but unlike everyone else where they stay within a certain area theres one or two that just seem to follow me to every house I move into. At first i just thought it was my imagination but know my mom has started noticing the 1/2 shadow people while shes in her room at night. Last week it was late at night and i was in the living with my computer while my mom was in her room down the hall sleeping. I don't why i did but i turned my head to look down the hall and was surprised to be greeted with a large dark figure standing in mom's bedroom door way looking straight at me, and i knew it couldn't be my mom because she is never up this late. We both stared at each other for a few seconds before i blinked and it had dissapeared. Recently we have learnt that i have physic abilities, which has led me to be suspicious that him/they aren't just shadow people. one of which has appeared in my dreams ,bad and good

    • profile image

      elladitsa 3 years ago

      I saw many stories and I have seen myself a black shadow but not in a figure of a person, just a plain black shadow from the corner of my eye. I agree with many that this happens when your upset because I was too every time I see it, or when I feel very faithful talking about God. I also haven't seen it for a while and it happened every time I called out my dog's name. He is deceased 10 years now. I believe its my dog trying to tell me that he is near me and not to be afraid but watching me. I actually talk to him and say please don't be upset that I love this new little dog and the ones I have in Greece. I love all dogs and its all because of you my Kerveros. Oh I miss him so much that I know it has to be him because his cloud appears at the stairs where he used to like to sit and also in my mom's bedroom where he used to climb up and sleep on my dad's side. he used to growl at my dad when he came up and like a child he would cuddle between my parents lol. I not only saw his cloud but recently when I was very tired and down I decided to lay down in bed and take a quick nap. As I closed my eyes I felt him jump on the bed. My brother's mini pincher was at my brothers house that day therefore he knew she wasn't around and came on. I guess Kervero is smart because if she was around she would have barked. The dogs and little children are very sensitive and feel the presense more. I feel presense if someone walks behind me and I'm not talking about only paranormal type people. I mean walking down the street. FRom some things I told a friend once, she said you have a child heart and soul so you probably are sensitive to these things. Those who are faithful, childlike usually see these kind of things. When your faithful, the devil challenges you so beware. Try to have more faith in God, start fasting and feel strong. Trust God that the devil spirits cannot come to you. I have so much trust and faith that I really do not believe I will ever see a shadow person come to me because I know God will come to the rescue. YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE A STRONG MIND. The devil doesn't like a smart wise ass like me for I command it to leave for Christ will be here if you don't. Once I actually heard it mumble and fade away. I was like "Yea !! Put your filthy tail between your legs and walk away in your tremble when you see Jesus. Trust me it disappeared after calling me a pig in my ear lol. Then I kneel and Thank God. I always do a prayer and it works instantly.

    • profile image

      Robin Bednarczyk 3 years ago

      The other night, every time I went close to my cat, she would draw back, ears down and start hissing at me, but when she looked at me, she was looking directly above my head. I got paranoid because THEN she started coming up to me hissing and growling, all the while looking directly above my head, so I took my cell phone and started video recording - it only took a couple of seconds for me to see this VERY HUGE looking dark black halo looking thing. It looked like it was attached to my back, as it was VERY CLOSE and VERY LARGE. You can actually see the fear in my eyes, and the way my pupils went from small normal size to very large and dialated. It really creeped me out as I've been telling my husband for quite some time now that something wasn't right in this house, I feel uneasy here, the atmosphere is very eery feeling. But when I saw that thing behind me, it was like it was standing right up against my back - it was just RIGHT THERE. I've been sick for a while now, no energy, always tired, no motivation. So anyway, can these things attach to people? Or what else COULD that have been if it weren't a shadow person. We do have shadow figures in our house, everyone has seen them, even friends who come over - usually leave pretty quick when they come over and see one. I'm sure there ARE some good ones, but I'm pretty sure the one's here in my house are NOT, especially with the smells we have, and my not being able to go ONE DAY without puking. This is un-nerving, and for those who DON'T believe in this sort of thing - I challenge them to come to my house, and I'll show you they exist. Even when someone new walks into the house, they'll walk in and start looking around causiously, like they're looking for someone to jump out and scare them or something - but people ALWAYS say that my house makes them uncomfortable and my mother won't even come back over here AT ALL. It's been over four years since she's been here. But always says that whatever IS here, isn't gonna hitch a ride with her to her house, so she just stays away. Anyway, if you have any suggestions on what I can do, I'd appreciate it. I've tried ALOT of things. The other thing is SOMETHING destroys ANYTHING religious I own, like my Bible - I woke up one morning, it was sitting on my desk, and it had a huge X carved over the whole front of the leather and books have been ripped out - I don't know where the books of the Bible went, but they're definitely missing, and you could see where they were just ripped out. Anyway, any suggestions? I'm really tired of dealing with this and trying to get help, but whatever is here is literally destroying my life from the inside out. There's ALOT more to the story but this was the most recent with that shadow thing right directly behind me and over me.

    • profile image

      Dylan 3 years ago

      About two weeks ago, i was walking back from the woods crossing a deep stream and i saw a dark figure across the entrance i go through and it was just standing there. it was there for about 5 seconds and i looked away to try to take a picture of it but it disappeered and my foot was feeling like it was being pushed out of the water so i crossed and got out of there fast. I told my friend about this and he didn't know what to say. i don't know if it was from when i was messing with a wiegi board or if it was a "demon". Yesterday March 2nd i was sitting talking to my step mom where the figure was standing and i had a dejavu and looked behind me and saw 3 kids, i couldn't see thies eyes and i fled back int the woods, crossing the deep stream. i was thinking that they were Black Eyed Chieldren,look it up, and took the long way back to my house. i talked to my cousin when i got back and he told me that he would have to be there to be here to tell me what it was. i still haven't seen the "demon" but my dad told me word for word" if a spirit shows you its full body, it is for a reason and it will be back." Any ideas what i have seen?

    • profile image

      Pray Warrior 3 years ago

      I live in Tyler, Texas I and my daughter seen a black smoke shadow person with glow white eyes. I was driving down the rode a not even a mile from where I live. The shadow was crossing the street very fast after I passed the area to see what it was it vanished. When I got home I had my blessed oil in my church bag. I got the sense to spray me and my daughter. I even sprayed my front door and car as God gave to me to do. If anybody can help me understand what this means I will be graceful to know. I do know that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST MY FAMILY WILL NOT PROSPER. I want God to BREAK EVERY CHAIN BREAK EVERY CHAIN IN JESUS NAME. THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS. THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR COVERING IN YOUR BLOOD. PLEASE RESPONSE. As I was typing this message my phone started flicking. I scream out Jesus it stopped. I need understand. I have spoken thing that have come true. God telling me I see death right before my eyes and so did my daughter. I hope now one dies in my family by in the morning..

    • profile image

      Lorea 3 years ago

      I've never really seen ghosts but I've always have this shadow following me. He never really runs out of sight tho it's as if we are both comfortable being around one another. I've seen him for as long as I can remember even when I was a kid. He also appears often in my dreams often being some what brutal but sometimes protective of me. Another thing I find interesting about him is that he usually doesn't display his face but, sometimes he will have eyes and a smile appear. Its always the purest white. I also find that he likes to change his form occasionally as well. But he's the only one I've ever seen and he follows me throughout my life.

    • profile image

      Kevin 3 years ago

      I once saw a shadow walk in front of my television while watching it when I was a teenager. Has anyone ever seen a shadow person walk in front of a light source before? It was one of the weirdest experiences ever.

    • profile image

      ChristianMom31 3 years ago

      Hello..I was wondering if what I saw could have been a shadow person. First of all, I never questioned anything like this, I simply didn't believe in paranormal activity. One evening I was getting my daughters pajamas out of the dryer, she was standing beside me. I was handing her the shirt and an image of a little girl in white with either black eyes or no eyes was beside her. I let out a small gasp, looked away and the image was gone. Was I just tired or could I have really seen something? A few months later, she experienced a night terror..we prayed at Church and nothing like those instances has happened again..but I would like to know if anyone has had an experience like this and how they handled it. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Clifford Griffin (207) 3 years ago

      Okay so listen to me every one, the shadow people are NOT fake ever since I was little I have seen shadow people, and to this day I do, the date is 1/22/14 and the same one fallows me no matter where I go, they will find you and I never understood why they fallow only a select few people and can only be seen by a small amount of people, I know for a fact the only fallowing me has been with me my hole life and has no joke, got taller with me, and I see him EVERY WHERE and I have to watch my back because he IS trying to KILL me, with trucks and cars and all kinds of different things, I'll tell you a short story, I was racing my friend down a hill on my bike, and a 18 wheeler came around the corner of the street and I froze, and I know an angle saved me because my bike turned a perfect 90 degrees and I keep going unhurt but I was ONE inch away from the truck and the shadow person fallowed the truck and a white light went the other way and I remember seeing white hands on my bike while black hands from the truck where holding on the truck. They ARE REAL AND THEY ARE AMONG US. and it fallows me all the time and I have no Ida why, but I did find out in a witchcraft book that this shadow person is a black devil, and is not a friend. Don't trust the shadow people, keep your selfs save.

    • profile image

      sarahjane 3 years ago

      i have always seen shadow people in my life until a few months ago, they never bother me but a night when i wake up there is one man usually just starring at me, but it frightens me and i never knew why? but my heart always starts to race. so i said please go away and leave me alone and the shadow guy took off and i haven't seen him since, so i was just wondering if it was my dad who passed away in 1997? then another time in an apartment in pittsburgh, pa their was a shadow lady always starring at me and i told her to leave me alone and i saw her shadow take off and go up through the fireplace even tho it was sealed off, so i never saw her again either.

    • profile image

      George 3 years ago

      I start seeing this figures or what ever they called. I'm 20 years old, and I onlly see them when something bad are going to happens.

    • RubyGayle profile image

      Ruby Nightingale 3 years ago from Northern USA

      A year ago I nearly died. I do not think I would have survived the past year if it was not for the astral friendlies in my life. The Doctors nearly killed me and it took them a while to figure out what was wrong with me but the astral friendlies guided me to the doctor who saved me. They helped inspire me to switch hospitals. I sometimes see them but mostly I feel when they are near. I am not clairaudient. Sometimes they have to find creative ways to communicate; like through my dreams. Who or what they are I am not certain of, but in past history people see them as Gods, angels, fairies, aliens, spirits etc... There seem to be many different types of astral beings and not all are friendly. So yes I have seen them and I have felt them.

    • Jill Robinson profile image

      Jill Robinson 3 years ago

      For about a year and a half I've been seeing out of the corner of my eye a figure that is dresses like my grandfather (he passed away in July 2010) but the face is always black or isn't there. More often than not I get a very uneasy feeling when I see it and its usually at night or when I'm alone. Many times when I would see it shortly after my 3 year old daughter would wake up and tell me there is a monster in her room that came from her wall. I've told her that when she sees the monster to yell at it to go away and leave her alone but it worries me that it could be something more. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

    • profile image

      Stephanie. 3 years ago

      I see them all the time ,even when driving.i have been so startled that I nearly caused an accident,another time I nearly went in the ditch. Both times I have my kids in the car .i want it to stop.they appear quickly in front of me ,when before I would only think I saw them from the corner of my eye.know I'm certain about what I'm do you make them go away.when they whizz by me when I'm driving I react like I'm going to run into them.this is becoming a big problem for me .im seeing them all the time. Help me.

    • profile image

      Justin Pallett 3 years ago

      When i was about 5 or 6 years old my father would find me out side at night . I don't know how i was getting out there or did my Dad . Apart from only one night i have no memory of it apart from my Dad picking me up & chastising me for getting out again . He would find me just standing there looking up at the trees . The only night i can remember was me standing there in the night looking up at the roof of our house . There where children up there laughing & playing , small dark little figures running up & down the roof . They weren't calling for me although i felt drawn to them , i remember running down the side of the house trying to keep up with them .

    • profile image

      larry 3 years ago

      what happen when you see in a vision a figure of a man or woman dressed in white with no face and no feet walking or flooting?

    • profile image

      Marcus 3 years ago

      I just looked this up because I saw something pass by the doorway behind me while I was brushing my teeth looking in the mirror. Based on all this information here I would say if I did see something I shouldn't be afraid because that would attract anything that feeds off of fear. If whatever I saw is just a shadow of a person that passed away then they must not mean me any harm and I hopefully shouldn't be worried.

      I did however have a strange experience about 2 months ago. I still don't know if it was even real or if I was dreaming but it was the most real, intense, scary thing that I have ever had happen to me.

      I went to bed one night and later on in the middle of the night I woke up or was still dreaming I don't know. Then I saw a bright light where my bedroom door should be and there were 4 or 5 dark figures standing around my bed surrounding me. I tried to get up but I could raise my arms more than a few inches up like I was being forced down by 10 times the normal amount of gravity. So I tried yelling for help but all I could do was breathe in and out, I couldn't say anything. The whole time these figures standing around me weren't even moving. They just stood around me like statues and then suddenly every thing was normal and I was laying in the same position in my bed but now I could move and talk. I don't think I went back to sleep after that. I still don't know if it was real or not. I really hope it was a dream because the way I felt during that whole experience was terrifying. I have never been that scared in my life. I thought I was going to die or something.

    • profile image

      jemmz 3 years ago

      i saw one tonight. at least that's what he looked liked. it was stormy and very dangerous driving home tonight with my baby on the motorway, people driving way to fast. just as the rain was pouring its ahrdest i saw him walk right in front of me. my best friend geoff died a year ago his anniversary in two weeks. i couldn't help but think i was just seeing things, but i also thought i had a guardian angel with me. i felt his presence the whole time on the motorway.

    • profile image

      Alisha 3 years ago

      There have been many times when I've seen shadows of people. There was one time when I saw a bald, very frail and skinny shadow of a woman standing at the end of my bed and dancing. There was also a time when there was a shadow of the same woman creeping out of my bedroom, against the wall. When I am home alone, with my cat, we tend to see shadows together. There was another time where a short shadow of a kid, I believe, ran down my hallway into my parent's room. The most scary occurance of my life was when I was trying to fall asleep and I heard struggling breathing in my closet. I believe that the spirit in my house is one of our dearest friends who passed on from cancer.

    • profile image

      Mandi 3 years ago

      At 15 is when I first experienced ghostly encounters.

      I'm 38 yrs old now and have seen numerous of ghost,had numerous of things happen,and now my 13 yr old sees and hears as well.

      All I can say is do t be afraid...

      And defentiently don't let anyone tell you your crazy.

      People who haven't had these experiences are the first to claim your insane.

      I myself have lived with this and accepted what I see and hear.

      My son,who is scared of what he sees,knows his mom believes him,so it helps with coping and talking about it.

      He is now starting to accept it as well. He did just tell me tonight long as I do t see anything real scary I'm good with

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago

      Last summer i show some kind of shadow but i wasn't and still not sure what exactly it was. I woke up that day and i was really upset and angry for no reason. I was supposed to go on a date with someone but i didn't want. I just didn't feel like it. My brother was sitting on the computer, and cuz i had no credit i couldn't call the boy to tell him that i couldn't go.. so i wanted to tell him by facebook, i told my brother and he said to me that no and that i should go on a date and for some reason i got out of control when he said that... i started shouting at him and my friend who was next to him telling them that i don't want to go... and i started hitting things..... anyway after that i got out of the apartment crying and i went on the roof. I sat down crying but i didn't know why.... I just kept crying none stop. It was quite light at that time and suddenly as i was sitting down with my hands on my face crying i heard a dog's breath, it came closer and closer until i felt it just next to my ear and i got scared and turned around and i show a black figure, it was really tall and dark, had no face and no other features but the shape was like a human. I screamed and run down stairs back to the apartment i couldn't breath normally and kept screaming. Basically i had a panic attack... After that i kept having nightmares about it.

    • profile image

      Rosie 3 years ago

      I to have always seen shadow people, to begin with its almost like a black flash out of the corner of your eye.and this would happen in day time.the present one is of a young shadow man I feel around the age of twenty. He wears a hoodie and stands and starts through the lounge window,they are always outside.and dissappear as soon as they realise you have seen them. I don't feel they are their to frighten me, im not sure what there purpose is.very recently I have seen a black shadow cat on the landing.again as soon as I acknowledge them they are gone. To be honest with you until I just googled this I just thought it was my imagination. I had no idea that so many other people saw them as well

    • profile image

      Sheri 3 years ago

      Ok, recently went to my first Pow Wow. Bought some jewelry and have been enjoying studying the Indian (Native American) culture and the meaning of some of the tribes symbolic animal meanings. Went to sleep last night and awoke to an Indian in Regalia (full headdress) standing near my doorway. I was groggy and struggled to adjust my eyes to see more clearly to see if what I was seeing could possibly be real. As I blinked several times to try to clear the sleep from my eyes, the image disappeared and I was then only now looking at a picture on my wall, nothing to do with Indians. Confused, wondering if I were dreaming or did an Indian come to visit me? Have no clue. Maybe dreaming because of all my research? I could swear there was an Indian in my room. If there was, why? If so, is it good luck? I don't know any deceased of that culture. Still trying to figure out if this was a shadow type person, or if I were dreaming with it in my subconscious? I did not feel threatened or scared. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    • profile image

      Louis marino 3 years ago

      Part 2 of part 1, so my cats play with the ghost so afterwe eat dinner my wife said look at door so when i looked i manage to catch the shadow on camera. on my cell phone now people will believe me and i have proof.

    • profile image

      Louis Marino 3 years ago

      Hello, I believe. in ghost cause i have one that lives in my apartment and I've had done many things to try to get Reid of him but nothing seems to work, so i invited the ghost to stay as long as he respect. me as ill respect him, i know its a male because a man died in my apartment before i moved in the landlord told me the man was died for two weeks before finding him, they told me they had too air out apartment for 3 months so since its been 22yrs and I've seen him in the corner of my eyes and I've seen the black shadows and now since my 2 dogs has passed away in 2008, I've meet my wife in 2009 and i started a new life and i adopt two cats and i found the other outside and they all play with the ghost but my cat buddy likes to sit and look at the shadows so i decided. to take a quick. picture of the shadow because. overtime i look its gone after I've seen him in the corner of my eye so i sat had dinner and that's when my wife said to me baby Im scared look at door buddy is looking up at wall but the shadow is on the door look

    • profile image

      The things ive seen 3 years ago

      I was kind of young when I first saw my shadow person well not mine but you know, I was about 2 or 3 years old and I know its that time that your barely aware of what's happening in the world but I remember it clearly; It was late at night not sure what time it was but late I was in my Parents bedroom just watching Tv when all of a sudden I have this feeling or presence more like a feeling to look at the door. It was locked but when I look I see someone Not too slow or not too fast opening the door. It was a huge large figure (remember I was small) It had to be 6 feet or more not sure, but it looked like a Human like figure with Really red eyes so I try to wake up my parents but they wouldn't like react to anything i did so I think I covered my face and maybe passed out.

    • profile image

      TN Native 3 years ago

      These things have tortured me since I was old enough to remember. They are not good. They are not angels or spirit guides. I can tell you this because I have spent my life researching them and reading/listening to thousands of stories of other people who have encountered them. Do not try to make contact with them, you will only feed into their egos and make them stronger. For first encounters or for the little 'rat' shaped shadows, command them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Say it with conviction and use your anger in your voice if you can. For the more malicious (the red eyes) and reoccurring ones your going to need a bit more. First, try a priest or preacher. Have them bless the residence. Make sure the windows and doors are open so the negative entities can leave. If that doesn't work, and I have seen it not work before, your going to have to do it yourself. The fact of the matter is, you are the master of your home and of your own personal space. YOU have to make that very clear and you have to mean what you say and believe in what you are doing BEFORE attempting this. Open all windows, doors, cabinets, attic doors, etc. Smudge the entire residence stating from bottom to top and back to front. Smudge yourself as well. Once you have reached the main entrance room of your home speak with authority and say " In the name of Jesus Christ I banish thee, evil spirits, to the place that God and judgement has set aside for you. Remove yourself from me and never return for I am a child of God." Once the words are spoken bury magnetized lodestone at each four corners of your home. This helps 'filter' good and bad energies from the property. Always remember that God put a light in us all and this can be used against them. As to what these shadows are or want? I still do not know. I just know they are very bad, egotistical, they seem to enjoy fear, people most often feel sick from them being around, and they can mimick voices and sometimes take on the form of the living to trick others. During investigations they will not allow you to get any footage of them physically, however, you will always get tons of very clear evps. Anyway, I hope I have helped in any small measure.

    • profile image

      humboldt soul 3 years ago

      when I was eight I was in the shower when the bathroom door opened and a large shadow figure walks in says that my grandfather is going to die, then turns around shuts the door and I'm the only one who saw anything.

    • profile image

      Donna 3 years ago

      When I was around 7, I would go to bed and a dark face would appear in the corner if the room, I was terrified, I was wide awake with the covers if my bed up to my chin, every night it would get nearer and nearer, with a pulsing kind of movement, I would tell my mum about it but she would say I was sleeping and it was nothing to be afraid of, it got nearer and nearer until I knew if it came again it would actually be touching me but that's when it stopped coming to my relief, some time last year I mentioned it again to my mum, and she said I did not want to scare you more at the time but I had the same thing at your age!! The strange thing is we where both sexually absurd by a relative when we where both young too, I always feel the two things are connected, like they marked us in some way, when I was a teenager I saw something in another house we lived in but this looked more like something like a very short man not even higher than the hight of am old devan bed, I startled it as it jumped back, I jumped too, then walked as fast as I could to my bedroom, and put my chest if drawers behind it too, the dog too would watch something in the air until a noice was heard like something crashed into the wardrobe, where the dogs eyes had landed, around the same time my mum thought she dreamt that a small man/creature crawled under her covers and bit her anckle, she was telling an uncle about this and when she lifted her jeans to show where there was a small bite mark, smaller than a child's! Not sure what either if these things where but they scared me especially the dark one

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      this may sound morning trish and i were laying in bed asleep,when we heard a knock at the was in the winter.i sat up and looked out the window and it was still dark out and you could see the shape of a man standing at the i got up and got dressed and went to the door.when i got there there was fresh fallen snowmno footprints and i looked up and down the street but no one was there.a little while later i was in the basement and the lights were on.i was cleaning up and i sat on the bottom step to take a break.i looked straight ahead and about 10 feet in front of mr and i saw what appeared to be a faint blue ball first i thought it was a trick of the light buti couldn't see how and haven't seen it again.tonight we were laying in bed and we hrard something fall,so got up and checked on the kids.i checked each of their rooms and they were sound asleep.we went back to bed and trish went to sleep.i was laying here and i heard something fall again.i got up and checked on the kids again and when i came down the door at the bottom of the stairs i went to shut it and this canadian flad on a stick fell from behind the door and i nearly had a heart attack.i went into the bedroom and woke trish up and i grabbed a baseball bat and checked the entire house from top to bottom.i was totally paronoid and trish was as hose is 135 years old.its two storeys and the basement.its very large.we have 6 bedrooms,living room,parlor,a huge bathroom and kitchen and crawl spaces on each side of the house that you can walk down as well as an attic.there are parts of the house that don't seem to make sense like unused space that walls take up and 2 decomissioned chimneys that used to lead to fire places.we have a huge barn as well and a horse stable.

    • profile image

      thebentcedar 3 years ago

      I've always believed there was something present here on earth that we are unable to understand. I've had some "weird" inexpiable experiences, but had never seen anything with my eyes...until this past Saturday night 9/07/13).

      All the lights were off in the house with the exception of our TV in the bedroom. My spouse and I were lying in bed watching an Indiana Jones marathon and it was about 10:00 pm. We had just gotten Conan the Great Pyrenees Dog off the bed (Conan is 130lbs and on this night it took us about 30 minutes to "convince" him to get off the bed, which was weird in itself) and were enjoying our new found space. The TV sits on a high dresser on the wall in front of us and the bedroom door from where we lay on the bed is to the left of the TV on the same wall. I was focused on the movie when I caught what appeared to be movement in the hallway, it was like a soft form coming down the hallway towards our bedroom door and then it turned to it's right where the hallway ends at either the small back door or the office. I was thinking to myself what did I just see? Did Conan just walk by, but it was too human tall. As I'm sitting there silently going through this in my mind my spouse says, "it just looked like someone walked by our bedroom door". My spouse is a Scientist and does not believe in anything that cannot be proven. I looked at him and gently asked, "You saw it too? What did you see?" The description of what he saw was the exact same as mine. There was zero light that could come down our dark hallway from that direction and play tricks on our eyes, even he agreed to that. I got out of bed to go see if Conan was in the front of the house and he wasn't....he was actually laying beside my spouses side of the bed in the farthest point from the bedroom door. Not the typical spot for Conan to retire and actually he has NEVER slept in that spot when we are present. He sleeps in the hallway outside of bedroom door where he has the best view for potential intruders.

      It did not frighten me or make me feel weird. I've always felt that someone/thing was watching over me, just a feeling that I cannot explain. I don't know what we saw.

    • profile image

      miss g 3 years ago

      Look guys I'm only thirteen I've been seing shadow people standing right over me and was at the door and would like to know why I see them in my room in my house and not in my grans house likeb don't they follow you

    • profile image

      Luke 3 years ago

      Please Help My Little Brother I Think Is Seeing These About A Week Ago We Was Thrown Out Off His Bed He Said He Saw Black People And When My Mom Walked In He Said They Were Staring At Her But She Couldn't See A Thing These Sightings First Took Place About 1 Week After My Uncle Died In A Car Accident But Just Were Revived About A Month After My Great Grandma Died. I Know Its Not Them From What I've Heard From My Mom They Sound Demonic, Last Night My Little Brother Said He Saw White Beings Trying To Break Through His Window I Believe That He's Psychic He's Currently 7 And I Think Hes In Danger Please If Anyone Can Help Me My Email Is Contact Me.

    • profile image

      Zalo 3 years ago

      Im 14 and I've been able to see shadow people since before I can remember, and I see them almost everywhere I go. It never bothered me though since I've always been into ghosts and stuff.

      My house is really old and was built in 1912. I've lived in it all my life and there have always been shadow people here. From what I have seen there are about five. There are also three ghosts I believe, this is due to the fact that they look extraemly human and have clear features.

      The shadow people like to poke fun at my dog, it drives her crazy and she'll bark and run into things. I've often caught glimpses of the shadow people slipping through walls before she can reach them.

      The ghosts however are a lot more docile and usually only bug me.

      The first ghost is completely white and hides in the mirrors and painting around the house he seems to follow me everywhere, my dog stares at him a lot and will often gard me. Though this ghost has never done anything.

      The second ghost I think is a child. They stay at the top of the stairs, and I will sometimes hear her giggle or clap. She plays trick a lot which has caused me a couple of falls down the stairs.

      The third ghost is actually rather new. It only appeared a couple of weeks ago, when I was hanging out with some friends at a park.

      Almost all of my friends have seen them except a few that don't believe in them or have never seen one ever. My mom can't see them but she can hear them. I'm pretty sure my little brother can. He's six and talks a lot so they usually stay away from him.

      My best friend says there so active around me because they know I can see them. I was wondering if this is true?

      Back when my dad lived in the house he said that it was just my imagination. Sometimes he would even poke fun at me because of it. One day I remember he had said something that got me crying, and out of nowhere a book flew of the shelve had hit him in the head. He looked cold all of a sudden and his hair stood on end. (I've never been sensitive to the cold so I've never noticed tempature change when they are around) I started giggling because he looked so frazzled. He looked at me got up and left. He's never talked about ghosts or shadow people with me again.

      I collect old nick-naks and have a lot of old stuffed animals, and I wonder if stuff like that can attract them. I know the shadow people like my tea sets because I offten see them move or hear them clinking. A lot of the activity is in my room or staircase just outside it, I think this might be due to the fact that it's in the attic.

      I know that the shadow people and ghosts in my house aren't harmful and I don't mind them at al, but I was wondering if there is anyway to help them?

    • profile image

      index 3 years ago

      I have seen a few, I have one that appears every now and than it's the same one since i can remember. For some reason i just know. Each of they give out different "energy or feeling" when near them.

      At age 14 i had a second one that appears every now and than as well, this one is scary like mention, it has red eyes sometime, but not always. At time the presence of the second one can be felt through out the house, my mum often feel the presence of the second one. It sometime gives out a flower like smell. Once i was crossing the road it stood in the middle and the next thing i knew; i was in a hospital and that car had ran me over.

      At time the it can be seen that the second shadow would be staring at me from a Conner and the first shadow standing behind me staring back and the second shadow. A few of my friend have seen it and some have felt it’s presences. Recently I keep waking up in odd hours of the night, and at time seeing a green glowing shadow like thing and I would feel very tired. This is my first accouter with a green one. I know I saw a torques colored one when I was very young I think I was 9 or 10 it was beautiful and warm. I am not quit sure if they have multiple color, mostly those I have seen are black.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 3 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Not sure but some people have the theory that mirrors can open a portal to the other side.

    • CapriciousLeo profile image

      CapriciousLeo 3 years ago

      When I was younger I lived in an apartment that had closet doors made of Mirrors. Shortly after we moved in I started seeing short shadows run across the walls. At the time I didn't really mind them, but now that I'm older I can't help but wonder if it was the Mirrors that made them appear? I used to stare at the Closet Mirror while I slept. Did the Mirror have anything to do with it?

    • profile image

      hanay 3 years ago

      My mom one day when i was sleeping my mom said that when she went to check on me there was a green type of smoke light and it flowted away and it left in the morning of that day i saw a green light following me but it dissapeared and i haven't seen it since.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 3 years ago from East Coast , United States

      No I assure you that I'm a perfectly sane person and I've seen shadow people in many forms all my life.

    • profile image

      alina 3 years ago

      this is so weird/ I've never seen anything like that.and never heard of it.are you guys all crazy? or are you watching too many horror movies? or am i the only one who hasn't experienced this??

    • profile image

      CrystalTexas27 3 years ago

      I have heard stories and can remember telling my mother my entire life about seeing these types of things. I recently discovered I have two brain tumors and a friend with Parkinson's recently came out about him experience with Shadow people only since developing Parkinson's. It seemed like it calmed down from the age of 12-24 maybe. But really the past 4-5 years particularly the past 2 years have been really affecting me. Finally my fiancé seen a figure I pointed out that actually hung around for the first time ever for about 10-15 minutes. We are 27 & 27 years old and have not spoke about this to anyone and actually have only mentioned this one experience openly to each other and acknowledged it one time. The figure was approximately 5'5 (measurement estimated by dresser it was standing beside nearly behind. Anyway I had been compelled to waking up a lot 3-4 months ago for weeks on end dating back a solid 6 months. I seen something standing in the corner with a rather large head. Like aliens from the old Roswell movies. I sat up so violently it woke my fiancé, he asked what I was 'seeing' (he is one of the first people beside my family who believes I have these hints attached to me and believes I see them due to my previous blood curdling screams a few years ago) anyway my fiancé could see it too!!! We kept the TV on but on a grey screen channel due to me being scared and waking up seeing things for so long and screaming and crying that everyone feels bad for me especially my fiancé. This shadow would not go away. We finally clicked a lamp on and off and still seen it moments later yet it was like it stepped behind the dresser more. I hid under the covers after the lamp experiment until my fiancé said it was gone. It all started with 'shadow people' during my pregnancy with my last baby 3 years ago. I seen the man with the hat and so did my oldest child (6 at the time) and my mom. We all ended up describing it at one time in a sort of crying fest after we all held it in for weeks thinking everyone would think we were nuts. I was contacted by a friend and her priest because of all the things that went on in my house I am still living in during the time I was pregnant. I have since became a believer of God and pray. I still wake up and have 8-9 foot structures lurking over me or people staring right in my face and figures always walking out of a certain corner in my bedroom and continue on In front of the foot of my bed like a busy New York Sidewalk. My friend I mentioned earlier wit Parkinson's says he gets out of bed at night and jumps at them and watches them run off, I have never heard anyone else experience that but he says doctors tell him people with brain abnormalities like my tumors or other things experience paranormal activity or what they say they personally believe in the scientific world as people from other realms/planes. It's hard when my daughter who is 8 follows in my footsteps and I have to tell her she was dreaming or it was her eyes playing tricks, those excuses stopped working when our nearly 3yr old started telling us in clear sentences what we had all not been saying out loud or admitting we had been seeing. My fiancé wants so badly to see these things but has only been witness one time in his life and that was with me and maybe he just wanted to see what scared me so bad he convinced himself he seen it. Just my experience, it's been way more experiences than I have kept track of!

    • profile image

      Lifinal 3 years ago

      For as long as I have known I see random shadows dart around. either in broad daylight or alot during the nighttime(pitch black/tv that is on a no change channel). The most desturbing images I have seen with shadows dealt with a painting of Jesus, for the oddest reasons my parents hung that painting at the bottom of the stairs. I never could go down those stairs after dark. I would always see an old lady that creeped me out.

      Other shadows that I have seen are animals, not human. Whether it be crazy speratic movement like bats, or even calm movement like cats. They tend to follow me around. But if I get cold chills there is usually a hostile shadow around that effects the night. Remember with all good shadows there are hostile ones out there.

      A theory on what they might be is the remnants of past Humans, or animals. their energy remains after death to guide some who lose their ways. I have to look deeper into my theory but I swear don't trust them all, if you have a gut decision that something isn't right about it.... get out.

    • profile image

      Nay 3 years ago

      I seen one in the basement of my grand parents, I was asleep and it was in my dreams. They say you can also see them in your dreams, it was running to my then I woke up before it got close. And another time when I woke up and I seen one in my living room :I then everything went black and I had 3 scars on my skin (which I still have)

    • Jay Rando profile image

      Jay Rando 3 years ago from England

      Still wondering what the heck these shadow people could be years later. Demons, ghosts, entities from another dimension, some kind of watcher or guide, aliens, time travelers.. or just some overlap of time lines where we cant see the real figure.

      Perhaps the shadow people are here to add effect.. but as they are seen mostly at night, only one could wonder if darkness gives them power to manifest themselves on this plain or in this reality. Weird stuff.. but whatever they are there is a video on youtube of a shadow person hiding behind a corner and a camera caught it. If you look you might find it, it was caught by a camera crew. That to me put the nail in the coffin that these things are very real..

    • profile image

      Alexis 3 years ago

      OMG! Just a couple seconds ago I was in the bathroom and then all of a sudden the shower curtain started shaking! Can someone please tell me what I'm experiencing! Thanks

    • profile image

      Sim 3 years ago

      I remember seen many shadow people in Israel though my friend said she saw a white person before.

      The scariest encounter I had with shadow people was when I was still in daycare. Back then my family (mom, dad, and me) used to live at my grandmas house (she is divorced) There are two bedrooms, the first bedroom down the hall was my parents bedroom, and the next one was my grandmas and my. (I think my grandma was away that night because otherwise she would have heard me scream and cry for my mom) One night I woke up seeing shadows come in through the door of my room, some had bright colourful outline, I was too scared to move at first as I thought they would kill me, but then I started to panic and turned toward the wall too scared to look at them, as I was calling for my mom, but I was too scared to be to loud i banged on the wall a couple of times as I was crying. It took a really long time for my mom to come because I was too scared to be loud. When she came I told her that there are figures walking through the door but yet she could see nothing, as I watched them come in one after one. Finally she picked me up taking me into her room, we walked right through the figures looking back I could see them walking after us, in the hall as we went into her room but then she shut the door, and they didn't follow.

    • profile image

      Angel Cruz 4 years ago

      I remember around 6 years ago I lived in a very very old house. One nite I woke up and I couldn't move, I was stuck in the position I was in. It scared me to the point that I started to cry. Next thing I know I see a big black figure in the corner of my wall. It was about 6 feet and it was crawling up and down. After that a few weeks later I saw a girls face in my mirror. Her face was pale and she black hair. Now I'm married and have a little boy and in his room closet I had that same mirror, and he would wake up screaming and yelling or sometimes running out of his room.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      i've seen 2 a slender figure with long arms and the other when i was a child the hat guy he said nothing he was behind me i turned and i saw him he had yellow eyes.

    • profile image

      Lilly 4 years ago

      Last night I had a feeling something was watching me so I put my head under the covers and tried to fall asleep, I was sweaty and I was starting to fall asleep and then a chilling voice sounded like a woman it said " go to sleep, shh" and echoed in my mind and I was super creeped out and didn't look up afraid to look at what I was going to see and Im not sure if I was just imagining it but I another shadowy dark adult sized figure down stairs today.

    • profile image

      The Rodent 4 years ago

      "Pieces Of Night" is a term I first heard from a 6 year old boy, the son of one of my ex girlfriends.

      Small, shadowy figures that live within the shadows.

      I saw them when I was a child, as too did my older brother... they'd dance around in the corner of the bedroom, flitting around behind the other bed on the other side of the room but would always keep themselves in my peripheral vision... they would never allow me to look directly at them as they would move to my peripheral vision if I tried to look directly.

      Small, dark shadows with large, deep, dark eyes... maybe the size of a small child, possibly a medium sized dog is a better description of the size.

      When my ex girlfriend's son started having terrors and he mentioned Pieces Of Night, I knew immediately then, I hadn't imagined it and that he also, was telling the truth.

      I cleared his bedroom and set psychic barriers (yes I am in touch with that side of things)... after that, he was fine and had no more disturbances.

    • profile image

      suzie 4 years ago

      i thought it was my imagination when i saw the shadow that is about the size of a medium size dog, until my husband and i saw it at the same time. any idea what kind of spirit this is? it doesn't feel especially threatening but that doesn't mean it isn't

    • profile image

      Kaleb 4 years ago

      I was a child in preschool. i lived in an apartment with my mom and brother. my bed was in my mothers room and i normally slept in the bed with my mom, which if i were to sit up and look forward in my moms bed the door would be on the right, outside the room on the left was a bathroom on the right was a miniature hallway,leading into the living room on the right and on the left into the kitchen, straight across from my mothers room was my brothers room. i remember waking up in the morning wiping my eyes, i looked towards my brothers room, his door was open and i seen this tall black figure it had no face no features no clothes just a black tall figure of a human, like a shadow standing up out of the ground on its on, dash right into the hallway. it was in between my mothers room and the bathroom and it was looking left and it was looking right like it was running from something or looking for something. me being a little kid screamed as loud as possible, when i screamed it looked directly at me i remember this so clearly, i watched it run into the wall next to the bathroom. i shook my mom awake in fear and told her what i saw, she thought i was making it up, but i never forgot about it, and she started realizing i really did see something since i never forgot about it. im 22 now and since then ive been afraid of bathrooms. i believe it followed me to a different house and i seen it again one more time when i was in the bathroom of that new house. i feel watched every day thinking that its there watching me

    • profile image

      Quin 4 years ago

      one time i was playing with my friends in my house and we were all in one room and the boom something ran through the hallway and when i turned to look nothing was there idk if it was a shadow person or wat

    • profile image

      crystal 4 years ago

      OMG I saw a shadow person in north carolina morganton i was surprise o-o and creepout i was driving then boom someone walk acrossed o-o..

    • profile image

      chaveekate 4 years ago

      i went to a province last 2 years and when i came back to my hometown i have this shadow every 3am. i don't know if it is a girl or a boy but every 3am it will wake me up by a scary sound just like in "the grudge" and will slowly move closer to my face. i think it has something to tell me. the shadow is a kid. i can tell by it's height and structure. i want to scream every time it appears but im paralyzed. since then im afraid to sleep with the light off. im so glad that i am not the only person who has this experience. please email me if you know how to talk to a shadow person so that i can stop them from coming over. thank you!

    • profile image

      Io 4 years ago

      Io here. Again.

      I told you my story 3 months ago.

      It kept on showing up... this shadow figure... taller than me, kinda slender... and I am still terribly worried. I'm not sure what it is, what it wants... does it have bad intent...

      Anyone knows a bit more? Or how to help that...?

    • profile image 4 years ago

      I'm 12 and i've seen a shadow person solid black with spiky hair, twice.The first time i was in bed, unable to fall asleep, the light was on too.I saw him walk over to me, i was so scared, i was shaking, i almost couldn't breathe, and my heart was beating fast.He sat on the bed and crawled into me.Then when i was older, it was sunny outside and i was playing in my room.He started walking fast through my room he stopped halfway.Even though i couldn't see his face, i could tell he turned around to stare at me.Then he walked through the wall, to my mom's room.Two years later she thought someone was on the porch.I hear footsteps, when my parent's are at work.I think i'm even seeing them right now!

    • profile image

      anne 4 years ago

      have seen them in many forms.sometimes as a black mist.and sometimes as a white I have seen black hooded figure,I feel this one is bad.I only see them when I'm going through bad times in my advice is stop giving this shadow power.take control of your life.your negative energy gives this spirit power to control you.and drink warm herbal tea and calm and relax.and you can burn certain incense to Ward of evil spirits.or do a white sage ritual.hope this comet helps you.

    • profile image

      Jamgirl 4 years ago

      I saw a shadow person when I was twelve. All black, no discernible features. Lasted only a split second, I turned to look at it and it was gone. Freaked me out.

    • profile image

      Kyra N. 4 years ago

      There is a man, he has followed me since I was a very young child. I am not very old yet, just a teenager but, shadow man is still following me. He is kind, he is not the bad guy. He is good...

    • profile image

      Zainab Shah 4 years ago

      When I was little, I used to see dark/black silhouettes of a grown man walking in front of my eyes. The last time it happened was when I was at a hotel near the VA beach. I was sleeping with my mother and I just suddenly woke up because I was sweating like crazy. I've always been scared of everything, so I have been sleeping with my mother my whole life because I'm too afraid of being alone. Especially in the dark at night.

      Anyway, I woke up, but with my eyes still closed. I opened them slightly because I felt as if something were watching me. I can always tell when something or someone is watching me. So I opened my eyes slightly or just enough to see some dark figure sitting on the chair in front of my fathers's bed. I was really scared, but kept quiet.

      Another time was when I was ten and swimming at this indoor pool. I was hungry and about to get out when I saw this rather vivid black sillouette walking in front of my and my mommy's eyes. I asked my mom if she saw a dark figure walk by and she said no.

      After that day at the pool I started praying every night and I stopped seeing them. I have a habit of making imaginary friends and talking to them. I made this friend in the basement of my house where I talk to her. Her name is Elizabeth. I THOUGHT she was an imaginary friend, but I didn't know when I told my friends about her.

      My friends came over for a tea party and after I decided to tell them about Elizabeth. We went to the basement but for some reason I couldn't feel that she was there. Sometimes I see figures at the corner of my eyes. I know what Elizabeth looks like. I can feel it somehow. She has short curly brown hair and brown eyes and is a little shorter than I am and has light/tan skin.

      Two of my friends didn't believe me, but one did. She told me to be careful. Anyway, after that a LOT of strange thing started happening. And only when I was home alone. When I'm in the family room, I can hear someone walking up and down the steps. I hear someone whispering "Zainab" very softly. When my best friend Noura came over, I told her everything that happened. Then suddenly, I felt the need to look to the area in front of a mirror at the hallway. And then right there, I saw her. It wasn't a black figure and it wasn't vivid. I could tell Elizabeth was there. I saw a faint white outline of her standing there. My terrified look must have shown on my face because Noura looked there and could tell something was there.

      A few days later when I was in the kitchen reaching up to this high cabinet for a plate, for some weird reason a plate flew out and was heading for my head when before it could touch me, it flew past me and landed on the hard floor right side up without a crack. I KNOW that plate was supposed to hit me, but it didn't. I have a strange feeling Elizabeth isn't the only strange thing in my house.

      In fact, just now as I am writing this, I saw a black thing above me at the corner of my eye somewhere on the ceiling like spider man. I have no idea if Elizabeth is good or bad. My other friend believes the white outline of a girl (or boy) was either my dead sister or brother, and that they are trying to protect me against Elizabeth or something. There are other strange things happening too.

    • profile image

      Jordon vest 4 years ago

      I recently tried to commit suicide, ever now and the a see a cloudy figure, not a shadow but an actual figure standing somewhere, just watching me. I know it's not shadow people cause it's nothing like all of you have talked about, it's black smoke, barley see through, when I walk up to it, it seems to be afraid of me and leave. But if I just watch it then it will just watch me, no face or anything, just black smoke like figure, very tall. I had someone say it was a brother of death sent to report my actions

    • profile image

      nicholas myers 4 years ago

      i saw a shadow person when i was roughly 13 scared the shit out of me i even remember the album and band i was listening too at the time. this wasn't a out of the corner of my eye thing either, i felt a presence so i turned and saw this shadow figure head on and haven't forgotten it since. i call it Nordstrum its tried to strangle me in dreams and loves to hit me in the face with a shovel since the first time i saw it.

    • profile image

      Kez0228 4 years ago

      last week I was at my cooker doing dinner and I was quite distressed as my husband and daughter were fighting and now not speaking to each other. From the corner of my eye I saw a dark shadow moving very fast as though it had come from the left and I saw it on my right shoot through the wall. This happened two more times has anybody any ideas what it could be. I've not seen it since. I'm not afraid of it but would just like to know what it is

    • profile image

      Razuri Uchiha 4 years ago

      When I was younger, about 8 or so, at a house my family was renting in laidley, queensland, australia, I think I saw one. I was in my room playing my computer with my cousin when I looked out my door into the lounge room and I saw a small, hunched over black figure. It was wearing a raggard black hooded robe. I watched it slowly move about halfway through my lounge room when it's head suddenly jerked towards me and we just looked right at each other for a moment, I saw its red eyes staring at me, in what seemed light shock, as if it had been trying to sneak up on me and I caught it kind of shock. Just as I started to see its accrual face a little more clearly, it just vanished instantly.

      I still have no idea what was happening exactly then, but I have glimpsed it a few more times every now and then

    • profile image

      shatruajaat 4 years ago

      Jennifer, what you just narrated has shocking similarity to what I experienced a few years ago. That house where I lived was like under siege, no, nothing we see in the movies. Scares me now to think of it, scares me what you just narrated. You ever heard your kids calling you or your kids heard you calling them when in reality none of you did, but you sure heard their voice, heard them calling you? This is what used to happen to us. Often, we would hear each other calling us when we are in different rooms and when we check we would find that we didn't-I mean sometimes I would hear my mom calling me and when I would check with her she would say she didn't, vice versa. This was something that continued so long as we lived in that house. Then out of the blue I started seeing dreams, in my dreams I would see huge figures wearing black robes, they would come close to me and then suddenly start choking me with their hands, I would try to scream but there would be no scream, when I open my eyes I would feel my jaw stiff and then would come the scream. I saw these dreams many times and there came a point when I wouldn't sleep without lights on, these dreams always came either on Thursday or Friday nights. The first dream before these ones started was of a woman wearing red Indian saree (bridal one) and greeting me in an Islamic way-adab arz hai meaning greetings. I consulted a doctor and he said it could be a heart problem, I got my heart checked doctors found nothing, they said it could be a mental problem. I shifted that house and dreams stopped, voices stopped and my question was if it was a heart problem or a mental problem where did it go after I shifted home! I also had two pets and one of them often would start barking in the night time looking towards the window from where those dark figures would come. After I kept those pets I stopped getting choked while asleep but weird things continued to happen. The pet who was most aggressive, would bark looking at the window died young and of reasons still unknown to me. Doctor said her liver had enlarged. Knocking we would hear but on the main entrance only. One interesting thing happened, like a couple of times I felt someone touched my thumb with his while I was asleep and I forgot it. Then one day my mom woke in the middle of the night and came to our room asking who came to my room. We said no one and then she said someone just touched my shoulder with his thumb and I thought its one of use who needs a blanket. I never told her this then how come she also experienced the same stuff I don't understand. Now that I have shifted to another house, its my brother's house and here too we have a problem in one room. That room is haunted, because my brother in law slept there and the next morning he said he is not gonna sleep in that room again, he had seen some horrible dream, then my mom's sister slept there she also said the same thing. I slept there first time and I saw a bed in the backyard and a feeling as if someone had died on that bed. The bed we actually had in the backyard and the very next day I asked my brother to throw it out, that was years ago when I wasn't living here, much before what my brother in law and mom's sister experienced. I would be interested in knowing more about what's going on there and how are you dealing with it. One positive thing in all this is that you have a pet in the house.

    • Linda Festa profile image

      Linda Festa 4 years ago

      I've been seeing a dark shadow for a long time now... It feels like my late husband, especially when he plays... like when he pulled on the carts as I was trying to work. I always felt good interacting with him... he always know how to make me smile. I never feared them until a couple days ago when I saw a white( or light) shadow. It left me with an uneasy feeling. What could this new shadow mean?

    • profile image

      jennifer 4 years ago

      my six year old son told me today that he always sees a man that's not there running around in dark rooms. he said he needed to go to the dr.we have a knocking sound at night that you can only here in certain rooms,and a scraching sound that seems to come from our vents. our dog will also just start barking and growling for no reason. my older daughters will not sleep in one of our rooms because they said someone always gets into bed with them one of my girls said that she heard a man wisper i love you and than she felt like she could not breath like she was being choked. i here the noises but have never seen anything, my older daughter moved she said that she had the choking again *2 no one else in the house that has had these things happen have ever felt threatened but freaked out.. my son is the only one who sees the man.i hope someone else has had something like this happen to them and can help me im a reck please let me know thankyou

    • profile image

      ajaatshatru 4 years ago

      This is absolute crazy, I mean what's being said here. Only yesterday I flash of light, I felt someone entered the other room. I was so confident about it that I actually got up and checked the other room, behind the door, under the bed mentally prepared to confront and fight but there was no one. I had a feeling it was a female. In the night same day my mom woke up all sweating and screaming. I rushed to that room and asked her what happened and she said someone, an old woman whispered in my ear-you saw. A day before I was standing outside smoking and suddenly I felt a strong presence of spirits in the bushes and on the tree outside my home. I let it go as a crazy thought or feeling and had forgotten it but after what happened in the afternoon and later in the night I feel something weird going on here. I agree what is said here, human spirits, animal spirits do exist, the world of spirits and ghosts do exist. Many times it happens that when I go to some place I have a strange feeling. I once visited my g/f place, was sitting in her room and had a weird feeling, I shared it with her and out came horror stories. We knew each other for years but she never told me until I said what I felt. I got lot to share but people here would think I am crazy so won't.

    • profile image

      hollymcnerlin89 4 years ago

      I seen shadow figures. When I was little we lived in this house that was close by a very small church. Haunting and eerie will describe it for me. I must have been 3 or 4 years old. I was outside with my mother and grandmother, they were talking by the picnic table. There was a very small amount of woods by the house and a wood pile. I always went by this wood pile, never remembered looking up before until this experience happened to me. I was standing there by the wood pile and I happened to look up for some reason, never did before that day. When I looked up I seen this very dark outline of a boy with a dog running behind him. The outline was so very clear to see, solid black I could see the nose and mouth of the boy. No features, just the outline. The same with the dog. Everything about it was so pronounce and hard to miss. As I was standing there watching, the boy was running along with his dog. The boy was laughing, the dog was barking, and I heard the ground were twigs fell break. Was startling, I don't remember if I was scared, I know I was very surprised. As the boy and the dog ran pass and disappeared I instantly ran over to my mother and grandmother and told them what I had seen. My mother and grandmother denied what I had seen. My family has always had some kind of paranormal happening. Many if not all of my family members have seen something or been apart of something paranormal. I've asked my mother about hers and she told me. One experience was when I was a baby, an ashtray flew off the mantel and almost hit me in the head, another involving me was that I use to talk to a little boy named Charlie. Charlie is who I think the shadow boy was. I know after I seen that shadow boy, every animal that we seemed to get would die in some weird way. Was never just hit by a car. A dalmatian we had was found hanging over the metal fence by our house, was hanging by its neck. I believe that the small church had something to do with this boy. Not sure what it was. I just know everything about the house when I was 3-4 and everything around it, just didn't feel right. Another happening was when I was married. My husband had told me that he had two "guardians" following him. I don't believe they were this. I was getting out of bed one night and I seen this one out of the corner of my eye. It reminded me of a hog, no snout, no curly tail though. It was hunched more, had fur, and what looked to be pointed ears. I'm not sure what this creature was, I know it scared me. I've always felt like there was something watching me. I rarely ever feel alone. Those two happenings are the most profound that has happened to me. I try to block the feeling of a presence near me, sometimes it does not work.

    • profile image

      cassie 4 years ago

      I have had something following me around sincei was a lil girl ,but latley a black figure has been appearing. It is becoming more often and more aggressive! I have been the only one seeing this creature, but now,my daughter has see it. It has always been fairly quiet. It is a tall,like6ft kinda slumped Over. It has started whispering now,I can't tell what is saying cause it sounds like alot of people,and then it will shushes realty loud! It likes the stairs and in the middle of the night it sounds like it is tearing the up stairs of my house apart! I'm terrified of this creature! And something else,my boyfriend says I have been talking in my sleep, he says it sounds French,except I don't speak French! My dreams have been scary and in not me in these dreams and I'm speaking another launage! How do I get rid of this thing? Please help!

      tired latl

    • profile image

      cassie 4 years ago

      I have had something following me around sincei was a lil girl ,but latley a black figure has been appearing. It is becoming more often and more aggressive! I have been the only one seeing this creature, but now,my daughter has see it. It has always been fairly quiet. It is a tall,like6ft kinda slumped Over. It has started whispering now,I can't tell what is saying cause it sounds like alot of people,and then it will shushes realty loud! It likes the stairs and in the middle of the night it sounds like it is tearing the up stairs of my house apart! I'm terrified of this creature! And something else,my boyfriend says I have been talking in my sleep, he says it sounds French,except I don't speak French! My dreams have been scary and in not me in these dreams and I'm speaking another launage! How do I get rid of this thing? Please help!

      tired latl

    • profile image

      DAVID A 4 years ago

      Once I was walking with a friend and some person I never seen before and my friend never seen before was driving fast down the street. This person slowed down just enough to yell from her car. "Stop stealing from your friends grandmother" she looked like a crazy dark haired older woman and she was in a messy old sedan with a faded paint job and in need of a good wash. My friend thought the person was crazy. I thought she was crazy too. Strange thing is, I was stealing from my friends grandmother. She didn't seem to notice or care, and it wasn't much that I took. I was kinda freaked out from that. But, I kept right on stealing from her. Till I found a new BFF. What I did get from the experience. I think there are people or somekind of beings that have superhuman abilities. I don't know what they are. I have had other things happen to me also. I live kinda mischievous & recklessly at times. I feel like these super beings have sent me messages. Sometimes messages are blunt. Other times they have been subtle. I think they try to tell me I'm doing something wrong. After all that's happened, I really started to believe in God. At least more than there is not a God. I also think most people have no clue what God is really about. I would say I have no clue also. But in the times in my life when I experience strange unexplainable occurances. I feel Love was involved in some way. Love was being nurtured or developed in some way, or Love was being betrayed or destroyed. What does all this mean? Man I don't know!

    • profile image

      psychicchild68 4 years ago

      OK, TOday around 12-1pm i went to take a bath as i was in the bath with the water running i had the shower curtain closed(you can see through it as it is not a heavy curtain. While i was watching the water, trying to clear my head from the conversation I had with a Friend who just did a cowrie shell reading on a question I had for him. I am trying to open my mind to my abilities I have had since I was a child, Say around 2-3 I had encounter with a GYpsy who had owned our old house before us. While my was up in the attic I came across this huge portrait of a woman,I didn't know who it was, my mom told me not to touch that picture. The picture had a strange aura around it mom said. She had died in the house before we purchased it, the house was haunted and would hear a marbles dropping down the step at 3 am. This is so true, years later I became friends with someone who friend had lived in that house after we left the house. Said the house was haunted and the marble sound is still there, and as is the Picture of the GYpsy. Getting on to why I came on this site, The BLACK SHADOW I saw I thought was my husband, I said to him welcome home home and I love you. Then I said to myself that couldn't be my husband cause he would have come in and opened my curtain. I jumped up from the tub started to recite the LORDS Prayer and the 23 psalm, then I called my friend back, he toldme not all black shadows are bad, he said what did i feel i said confusion. He said that is ok, he said that since I have had my gift of seeing death in my dreams was a gift from GOD that my other abilites are growing, I can see ghosts just as I did last night, out of the corner of my eye while my family was watching tv i saw a figure peeking out from behind the doorway in front of me, it was a young white male green shirt, tan pants, and blond shaggy hair, i don't know anyone who fits that description, then i couldn't see the face so I asked it to show me its face in my mind, it did. IT turns out that the person i saw was my daughters friend, I told her to call him and tell him to be careful in anythign he does then i got a really bad feeling in my stomach. I have had preminissions since I was 10, and 99% were not good ones. I predicted my friends serious illness as she got in the car, mind you she never knew she had kidney problems no less a transplant. My sisters store going up in flames I knew the date time and how it happened, helped my sister locate her missing grandson, i told her he is safe just lost and sitting on a stone step of a house with a yellow frame and the numbers of the house 2398 then I saw a business in the picture that is how we found him, even the police were baffled how i did it. Where we live we don't go tht high, it turned out he was with friends in another town and got separated, my great nephew has autisim and frequently forgets things. I can read minds, feel your energy and tell you what is going on with you. My mom gave me this gift as she gave this gift to my two other sisters out of ten kids. they don't use these gifts I am the only on who can see death, i can predict when your going to die and how and where your being laid out. I predicted my cousins death. Shock to me, cause she wasn't sick, car accident in Jamaica, she was in Jamaica at the time and i dreamt of it the day before, so I had no time to tell her. I did write it in a book of my encounters and date and time. Now I am seeing more and more of these black shadows, my friends hous across from me was haunted i actually had a little boy or thought was a baby boy who held my hand, it turned out to be a demon . We also found out that house was where a father killed his wife by strangling her cause she drowned her baby boy in the tub. that house has so much strange stuff going on, the paranormal society came and took pictures and the pictures showed some really wild stuff in the back window, when the picture was taken was a beast that looked like dogs bit were evil and when the picture was taken it was supposed to be of the inlet. I can go on and on, I can see and feel the ghosts, I saw my grandmother at 13, and since them I see feel and some times take on their entities (which I don't like ). I have been trying to develop my abilities more to control what and who can come to me. I just cant hear them yet.

    • profile image

      jeremy84 4 years ago


      Don't fear them, for they can not hurt you; trust me. Know this when you feel their presence or see them. If you have faith, ask them to leave in Jesus name. Prayer always works for me, even if it doesn't expell them, I feel still always feel better. Another way to look at it is they are your guardian angels sent to give comfort in these attacks you have. You may feel them to be deathly, because 1) they are not alive, or 2) you don't understand what your seeing or feeling and it can be very scary. I have such presence around me all the time in my seeping quarters, except I will not bow or budge to their will or manifestations. This is my room in my house, and I fall second to no man, or spirit in this world, or any other, in the ownership and rights to that. Now that is not to say I don't have to share by feeling this way either. I can not make something leave that I have no control over whatsoever, but I have learned to deal with it. Guardian angels are good, and so they might be, but if you still fear, ask in prayer for protection of these entities, by the hand of Arch Angel Michael, he comes with a big sword and a mighty vengance upon these things. Fear not Alyssa, you are a child of our Father in Heaven, and He will bless you with what you need if you humble yourself enough to ask Him in faith, I promise you that. I will pray for you in this and wish you the best. Keep your chin up, you are stronger than they are a million times over. They have no power over you or control on your life. the most they can do is stick around and annoy you a little bit. Even though they look and feel scary, their ability to actually cause you physical harm is minimal if even at all. Only emotional and psychological stress is where they can get at you, and even then only if you let them. So if you stay strong, and show no fear, knowing that they cant hurt you, I think you will find yourself able to overcome this. Good Luck. And God bless.

    • profile image

      Alyssa 4 years ago

      Hey, I've been having panic attacks. What causes them is seeing this black figure of a very tall man. I don't see him mostly but sometime I see his reflection instead. I'm not sure if I'm not seeing thing or if I am. He always shows up when I have a panic attack. Not to mention the girl, the one that looks my age and my height. She doesn't give me panic attacks but is sometimes there when I'm about to. Both are one of those red eyed ones and are very deathly in their presence. I used to have nightmares about the girl touching my shoulder. Because of these experiences, I have not been able to sleep in my room for an entire year, the only place I am completely alone. The male didn't show up till last summer after a big goat show, yes I show goats, and my first night home from it. He pretty much surprised me, he had angry eyes and no I didn't see him, more like have a freak out when I felt the presence. First time ever had I been compeled to name something I couldn't see but feel. His name is George.

      I still have no idea if he is a shadow person or just my imagination turning stuff into a panic attack... Oh, the place he is at the most is my parents bedroom.

    • profile image

      Jennifer Brannon 4 years ago

      I know what I saw, I choose not to think about it. When I cannot:) Fluff of my feathers.

    • profile image

      Bronwen 4 years ago

      I have seen several of them, except, they are only at this very old cemetary, for pioneers. the first time, I was riding my bike through the cemetary as a shortcut home, when I saw to my left, ten feet away, a dark figure looking out from behind a tree. It had no face, and was like a shadow of a man. I saw it for a second before it disappeared. I road home fast that day. I went back out of curiosity many times. Most times I saw maybe one or two, other times, not at all. But about a month ago I saw five, but that time was different, they didn't hide, and that scared me more. I road my bike out as fast as I could, but I had the feeling of someone trying to follow me, I looked back and didn't see anything, but I had that feeling until a few blocks to my house. I've never been back since. I heard from my mom that about the same time I saw them, the city had stopped selling plots there because they had found out that there were people already buried there....

    • profile image

      selena 4 years ago

      once i have saw a shadow in my room...i was so scared that i was about to faint!!!!!

    • profile image

      jdraper84 4 years ago

      There are definitely shadow animals, I have also witnessed them myself. Last night was most recent actually. I often see dogs, which is weird because I prefer cats, LOL. My cat was playing with a ghost cat one night, that was really cool. I have been tormented by these entities for the last several weeks and either they are getting stronger in the ways that they can manifest themselves, or I am becoming more in tune to my surroundings. Or just losing my mind! I see and hear these entities every single day, most of the day. They still have the ability to scare me sometimes, rare, but still manage to pull it off. Never been harmed by one but just their dimmeanor can send a chill down my spine. They can move things around like doors, they love the doors, and blankets and most recent the tv will turn. I can feel them when they get on my bed or walk on it or sit or lean like they have the weight of a human adult being. Very weird I know but I assure you this is all true. they can tug on my clothing to get my attention, and at night once in a while they will tap on my pillow just like a kid would that is just trying to get your goat, really gets me going sometimes. I have witnessed many great and miraculous things lately. Last week I saw a ghost riding a ghost bike, inside the house, apparently no manners on that one, LOL. I have seen children entities, adult entities, and some that I don't know what to say about their gender, just evil. Some are very polite and warm, while others just rub me the wrong way. I have a few that hang out all the time, and many of them wear glasses, get that one. One of them is constantly eating and drinking something, yet still manages to keep a good figure, I guess:) Well to all those who understand what I am saying, keep your chin up. These things are very real and we are not crazy. Although sometimes we may feel that way. I am proud to say that this is aa gift from God that has been given to me and consider myself blessed, not cursed. We all should. Not everyone has the ability to see and hear the veil on the thin side. We are in the end of times where our Lord and Savior will rise again, and in these times I believe that many more of us will come to "see". These times are taking the veil over this world and causing it to rip and burst open. I love you all my brothers and sisters, make yourselves ready, for the time is near. I pray for all of you and enjoy reading about your experiences. You are not alone in this.

    • profile image

      Io 4 years ago

      I'm still totally freaked by what happened last night. So I went online to look for some explanations... and found this. After I read that part about 'guardian angels', I was so relieved.

      Let me just tell you what happened.

      So, I was listening to some music in my room, second floor. Nobody was there, just me. All lights turned off expect the light that was coming down the stairs from upstairs - my father was reading.

      So I just wanted to got to the hallway, my room's opposite the stairway... and saw a shadow there. It looked like it was coming down the stairs and now sneaking to get down another pair of em til you reach the main floor. I got totally scared because I didn't hear anyone coming down (remember, I listened to music on my iPod) and that happens sometimes. Sometimes someone of my family just comes down the stairs.So at first I didn't think much of it.

      The shadow stopped a bit like my bro or dad would do and looked at me, probably noticed me, so I started to grin and was like 'alright, you got me frightened this time' and the figure went on going downstairs close along the walls. I went after the shadow to see if it actually was my brother who scared me and to tell him to stop frighten me, only seconds after the shadow went on. I would've seen someone on the stairs, I mean, I was fast enough.

      But there wasn't.

      I knew my dad was upstairs and he didn't look like the shadow anyway. And since it seemed about as tall as my brother when he'd duck down a bit... I went to check where he was. He told me, he was downstairs watching TV since about 15 minutes. And my mother could confirm that, because she was with him.

      A reflection of the nearby balcony door couldn't be the reason either. Blinds where down, no light coming in. And that figure actually blocked out the light coming from upstairs, you couldn't see right through it. Almost completely solid. Like a person.

      And now that I think of it, it was much taller then my brother, considering how lowered the shadow sneaked around.

      I told my family of what I've seen, they didn't seem to believe me. We then checked if all doors were locked, but nothing. No intruder... how could an intruder be that fast anyway??

      I often heard footsteps coming from the floor above, even if there's no one there. Could that be connected somehow?

      I'd really like to know more about it... if it's really a guardian angel (which I think is the most likely atm), because I didn't feel like it was sad, angry or something like that when it looked at me.

    • profile image

      Melissa 4 years ago

      I have had a shadow person since i was a child yes i am gifted when i was a child it was small child like as i grew it grew when i moved house it moved house i do have aboriginal ansestors but i have had encounters with it before whilst it has harmed me once physically it was a warning to leave the man i was with at the time it doesn't like men at all go figure when i was a child and it was child like too i would hear it giggle and see it run up and down my hallway now i am older its just there i am not the only one who sees it my partner does to it seems to get bigger and stronger when negative energies are released by my self or in my house when i have had negative people around it feeds from the negative i have managed to keep the negative to a level where its almost non exsistant but its still there but to have this being as a child which hrew with me is strange i cannot explain it i have come to the conclusion it could very well be a gardian or a lurker that has grown with me a lost soul or something anyone have any comments on this one?

    • profile image

      cody 4 years ago

      Well all of this, even some of the comments, are very interesting! Why I even started my searches in the paranormal is because of shadow people. I see them everywhere, and two of my friends back were I used to live used to see them two, but then I moved away and they don't see them anymore but I still do which I find mysterious. Its almost like they fallow me. and most of the time I only see them for a split second right before they disapear behind something, but the first time I had ever seen a shadow person I had woken up around 1 in the morning and my bed was right by the door, the door was to the right of the bed, and I had heard something that sounded like a large lizard crawling on the floor and it went from the left side of the bed to the right side and when I looked at the door there was a hooded shadow standing at least six foot and no one in my family is that tall, then a peacful but dark feeling over whelmed me and I passed out

    • profile image

      Joey 4 years ago

      Hi guys for a while i have seen this dark shadow type figure the fugure is usually seen at very random times. for example when i walk to or from school. or one other time when i was laying down and my friend saw it looking down at me, ive never felt threatened i just wanna know.. there is one other story too when i was little i woke up and heard a noise so i looked up and saw nothing so i put my head down and the shadow of a head was still on my wall so i lifted my head back up too fit the shadow then placed my head back down and it was what.. im confused what does it want?

    • profile image

      Alicia 4 years ago

      Last night I was sitting on the couch and I happened to look up and I saw this shadow of a head with shoulders and then I remembered seeing legs and feet. This shadow walked fairly slowly taking a couple steps and then disappearing. This was around 9:30 ish at night.

      Around 3:15am my older dog who never has to go outside in the middle of the night started to pace around my room so I took her downstairs to go outside (door is right by where I think I saw this figure) and when I opened the door I saw a shadow in the middle of the yard and my dog just stood there with her hackles up and when looked at her and back up the figure was gone.

      So weird. I don't feel freightened as I do believe in this stuff just never thought I'd actually see one :)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 4 years ago from East Coast , United States

      I know there are shadow cats and shadow dogs. I have seen both. The Hound of Goshen in SC I believe is a shadow being.

    • profile image

      Rida 4 years ago

      I recently started researching about this "shadow beings" topic due to me seeing them many times about 4 years ago. Every time i used to come home to my room, I would a huge shadow moving very fast across the ceiling and then vanishing. I would blink my eyes thinking it's not true but then other incidents of those shadows happened and i started to become a bit scared in fact. Nevertheless, they didn't harm which i'm glad for after those incidents stopping 2 years had gone by until 2 years back when it had been 3 months since i had transferred to my new school. I was the first one to arrive in my class or in fact even the school. I was simply standing in front of the heater, when i had a sudden urge to look down at my feet where i saw this weird round ball shadow creeping near my left foot....of course i was very very surprised and jumped back and well screamed. The shadow went to the back of the class which was basically a corner and there were no back doors to the class. After being surprised like that i thought to check if it was a rat/mouse and went to the back of the class but it had vanished....I found this pipe but then i looked in it, the pipe had been blocked with the wall and was in a way just a decoration. I checked all the tables and desks...But i couldn't find it. All the windows were clsoed and i had closed the classroom door myself.

      Now i understand there are shadow people, since there have been many many sightings of them. My question is... Are there shadow animals as well?

    • profile image

      Chelsea 4 years ago

      I recently moved into my aunts home in Michigan and my younger cousin has an impulse control disorder and is considered a special kid. ever since they moved in they have had a ghost named Dan whom my cousin is always yelling at and arguing with,,he says Dan tries to control him but nobody else in the house has seen Dan,,we have all experienced something but don't know what it is, on the first night here my aunt had a glassware heavy wavy mixing bowl in the cabinet it didn't fall or move but exploded inside the cabinet,,then today we were all watching a movie and a glass fell over and nobody else was in the kitchen and we don't know what happen,,someone help!!!!!

    • profile image

      lilylake 4 years ago

      I'd like to know why some can see them and others can't, what do they actually want if they want anything at all. I was told to tell them to leave/go away..I'm not afraid of them, they just seem to linger about.

    • profile image

      Kris 4 years ago

      I work at a nursing home and I have had two experiences seeing shadow people. I believe it was the same one. It was in the shape of a hunched over old lady. Both times were during the day. First experience, I saw a shadowy head peak out of a patients room and upon investigation, I walked into the room and it darted around a privacy curtain and Dissappeared. The next time I saw it behind the nurses station standing in front of a patient. I don't feel as if they were menacing entities, just curious:)

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 4 years ago from East Coast , United States

      There is nothing at all wrong with you. Some people can see paranormal activity while other people can not. Ask anything you would like and I will try to answer.

    • profile image

      brett 4 years ago

      One time I looked into a mirror in the darrk to shadow srounded me and yelled at me I felt chills run down my back I walked away and turned on my lights.. No one believes me..what's wrong with me?

    • profile image

      brett 4 years ago

      One time I looked into a mirror in the darrk to shadow srounded me and yelled at me I felt chills run down my back I walked away and turned on my lights.. No one believes me..what's wrong with me?

    • profile image

      Brett 4 years ago

      I see and hear themt they move things aroutnd I look into the mirror my eyes turn black and black tears run down my cheeks I seen one standing in my back yard I watched it stand there...i heard people dieing I told some one about everything I heard he said"that was the night his homie died".. And I met that person in the mental place.. When I go to sleep they even whisper my name..

    • profile image

      cjhart1225 4 years ago

      My first encounter with what are now called shadow people took place in 1978, as a five yr. Old girl. I was plagued with nightmares, making me scream in terror while still sleeping. My sister , mother, sometimes father had to wake me out or these dreams, otherwise, there would be no sleep for anyone. Not until the year mentioned above did I encounter the many shadow figures. It was a new home, in a new housing edition my father purchased in his hometown. He was a career army man, knew this would be last move before retirement. My dreams continued, but instead of my mother or father waking me up, I would wake up on my own. I would see various shadows floating past my bedroom door, sometimes just standing in my doorway, never coming closer. I remember sitting up in bed to see what was there. Once, it was a silhouette of my mother. I called to her, and when I wasn't answered back, I began to scream for my mother, who normally came running when I called for her. I screamed for her more than once, and she never came. Keep in mind this house was tiny. Maybe 1000 sft. My sister's room was directly next to mine, and parents bedroom was off of the galley kitchen. My sisters door faced my parents bedroom across the kitchen. No reason for anyone not to hear my screams. Another night I decided I wanted to sleep on a pallet on my bedroom floor. This time I was not dreaming, but just woke up. I happened to be sleeping in the direction of my bedroom door. This time, there was a silhouette of my grandfather, who was still alive. I remember calling out grandpa? Realizing what was happening again, I called for my mother, who never heard my calls. This continued until my father purchased another home. After, no more shadow visits. Other things randomly take place. But nothing like those as a child. I wish I knew why that house?

    • profile image

      jeremy84 4 years ago

      WOW! That's really good stuff everyone. If you would have asked me a week or two ago if shadow people are real I would have probably said no. Today I am not only a believer but a living breathing magnet for these things, 2 inparticuler. I can see them, feel and hear their footsteps, but cannot communicate with them. They hang out with me as soon as it gets dark till I am finally able to get to sleep. At first I was horrified, and at 28 years old sleeping with a night light on. Now I have given up and just let them hang out, still scared sometimes, but they will walk around my bed, on my bed feeling their steps push down on the mattress. One looks just like my dad who is still alive, explain that one. And the other one is a shadowy figure that I would call male, only because of its aggressiveness. Both have blurry faces. I see lights, like flashlight beams, coming out of nowhere and hear talking/whispering. My room has glowed red for minutes at a time. Since being intrigued by these things in the last couple days they have laid with me, sat down next to me, given me hugs(that I cant feel, only see), gotten nose to nose with me which is freaky, and what looked like swinging punches at me too?? I don't know what to think other than I know I sound crazy, who knows maybe I am. I made an appointment with a therapist tomorrow and going to see a lady who is in to the witch stuff hoping she has some insight for me. All I have read really just says mostly glimpses of these things appear, but I can see them for several minutes at a time continuously all night long. I had someone come into my room last night and see if they could witness what I was seeing, and they saw none of it. Everything I pointed out was "Idont see anything". My room would light up and then go dark, the shadow figure was there immediately, still I was the only one who saw it. Even brought the cat in the room with us to see how she acted, and she spent the entire time pawing at the door trying to get out. Why me and why now at 28, and never having any kind of paranormal experience before, is this happening?

      If you have any insight on any of this I would so appreciate your input please. Thanks

    • profile image

      Smartie 4 years ago

      I saw one last night... It was a girl. But, I only saw her in the mirror. Nothing in the room. My aunt's dog who will not climb stairs came up the stairs and laid with me.

    • profile image

      GabbiBoo 4 years ago

      So i find this really interesting. So im just about to be 18 and my mother and i moved into the current house we are in now when i was in 5th grade. I was really big on scary movies and wanted every place we lived in to be connected to spirits, i was quite adventurous about it. I did things like looking up to see if anyone has ever died in my house, i tried an ouiji board once, and nothing happened so i correctly closed the circle. (about 5 years after we lived in here)

      About a month after we were all settled in i started to notice weird things happening, like cabinets opening, doors opening many times after i closed then, i heard very light footsteps, pounding on the walls, and growling. I had never been afraid to be home alone, but that defiantly made me afraid. So one day my mom had to go pay rent and i was left alone for about 2 hours at night, and i remember this distinctly, I heard i noise outside, so i looked at the window, and i saw a flash of light swish by, i thought it was a car, so i looked past the blinds, and saw it zip by like 4 to 12 times, and it was like the camera neon lights but white, and the moment i was about to turn away, it stoped mind zoom, and i saw the shadowy person, with the meanest stair ever, with glowing red eyes, and holding a blurry item which looked to be a knife. That was it for me, i threw myself back on to the floor and called my mom begging and crying for her to come home. That had happened a couple times a month afterwards, then it stopped.

      Then around the time i was in 6th grade i saw things like figures of actual people, walking across the living room, straight through the wall in the kitchen and right out the panorama window, and disappear outside. Sometimes they were nice, and sometimes they were grumpy and mean looking, never as scary as what i saw when i was in 5th grade.

      then everything died down for a couple of years.

      By the time i became a freshman, and i started to notice, Shadows bouncing around on the floor, as if to be little mice running around, then it turned into my cat would be hissing around at the walls, and the dogs spinning in circles, barking and snarling at the ceiling. I started to get nervous about this time, and keep a watch for flashing lights outside, but never a light. I started seeing mostly Strangely darkened shaped shadows on the ceilings, they would move across them, and find their way into the guest bedroom. Something about that bedroom attracts them, but not me, i always had the "Stay far away from this room" vibe. Every time someone walks in there, every hair on their being stands up, and you can feel the instant change in tempature. Then the shadows moved to my room at night. I used to sleep with the lights off, but not anymore. I would see a tall large shadow walk across my room back and forth, and sometimes stop and stair at me, laying on my bed, but i could never see the eyes, i could feel the presence. That's when i started using a night light. Once i had the nightlight up i started noticing it less, until one night, i had my night light on, and i was sleeping and i was having a really pleasant dream, then it suddenly when't dark and i drempt about snapping necks of poor helpless animals, that turned out they were trying to eat me, and i realized i was fighting against something in my sleep, when i got a glimpse of what i was staring at in my dreams, i turned out to be that shadow, that would pace in front of my bed, and it scared me so much that i force awoke my self from a dream that felt like i couldn't escape, and saw and felt the shadow holding me down in my bed, the face of the shadow was clear as day, looked like an old man, and the eyes were soo firery red i was in a scared panic strickened state, i tried to scream and nothing came out, i heard it start to Wisper something but i didn't listen i broke free and ran to my moms room, and i remember it coming after me, and i was banging on my moms door crying and screaming "open the door its going to get me please open the door" and i just watched it get closer and closer to me, in the hall, and when i looked around i saw more of them in the darkness, with glowing red eyes, then i blacked out. In the morning i woke up in my moms room cuddled up next to her, she spend all night up to make sure i was okay. She told me that when she opened the door she saw a shadow move out of the corner or her eye, but freaked out when she saw me laying on the hall floor in the corner shaking and obviously traumatized but unconscious. She said she spent hours trying to get me to wake up enough to calm me down, but i just kept shaking and crying but i looked like i was in a coma and she said my skin was ice cold for the longest time. Then she told me that around 4 in the morning i started to stop shaking and the warmth in my skin started coming back to me. I told her i just remembered screaming and pounding on the door, and that was it.

      Days after that night, things started to calm down, and i felt less scared in my own home. Now once in a while i will see a shadow in the corner of the ceiling, it just stays there, and i have a sense of feeling that it means no harm to me, so i continue on with my normal duties, i do have a once in a wile vibe of a red eyed shadow, but it disappears shortly. Id figure i would share this with you, because i read how you had an experience with the red eyed shadows.

    • profile image

      Fab 4 years ago

      Well... this is very interesting. I just starting reading about this again because as A kid, I remember seeing black figures running in the corner of my eye. But as I turn my head nothing is there. This happened to me for a bit in my first couple years in elementary school. Since then I haven't seen anything.

    • profile image

      zach 4 years ago

      I had a dream where i got up from my bed, walked around my house, came back to my room and stood in front of my mirror. The image I saw was my reflection and my eyes were rolled back so nothing but the whites were showing. Then I woke up. Scariest dream I've ever had. I had another one where I experienced the sensation and first person perception of flying around the room. When I was a kid I saw a ghost in my room. He was dressed like a citified gentleman from the early 1900s and he had a monocle on. He was riding one of those tall, weird, old fashioned bikes through my room. Oh and he had a mustache

    • profile image

      Marie 4 years ago

      When I was maybe 14 or 15, my father and I had just seen our pet rabbit die. We were in the woods behind our house, preparing to bury it, and he asked me to wait while he went to get a shovel. I stood there and waited, and I was looking over toward where the house and shed and such was, I saw a tall black shadow run behind the hutch from somewhere in my yard, I couldn't tell where because my view was blocked. Thinking it was my father, I walked over to say something to him, but there was no one there. Seconds later, he walked out of the garage, which was all the way across the yard. I've also seen what seemed to be a dog-shaped shadow figure in the street, and when I am in the dark, I see things moving around me quite often but try to ignore it. But that one time is the most prominent I can remember seeing one.

    • profile image

      lilylake 4 years ago

      I was sleeping on the sofa last, I woke up and looked a the other sofa in the living room, there was a person/thing/man laying on the couch, I know I was awake, i didn't know why someone would be in the room with me, the kids were all in their rooms, he had on dark clothes, they looked old and flowey, i went back to sleep but it is staying in my head. I have seen a shawdow person on other occasions, this was different. What could it have been, it was just lounging the whole length of the couch

    • profile image

      Emily 4 years ago

      I am 12 years old. A few months ago I was walking down a passage way at my Nan's house when a strange silhouette appeared. I thought it was my brother because it was dark in the passage, it was at night and I also heard the sound of his actual footsteps. When the silhouette saw me he ran back into the room that he emerged from. Still thinking it was my brother (who got scared because he didn't know it was me walking down the passage), I stuck my head into the room, but saw no one. I thought he was hiding so I walked off. I then saw my mum, dad, brother and Nan's second husband sitting all sitting in the lounge room and froze. I told mum I saw someone and I thought someone had broken into the house. My Nan had passed away 2 years ago in that actual house, so mum told me it was probably her ghost. This shocked me as I hadn't even thought of ghosts yet. I didn't say anything at the time, but I didn't think it was Nan. I felt like if it had of been Nan, I would've felt some form of joy or gladness. Instead, all I felt at the time was scared.

      I later found out from an auntie that the man who lived there before my Nan died and his ashes were scattered in the garden of that house. It made sense to me that it was him, because even though it was just a shadow it seemed to look very much like a man. I told a few people about it, whom all seemed fascinated but had no similar stories to share.

      It was only recently when my mum and I decided, after many discussions, to do some further research into paranormal activity. This decision was triggered by my second sighting of the silhouette here in my own house, 400 km away from where my first sighting of him took place. We discussed that he could be my guardian angel, but the stories we found on the internet didn't really fit. When mum found this theory about shadow people, we decided it was it.

      Since both sightings of my shadow man, my views on ghosts, paranormal activity and life after death have all changed. There is now no doubt in my mind that ghosts exist and that they either cannot, or do not want to hurt us.

    • profile image 4 years ago

      i am 15 years old and i have been seeing shadows for the past year now. When i lived with my dad i was always picked on so i never told them about this. Then when i moved with my mom 3 months ago it started to get worse. I keep seeing things through the corner of my eye and one time it was right behind my sister. It is always 2 shadows one standing up and one crouching. Yesterday it started to get really close. My mom wants me to see a therapist because she thinks im seeing things from my imagination. I know im not crazy.

    • profile image

      Jake dudle 4 years ago

      Ok all I just wnna say is one really trange night I walked from my bedroom to the living room and I felt like I just walked into a really strange time or something. I looked at my clock on my digital phone and saw that there was no date or time very strange I heard people laughonh out my window like tjere was a colloseum wicked laugjs I felt like I was in a evil time. Later that nogjt when it quited down and got dark, I heard a car door slamas if somebody just got of a big suv, than I heard 9 more doors slam from the same vehicle. I got real scared. I could per,eive them in my mind aand senses, they had a menacoing and merciless intent. Later ive seen him in my houe in the reflection of myself in the bathroom window, buff and pitch black. Ive experienced these kind before. One time I was in a guys apartment and I was in the living room while he was fixing up in the bathroom. I heard hiant metal doors slamming really scary so I just kinda parylized heard something slip through front door through the kiychen and into the bathroom then locked behind it. Heard the guy was od over too much trying to come to in the dark and I heard him try to call for help but right away I heard big ol slam then bunch of very very heavy beating sounds brutallly shaking the place. He kept trying to come to I heard sounds like his throaght was getting slit and his blood poured into the toilet. It stopped eventually. They must of went into his body cuz it was strange it must of been punishment to the soul while inside the body. Anyways ask me more at 5038939867 jake sorry I am usibg an android thanks

    • profile image

      courtney 4 years ago

      i am courtney nath i am now 11 but i remeber wen i was about the age of 6 i was sitting on the sofa with my two sisters and my sisters friend when suddenly a human sized shadow apperared on the curtains my sister called my mum and i was sitting their crying and holding my ears . a few seconds my mum came with a cataloge and mum told us to get out of the room . we shut the livivng room door while mum was on the other side of the door wacking the shadow and then it flew off . u may not but its true it has scared me for life

    • profile image

      ChickenNugget 4 years ago

      I am scared and a young teenager. You know how you can tell light comeing through your eyelods... well I saw a sort od figure go across my room whilst I was trying to go to bed.

      Anothe time I heard someone call me... loud but like a whisper. I go downstairs and ask my mum what she needed but she said she didn't call me... I go to my brother but he also said he didn't call me and my dad was at work and no one else was I the house.

      I always hear footsteps but only from upstais and I can't have my back to a room.

      Please I am really scared. Can they cause any harm to us???

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 4 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Shadow people can for sure effect your emotions.

    • profile image

      Sio 4 years ago

      Well I am sitting working on my laptop. It is past twelve. I was writing something into a forum, all other family members had gone to bed. I look up and I suddenly catch sight of a black, thin shape darting across the kitchen, right in front of my eyes. I then heard the fridge door creak twice. (perhaps it got hungry? Heh.) I have never seen a shadow person before, and it scared me a little. When I calmed down, I suddenly felt a wave of sadness wash over me, I had tears in my eyes for no apparent reason.

      Can shadow-people make us feel emotions?

    • profile image

      Triveone 4 years ago

      I am only bringing this up because i was watching my ghost story on Lifetime Mon Oct 29

      I will never forget the old house i used to live in when i was still living with my mother. Bakersfield, California i know i wasn't tripping because i remember i was at the house by myself and my dog Baby Fat Boy ( black terrier ) he was outside and i remember that he would always bark and wake me up but i always thought he was barking at a cat like usual or my neighbors i had never really checked on him when he did that but i could be a clue or something lets just say because even my mom would wake up out of her sleep and tell B. Fat Boy to shut up and he would but go right at it again, me the same,.. anyways it was friday night and i was watching smoking aces around twelve and after the movie i took some medicine because had a real bad stuffy nose and a head ache i finally rest my sleepy head and i say a good hour or so past and i remember laying on my back on my bed and as i was sleep dreaming or something i look over to my window and see the moon bright as ever before and larger shining the black curtain and i look over to my door i had crack open and WAS OPEN With a BIG ShadoW of a man Standing At the door and THE LIGHT WAS ON in the hallway and and he had to be about six foot something a little more just a big shadow ,,no shape of face or hands or anything but he told me something in his language but i could understand HIM HE Told ME "Why Do You Smoke? " or something something about smoke and as i am still laying there on my back in my bed i wake up like That looking to the window again and then back to the door i was calm,.. the Light was on and I KNow for sure i turned the light off .i got up to turn the light off.before i went to sleep and i left the t.v. on in the other room when i was watching t.v. and this episode was on...,,,..they were talking about noetic science and the same thing that just happened to me...shadows ghost n stuff and ever since then i did a lot of reading and research ( i left the t.v. on and the light off and i watched that stuff that was on the t.v. frm one thirtyish to two in the morning and went back to sleep.. i want to go back to that house to investigate and ask the people that live there now if they have noticed anything unusual and if so i wasn't making it up at all

    • profile image

      Cara 4 years ago

      I see shadow people almost everyday. It scares me so much.

    • profile image

      bryan 4 years ago

      I also saw a tall dark figure standing next to my bed one night. It reach out at my chest. proceeded too into it. My body frozen but I was screaming at the top of my voice on the inside. My heart felt as if it had stopped. My eyes were open but seemed to open again. And I was in exactly the same position looking into the closet... this happened almost 2 years ago but I think about it every day. I am now starting to think that these shadows may in fact be our alter-ego's... or our own spirit healing the body as we sleep.

    • profile image

      Jamie 4 years ago

      when I was a baby I remember I know it's crazy but I remember interacting with a shadow person when my mum was asleep it was nice and I used to try and talk to it and it make me laugh but when I was 4-5 yes old I remember going past my NAND stair case and screaming everytime and never going alone because I could hear someone in there yelling and get really bad vibes well now I'm 14 and I still see shadow people but now I see at least 6 a day a round me house it only scares me at night I've tried to talk to them but as soon as I try I see them running i know some people think it's just a joke but for me it's not I've been living with this all me life and believe shadow people will always be really and in my life

    • profile image

      Susie 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Zack longeuay 4 years ago

      I know shadowman is real ansd in our old culture it was believed as bad luck was coming. I sat in the dark and talked to this being of sort and it answered. This thing is evil and good it makes you believe that something does actually exit after life. It tells you bad things and wants you to do bad things like kill.. I know it sounds far fetched but when my father died I saw the shadowman and it told me I was taking your father and theres nothing you can do. I have recording,pictures, and now my daughter sees weird things I rather not mention. I am a real man I never back down never. Since now I have visions and dreams of evil domains.. I have a picture a jesus with half of something else that you can make out a evil person looking back at you. This picture was taken in the oldest church in Canada. I am the first time scared in my life for my family.. I know I did things in my life which that I am so sorry but I cant change yesterday. I have had these shadows more less my whole life. I can feel them. Sense them and see them on a regular basis. I know you think i am crazy but I asked my doctor and he said i was in perfect mind and body? So wtf What are these things want??????? Iam scared of the night I keep a light on all times to see them coming .... And they are real cause they do move and touch me ie. shoving pulling poking punching cuts grabbing and moving of me. pls if you know whats happening to me respond I think evil in some way is trying to get its way into my soul. Yours truly zack

    • profile image

      Ashley Hutton 4 years ago

      I've seen two shadow people. The first was a man wearing a hat the 2nd was a raggy one I assume was s female. The man walked past me and I seen it out the corner of my eye. I pulled my friend closer and explained what I'd saw. It was day time and in her flat. As I pointed to where he was he appeared infront of both of us. We screamed in fright sad ran. The 2nd one I was outside in an ancient park next to an observatory I was with the sane friend sunbathing and it was 5 years later lIke I say this one was ragged looking and was hiding in the trees when it noticed that I could see it it rushed off..

    • profile image

      Matt 4 years ago

      Shadow people are pretty cool. First time I saw them, it was 2 little girls and an older female and male [like.. early 20s]. They were just standing on the staircase. It could've been ghosts, but I saw their form pretty clearly before I turned to look at them. It kind of freaked me out a bit, but since then, I've been seeing shadow-people repeatedly. They're always... /always/ running up and down the steps. One of these days, I'll tell them to be careful. :P

      Seriously, though. They're coming around more than usual. Especially last night. Just going up and down the stairs repeatedly. Two nights ago, I heard footsteps in the landing and then saw something run down the stairs and down the hall towards the basement/kitchen area.

      I've seen some things in front of me but its always gone when I look up. 95% of the times, its always on the staircase, though. Oh- there's one there right now. I'm not looking at it or it'll leave, but. There's a really tall one standing near the bottom of the staircase.

      Now, other paranormal things. I've had ghosts in my house and a demon or two before [and was possessed by one]. I performed a ghost-banishing thing recently and all activity stopped for a week but it started up again [bed shaking and dark feelings on the first floor at 3am]. Could that be the shadow people taking on a more physical form and screwing with me, though? I've been woken up by people talking to me / calling my name, but no one is ever there. :P Aha, once, I felt something close to me when I was trying to sleep and I opened my eyes and this pitch black figure was floating over top of me and backed up and vanished when I opened my eyes and sat up.

      Its kinda fun having shadow people with me. I enjoy their company. Oh, and two nights ago, something odd happened. I felt the odd urge to go outback, so I went out for a minute at 3am with iron and a flash light [I'm a hunter for supernatural beings so I brought iron for safety to temporarily make whatever was out there vanish] and I'm telling you. It was the strongest energy I've ever felt. Like the entire back yard was just... loaded with a massive group of people. It was uncomfortable, so I came back inside, but... that was pretty interesting.


    • profile image

      Jj 4 years ago

      For the last three nights a shadow woman has visited me.

      Don't ask me how I know thisbt she is aged between 20-30 & she scares the crap out of me.

      She only visits between 12-3am & between those hours I CANNOT sleep , my heart beats as if its going to jump out my chest & the feelings I have when she's there are indescribable emotions of pain , resentment , revenge , hurt , negativity & most of all fear.

      My bed is in a concave in my room at my mums & I've only just recently been staying there except I was sleeping in her he'd until I cleared of my old bed.

      So I'll just tell you about last night ...

      I saw a very vivid black as black darker than dark human figure , female , only from the torso up.

      She was sort of half coming out of the wall almost & VERY close to me my bed is against the wall & she was right there as if she was standing but there was no room.

      She made her presence known & she wanted me to see her !

      Before I knew it she floated down the wall , then she was in my face as if staring at me , even with my eyes shut I can still see her as CRAZY as that sounds , I am compelled to them open my eyes.

      By 3 am I am able to sleep.

      f you have any answers please email me !!

    • profile image

      BLACK GHOST 147 4 years ago

      what about small shadows with red eyes that are in your dreams... that are always hidden and talk amongst them selves?

    • profile image

      Chaike 4 years ago

      I remember seeing shadow people all the time when I was young. I think I stopped seeing them when I was around 10-11, but I remember seeing people made up of single colors walking around my house. They never really bothered or scared me. I just kind of shrugged them off. I think they're still here (I might occasionally see something shadowy or ghostlike, whether animal or human, in my peripheral vision. I also always have a feeling that I'm being watched) but I haven't had any more vivid encounters.

      Sad. I'm sure some of them had good personalities.

    • profile image

      wannasee 4 years ago

      I recenlty became quick friends again with a Elementry School friend from 92'. We moved and didnt find eachother until Nov 11'. Since then we have family and she lost a son Israel to hypoplastic left heart syndrome in 04'. My daughter was born 03' with tricuspid atresia and lived through her battle. It was my 2nd time to be at her house with my daughter and her healthy daughter playing coming in a out of the house. In the corner of my eye thru the glass back patio I saw a little boy who looked like he was 9 or 10. He wasnt dark it was an outline of his body. And I froze. And she said he is around all the time. I am so greatful to have seen him in light since I never got the chance to meet him in this world. I choose to think of seeing him as a gift.

    • profile image

      rosey locket 4 years ago

      the first time i saw one was when i was 9 we had a sleep over at my grandmothers house but i used to sleep alot in the day and stay up all night it was summer break so i didn,t care anyway no matter how hard i tried i couldn,t sleep so i went to the back yard and opend the light and played with my bike it was about midnight it was a normol night in till he appeared under the light in front of me a tall man shadow we looked at eachother for mins i think he was as curious as i am i didn,t feel one bit scared i was just a child who saw something interesting so i got closer and closer i wanted to see his face but i was shocked he didnot have any face expresstoins i could not tell if he was scared or mad or smileing but i remember that i was thinking this : if he is a shadow why is he standing streat why is he not on the ground ? me who was so dispret for answers asked what are you ? and my hand just moved i tried to touch him but he disappeared so fast when i told my mother in the moring she was so angry and sad but some how was glad it seems like my ppl has a a very old legend called earth ppl they are shadows that kidnap new born babays if they are left alone for a long time and thats why mom was worried that i would be takien away mom made me promise that i would never do such a thing again but i think that ppl can,t changed fate it happend another time when i was 11 i saw another one i was playing hide and seek in the dark with my cousoins and i was it i had a very good eyes so i could see just fine in the dark ans so my grandpa give me a nick name the daughter of the night back to the story it was a very big room will it was grandpa study room it,s filled with books the games rule is that if your found than you must leave the room i found all them but one rose she is the same age as me but a real scary cat i started my search for her soon i heared a crying voice it was her so i sneaked up and follwed the voice i reached the door of grandpa secret bookstore we were never allowed to go there so i tought how clever i opened the door and jumped on her but in the end i just got my head hurt i turned back and saw a shadow of a little girl running to the door and she vanished and i never played thgame again p.s rose was in a tolit break but it never stoped at that it seems that i had the gift to see there are more like the old basment grranny the black cat the walked thro walls but i kept ignoring them i actedas if they were not here at the age of 13 i couldn.t see anything anymore i am 18 now i lost my gift to see but i still can hear and feel but the older i get the less i hear so someday i might stop thinking about them

    • profile image

      rosey locket 4 years ago

      yh i think that they really do feed of humens fear but not all off them the first time i saw a shadow pirson was when i was 9 i was always such a sleepy head so i always sleep at day and stay up all night one day we had a sleep over in my grandmothers house it.s a an old house 100 year old anyway it was about midnight and i could not sleep so i went out to yard opend half of the light there and started to play with my bike going round and round in the same spot ofcourse every body was a sleep and the he appeared right under one of the lights i was such noty curious child i thought if he is a child than was is he not on the floor so i stood up and got closer to him seeing up close he did not have any face expressions even his eyes where black but i still could

    • profile image

      brandy 4 years ago

      I have seen 2 shadow people and im not sure i agree that shadow people are evil. The first shadow person i saw i was in my late 20's and when i seen this person and yes he was a man from what i could tell from his outline but i did not feel scared and i felt like he wasnt there to hurt me, my moms dad died when i was 5 and the shadow persons outlined looked like it was him. now the second one i saw was a little girl and um i was sleep with my 2 boys and something just woke me up not by touching or anything like that but when i rolled over there she was right by my head and scared me so badly i got a horrible sense from her and not only did i experience her so did other people in the house

    • profile image

      joseph mulligan 4 years ago

      i believe that i seen red white and black spirts in my home

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      I was quite young perhaps 9/10 and was just about to head to bed when I saw a shadowed figure on my curtains. Naturally I screamed and turned to see if someone was there, yet there was not. The shadowed figure stayed for a few more moments before disappearing. I was convinced that it was the spirit of my father's friend (who had died that day, I found out later). It was the strangest Christmas eve ever.

    • profile image

      Brattle 4 years ago

      When I was pregnant during my last trimester. I was asleep in my bed and my eyes just flew open. I know people say, oh you were probably still asleep, but I wasn't. I saw the shape of a child shadow standing near my bed. It was just looking at me sleep. I thought that it may have been the soul of the child that I was carrying, who was waiting to be born. Mostly the only things that I see and hear now are children.

    • profile image

      Sophia 4 years ago

      I've had many sighting of shadow people but never knew what exactly they were until I had stumbled across this sight looking for answers. I am sure I have seen them many times before, but never wanted to accept the idea for one main reason.

      (This reason is when I was little and was in my class at church, my teacher was telling us that evil spirits are always watching us. As a little kid I had asked what they looked like, she said that their tall and wear wispy black cloths similar to the grim reaper but can change forms. Scared at that point I asked where they stand, and she answered that they stand were you can see them. Being very serious I had also asked her if they still watched us if we go to the bathrooms, she replied disturbingly yes. My mom was so furious (she had also been told this when she was little) that they had told me this went up and asked the teachers why, they never admitted to saying anything of the sorts. Thus we had stopped attending the church of latter day saints (Mormon).) *I have since not believed that they are all evil.

      One experience I remember was when I lived back in Texas. It was a quiet afternoon when my brothers and I were watching cartoons. I had turned to the sliding glass door see if my dog wanted in, to see a black figure running and then jump the fence. I was like holy cow, ran out the back door yelling what I just saw and climbed the fence to see the other side. He couldn't have ran out of view seeing as there was just a big field that had just been trimmed down to a few inches. We looked around after that and found no one. Coincidentally my neighbors thought I was crazy, because they were in their backyard at the time having a barbecue and saw nothing.

      When I was living in my house in Kansas, Topeka, there were lots of shadow people but very to themselves, I had the attic room that was hidden within the big room on the third floor. We always felt a slat to the house even thought we had tested it to be 100% level. I always saw them in the big room walking, talking, and laughing. One time I was in the bathroom on the second floor quickly washing my face with light off and the door open when everyone else was outside in the pool. When all of a sudden the light flicked on and the door slammed loudly close. I had also one day decided to stay home alone, which was a very bad idea, as I was sitting in the TV room when an unearthly scream and yell mixture of female and male voice started to come from the basement and fill the whole house. I had the urge to run outside, but fought it because it also felt wrong, and hurried to the room that felt the most safest (my brothers room on the second floor with the blinds up). It had continued for three and a half hours till my family got home, when it just stopped like when you stop a song in mid play. I never stayed home alone, because the clearly didn't want me to. We also got an eerie feeling to the left shallow side of our pool and never wanted to touch or look long at the pictures taken near that area. Even the previous owner left all their photos of the shallow end at the house, we called them to see if it was an accident but they absolutely did not want them.

      Another experience was when we moved to another house only a year old in a home owners association. The room I had picked was always cold, and in one corner really cold, especially when it was record breaking heat and the air conditioner broken. My cat was always on edge, and I had always caught a glimpse of a short gnomish figure standing in the crack of my door. What set me off was when I was lying on my bed wide awake texting funny faces on my phone, when in I saw it. I wasn't thinking anything when I felt a pressure on the corner of my bed, because I thought it was my cat. Then all of a sudden I felt really strong arms tighten around me and then I was paralyzed, this lasted about ten dreadful minutes, as my cat just stared at me with terror from the side of my bed. When it finally release me I had grabbed my cat and ran downstairs crying my face off and told my mom and grandma. My grandma just shrugged it off as sleep paralysis, until I refused to sleep in my room and stayed on the couch downstairs. My mom then went up to my room and opened all the windows and told it to get out over and over again. After that the cold spots disappeared, and I never saw the shadow gnomish person again. I had latter drew a picture of it and showed my family, and they said they had seen it in the corner of their eyes but had just passed it as nothing till the incident.

      I was once at a big hospital building to go to my physiatrist (the one who prescribes medicine not the one you sit in a chair and spill everything to) because I have Asperger's syndrome (higher functioning autism) and need help focusing (I also had my very small little puppy in my jacket everyone thought it was a doll, which was cool with me). When I was sitting in the waiting room when my mom was signing me in. I noticed a man in the corner of my eye with a red and white stripped shirt come and sit right next to me even though there was a fifty other seats open. I thought nothing of it till after my appointment we were at the desk in the checkout hallway planning another appointment and getting my focusing medicine. When my mom was having a conversation with the lady behind the desk the main power went off in building (some lights and the computers were on), she just told us that it was happening all week. Just then the guy appeared behind me and my puppy started to growl. My mom told the lady that we were going to go because we didn't want to keep others waiting, she said it's fine no ones behind you. My mom and just looked at each other and to the man in the stripped shirt. We then proceeded to get the heck out of there, and just in time as right when we got off the elevators they stopped working and everything went off. Thank god a guy had pried the doors open for people to get in and out. We drove away, and never came back. That man was standing at the end of the elevator hallway blurry and shadow like.

      The last time I actually saw one was when I was driving past the Brigham City grave yard in Utah on our way home and saw a 7 or 8 foot tall dark figure in the center facing us at about 6pm. I had seen it two more times after that Just knowing it was there gave me the creeps. I had later had a rare and deep conversation with a girl on my school bus about our experiences. When I had brought up the subject on the shadow man, she was very surprised. She told me that she was walking past the cemetery with her brother and saw him at the same spot at the same time, she then said she had started walking a little faster and looked behind he for good measure and boom there he was a big three dimensional shadow in her face and they booked it out of there.

      I haven't seen anymore human shaped shadow people since my 18th birthday, other than few cat and insect sized shadows that disappear as soon as I look directly at them (thinking ooh cool a cat I love cats or I'm gonna get that sucker with my shoe) but other than that nothing. So thankful for that too. And yes I move around a lot because my Dads in the military.

      I know this is a lot of words but these stories are true as they come I promise, because I am just a regular person who wants to share and find hope with others. No one I ever come across ever believes me, only my mom and a few weirdos that you can tell are full of crap and they want to be special, when they tell you their stories. So I just keep to myself about these and never tell anyone.

    • profile image

      Andre 4 years ago

      I used to see shadow people at my dads house all the time. I used to run at night in my backyard because I didn't feel like going to the track. When I would look up I would see a pitch black kid figure dart between my grandma's house and my dads. It would startle the hell out of me and make me stop in my tracks. I ALWAYS see black shadows at the corner of my eyes and you can tell that these aren't hallucinations because I feel that they do have personalities. It got to the point where I would just ignore them but recently at my moms I've seen a very vivid shadowman. I was laying in the living room on the floor. I have a clear view of the dinning room and there's a huge window that stays lit up because of the street lights. I saw a solid black silhouette walk from the hallway across the dining room and go into the kitchen. It stood about 4'5" and I heard the carpet squeak as it moved to the kitchen floor. I thought it was my mom but she never came out the kitchen. The second time it happend all I saw was legs and shoulders walk by so I got up to look and nobody was there. It keeps happening so I just ignore it.

    • profile image

      Maggie 4 years ago

      Ok so I have been experiencing this to. Just like all of you, but after researching, it is a shadow man. First time is saw is when i was in the basement, lights off, when I go to turn off the TV, his reflection is staring at ME. second time, he is in the closet. STARING at ME. It is so freaky, I am only 14 and scared to hell. HELP!

    • profile image

      hattie 4 years ago

      my experience is rather odd and embarrassing.i saw a shadow person with rabbit legs and time;tired of the constant fears;i dared to order this creature away.after all, i was sleep deprived.well,i heard a snort and a huff.then this creature lunged at me like a bull it trotted away it made a horse "whinny" sound.i looked down where it had stood and saw the horrible droppongs of poo that it had left.

    • profile image

      sam 4 years ago

      not sure if anyone will read this but i was telling a friend about an experience that happened to me and he told me about shadow people,,,, to me he looked more like the siloet of the grim reaper with his hood on,,,,, i woke from sleepind and had a dark human shaped person which looked like it had a robe with a hood on it standing right beside my bed leaning over me while i felt it was looking straight at me, i could not move, talk , scream or anything it was the scariest thing , i felt a crazy tightness in my chest and felt hard to breath, it seemed like forever but i think it was only like a minute before it turned and moved very fluently out of my room it was only when it left my sight that i could start to move, talk and get my functions back… im not crazy , when im 80yrs old i will still never forget what i saw when i woke up and how i felt , it scarred the crizap out of me . a feeling of powerlessness like it could have done what ever it wanted to me and noone would have none…… i have also had alot of pics of me with orbs around my head….my life has not been easy and i struggle everyday, i wonder if its my decisions or these beings influencing my life????????

    • profile image

      15NARUTO16 4 years ago

      Well I have to say I honestly did not really believe that there was really anything called shadow people. But that really explains alot of weird things that go around at my house. I really never knew that there was any things or beings called shadow people but as I said it certainly explains a lot of things that happen to me from my past as a gaki("kid" in japanese) to now a much more older person. Then agian I feel like I got so use to the feeling I actually thougtht it was normal. That is until I started getting that feeling that was kept watch on constantly. It's like they show a slight interest in something either around me or possibly in me which is what I am kinda wondering. I feel kinda bad though because I didn't take this in maturely i just started getting scared. I didn't even take it into consideration if they were good or bad. Geez I really feel like a baka("idiot" in japanese).

    • profile image

      wendi 4 years ago


    • profile image

      NeverEver 4 years ago

      I've only seen a shadow person twice. Once, was in a hotel room with the lights off. Even though the room was dark, there was an area in the center of the room that was even darker and there was a feeling of just dread and sadness. I noticed it, but did not say anything for sake of something thinking I was strange. My friend was the one who thought he saw something and wanted the lights on. But even with the lights on, there was still the feeling of dread. The other time I saw a shadow person was when I attempted suicide about 8 years ago. What I seen was very similar to the drawing at the top of this blog. It was night, the room was dark, but these darker cloud like things came from the wall and the floor and pooled together in a swarming dark mass above me. And it just floated there, moving against the ceiling above me, with more of these shadows coming from the wall and the ground slowly raising up and making this cloud grow. It was black and the feeling of dread. It was almost like it was waiting for me. It wasn't a pleasant feeling. I'm upsetting myself thinking about it. Please, if you ever are in a situation where you want to end your life, please, seek help. No one would judge you. There are people who love you and care about you, you just have not met them yet.

    • profile image

      Hazel 4 years ago

      Back in 2003 we moved into a mobile home. About a year later one night as I was about to get in bed my husband got up and went to smoke a cigarette. Lay there in bed for a couple of minutes I decided to get up and when I did I saw a shadow figue at the window with his arms folded looking out the window. he was dressed in army war clothes, hard hat and all. That scared me to death. I told my husband and he didn't see it but said lets get into bed and wait to see if he comes back. He and I fall asleep. I wasn't asleep long when the cover turned over. I thought my youngest son got scared or som ething and climbed in. But when I turned over nothing was there. Itried to go back to sleep but then I felt something enterring me sexually and when I tried to turn over I couldn't move. I tried to reach for my husband but still couldn't move. I was scared to death. I never saw or felt it again. I hope you can help me understand what that was all about.

    • profile image

      maz 4 years ago

      thought i was goin mad i was at my fathers has i had just had a bowl operation never saw a person just always a black spot the size of a mouse in the corner of my eye or at time shoot across the ceiling i was 2 hill to leave my bedroom thats where i spent most of my time and i always seen them im just glad that im not the only person i thought i was goin mad but im glad now i dont think its bad i live in terrace house which is combined with others built in 1909 and i think it just passing house to house but how come i see it more then others

    • profile image

      Gladys 4 years ago

      I have always seen things but a week ago I woke up to a black shadow bending down looking at me while I slept. That was a Monday that same day I found out my friends uncle died! Then that same week on Thursday I saw a black shadow walk across my bedroom while I was in bed awake. Please give me some info as to what it could be!

    • profile image

      Paige 4 years ago

      For the past few years I've become aware of something in my dreams. I'm actually awake and thought it was a dream. It's always a shadowy figure, wearing some kind of fedora hat with long hair. It comes towards me or stays in the distance. But, it's always the same shadow. Been bothering me for sometime now.

    • profile image

      Dan 4 years ago

      I've seen a ghost when i was approx 10. It was my dog that does when I was 1 1/2 years old. I'm now 15 and I just recently was laying in my room, awake. I was looking at the little green light on the smoke detector. I saw a black figure go by, hiding the light for a second, then my bed squeaked and I felt a cold air on my neck, like someone with ice cold breathe was breathing on my neck.

    • profile image

      Slayerso 4 years ago

      I've always seen one or maybe two different ones. Always when I'm alone or people are not paying attention to me. I feel it watching sometimes and feel uneasy, but I do not feel hostility. Our house was legitimately haunted before. I used to sleep in the living room of our house sometimes and if I had trouble sleeping I would look into the hallway where the bathroom was. We had a cube fridge at the end of the hallway and it was covered up by curtains. It would be dark in the hallway all the time. Something would be behind the curtains, a blue light that would float there. If I stared at it for too long it would float up and out of the curtains and travel along the corners of the ceiling and exit into the other rooms. I was the only one who saw it. My family is known to be sensitive to the paranormal, especially my sister. I told my parents and they tried putting garlic out as a generic fix, and after a week I never saw it again, however I still saw those shadows. I looked this up because I saw one earlier, while in my room. It sat on my bed, noticeably the side I don't sleep on. It was rather filled out and had a spot of white where it's head would be. No hostility. I felt uneasy and I still do at the time of posting. This was the clearest look I have gotten at it, as it was only about 4 feet away from me. They don't seem to follow me and I never get those uneasy feeling at other places.

    • profile image

      Char new Zealand 4 years ago

      Could be leeches the spiritual word for souls that stick to you, shamans clear them

    • profile image

      Jennastar 5 years ago

      Help! I am not sure what to do! I know there are shadow people following me everywhere I go. In my house I have told them I will not harm you. It is ok to show yourself. But I have seen nothing I can feel a presence when they are hare and when I was young I could see them but when I brought someone else, they were gone. I can see them out of the corner of my eye but never straight on. I do NOT want to make a big deal out of this (for fear of scaring them off) but if you know how to communicate properly and do not tell me you do not know or it is a waste of my time my email is please no negative email and tell everyone if you have emailed me I only want a lit of 5 emails from 5 people

    • Jay Rando profile image

      Jay Rando 5 years ago from England

      Hi i have a story to share, i believe these shadow people are not hallucinations by any stretch, the fact we have all seen them is proof and on that note i never knew of the 'shadow man' before i saw it in my bedroom, i recall it having a fedora like hat which others have seemed to say here too. It seems whatever these shadow people are they like sticking to their 'uniform' if we can call it that and work in groups, they may be some type of spirit/demon. I don't believe them to be aliens only because when i started working at a church for a few months (voluntary work) was actually when i started to see it, this leads me to believe this being had some connection to me going to that church. I have not seen it since but remember feeling haunted for a bout a week.

      I came to the conclusion that for so many of them to appear they must work together as one, at one point i thought possible that the being was some sort of spirit guide who looks over each and everyone one of us but i'm not sure. The weirdest thing was catching a black orb that same night in my room flying around with orange light coming off it. I had nothing new in my life at that point except going to that church so i believe going there is what caused that shadow man to appear, only i don't know if it was a good thing or bad thin but i do know its not come back. The orb thing tried flying into my head and around it when i was lying in bed and i have also had other nights where i felt something touch my face then scurry off, i could possibly say the orb seemed to be trying to get my attention or attacking me, perhaps it was startled when it realized i was awake.

    • profile image

      Steve K. 5 years ago

      I got up last night, I had been running a program on the computer and on the way back from a bathroom visit I stopped by my computer but did not turn the monitor on, just checked my phone which is synced.

      I have good vision in darkness so I usually don't use any lights, the light from the charger being enough to illuminate a room, or the moonlight coming through the window to brighten a room.

      Anyway, I checked my phone, when I turned slightly and saw a shadow figure, in open space, not on the wall, standing next to me apparently looking at what I was doing.

      It was shorter than I am, about 5'8".

      Instinctively I swung my arm at it in surprise, my arm passed through it and it was gone.

      I usually pray for protection for myself and my family, but I hadn't in a couple days. Went back to it real quick.

      Didn't see anything else the rest of the night.

    • profile image

      Kevin Cariot 5 years ago

      I will say this. Once I saw a dark silhouette walk from my brother's room into my bathroom. I assumed it was my brother and that it looked like a dark shadow because I had been staring at a computer screen and that the glare off the monitor was throwing off my vision even though this was during the day inside the house and it wasn't that dark. My first reaction was to go to my bathroom to yell at my brother for probably stealing deodorant. When I go to the bathroom, it was empty. The door that led to the pool was locked. I called for my brother, no answer. I went to the front of the house thinking he had walked around from the side, and the thing that totally freaked me out is that his car wasn't there. Nobody was in the house but me, and what I saw was real, it had the movement of a person, AND it casted a shadow against the wall where light was reflecting from the pool window/door in my bathroom. In other words, when this thing walked across from my brother's room into my bathroom, it made walking noise, and briefly blocked the light coming from the outside. It looked real enough for me to mistake it for my brother. I've told this story to my close friends and family. No one has ever called me a liar because they know I wouldn't lie about dumb shit like this, but I could tell there was doubt in their eyes, like I had hallucinated the whole thing. Well, that may be, but then the hallucination, which would have been my first one, was both auditory and visual. I know what I saw, and although I never felt threatened or scared, I was pretty shook up by what had happened, and frustrated by my lack of ability to understand or describe it.

    • profile image

      Kevin C 5 years ago

      I will say this. Once I saw a dark silhouette walk from my brother's room into my bathroom. I assumed it was my brother and that it looked like a dark shadow because I had been staring at a computer screen and that the glare off the monitor was throwing off my vision even though this was during the day inside the house and it wasn't that dark. My first reaction was to go to my bathroom to yell at my brother for probably stealing depdorant

    • profile image

      Pat B 5 years ago

      This has happened to me two times. I am sleeping and then very quickly I open my eyes and I see this white light (kinda like a stick) It just goes backward really quickly and disappears. Then the third time the same thing happened but it seemed to be a girl figure that also went backwards and disappeared quickly. Has this happend to anyone else and what does it mean.

    • profile image

      crickette 5 years ago

      confederate general with gray horse and one arm, could be General Lee

    • profile image

      Prabh Singh 5 years ago

      In 2000. When i was approx 10 years old i saw very big faced , big hands, long tail, walking bit curved forward but only shadow with a stick in his hand. After that i was very scary for me.

    • Mandy Holt profile image

      Mandy Holt 5 years ago

      I don't know if this would be considered a shadow person, but when I was about 14 I woke feeling someone looking at me, at the foot of my bed on a trunk was sitting a glowing green humanlike figure. I turned over and tucked into a ball and forced myself back to sleep. A little while later I woke up again feeling pressure on my upper thigh. I moved the covers and saw a glowing green hand. Five small slim fingers just placed on my leg. I didn't look to see if anything was attached to the hand because that scared me enough, so I again, forced myself back to sleep. When I woke up, I had told my mom about this dream I had had, and she happened to look at my leg and freak out, I had a huge bruise where the hand had been. Since then I have been looking for anyone that has had or seen anything similar to give some kind of explanation.

    • Diana Wagner profile image

      Diana Wagner 5 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I came home from work about 4:45 pm walked in frontroom and right away I noticed it in the ajoining hallway.Stood frozen in fear at first I didnt know what I was looking at,but it becames clear this was a full body 3-d shadow on the wall,I yelled and said who is there staring at it,it took off while still being on the wall and I could hear the footstep during takeoff as it ran down the hallway,I ran outside frightened to death.Just want you all to know we stood looking at one another head on for a few minutes,before it left.Had no facial features,but had a full body,legs.arms,head....

    • profile image

      jayne 5 years ago

      I work night shift in a nursing home in Adelaide South Australia have worked in the same nursing home now for 9yrs. On many occasions i have seen a dark shadow figure either out the corner of my eye or straight on. I always get an uneasy feeling when i see it. I have seen the shadow with a hat and with out the hat always seem to be tall and i feel male. They tend to come and go, but recently i have noticed they turn up when a death is near, in my nursing home there are 10 separate houses and the shadow people as i call them tend to move around. I will start seeing them a week or two before a resident dies,and when i see them i know that someone will die in that house i see the shadow person in. They move very quick and dont like to be seen, i am not scared of them but they give me a feeling of uneasiness. I feel they are like a grim reaper type as i have seen that many and death happens after seeing them.I have also seen a white shadow person but that is rare. Working nightshift you see and hear all sorts of things, televisions turning on and changing channels, i knew a spirit was trying to tell me something but didnt understand until 15mins later we discovered a resident had died in another house and was trying to let me know. These shadow people seemed to be more scared of me,and i look for them all the time because when i see one in a certain house it now gives me an idea where the next death will occur.

    • profile image

      angel 5 years ago

      I believe in them as well but really im not afraid of them not ever have I been harmed by one. This was when I was a kid since I use to sleep with my parents in their room and they usually leftthe bathroom door open half way..but this one night I had an odd feeling someone was in the room with us so I left it alone and went to sleep. Later on that night I heard the door not slam on the wall but gently touch the wall making a noise. I woke up and seen this shadow on the door and it was wearing a Fedora with a coat and as soon as it saw me making eye to eye contact with it, it ranned inside the bathroom and vanished. I then thought to myself did I just saw a ghost?! My heart was pumping fast my body had the chills...I covered myself with my cover and instantly went to sleep. Ever since that day i've never been afraid of them because my cousin past away and I truly know he looks over me.

    • profile image

      benstanford 5 years ago

      one night i had a dream of a hooded figure holding a stick with a ball of light at the end walking up the stairs to get to my room. every time i had the dream it got closer before i woke up. then one nights dream it walked into my room and stood at the end of the bed. i opened my eyes in could see the ceiling and my girlfriend next to me but i couldnt move, then i relised i wasnt breathing i tryed shouting but couldnt speak it felt like i was being pushed down on the bed. after a few minutes my girlfriend jumped up and started saying "r u ok u look funny" i bolted upright and breathed a large breath.after that i have been seeing things i have seen a little girl playing beeboo round a door at me and loads of shadow people. at times they make me jump i can see one in the corner of my eye as im writing now, ive had things move on the table in front of me tonight but theres no draft, they seem to follow me around hiding in corners spying on me. are these people good? can anyone tell me or am i going to find out soon ..

    • profile image

      jackie 5 years ago

      I woke up and I saw a black shadow of a man with hes hand on hes hips he didnt move say anything and I was scared so I turned over and went back to sleep. I have dreams of people who have passed and sometimes I know what is going to happen before it happens all of this scares me also so I try not to think about it and put it out of my head but I have never seen a black one before

    • profile image

      Robbswater 5 years ago

      Since sleeping with a Cruxifix over my bedroom door and a bible under the bed I have not seen a shawdow person since.

    • profile image

      sue 5 years ago

      i have never heard of shadow people. Two nights ago, i woke up to go to the washroom and as i got up i noticed like a mass of something, dont know but as i started walking it stayed about a foot ahead of me and as i reached the bedroom door it turned away and disappeared into the closet. Really strange. I had an experience awhile ago when my husband got up in the middle of they night as i turned and saw him get up i saw a skeleton shape rise just as he was getting up. Almost like when you see those shows where people die and then walk out of their bodies and look done at themselves. really strange. Have to start really watching things that i thought were my imagination. Im wondering if trying to get closer to these things opens the door for something else bad to come in. maybe to much tv, i dont know

    • profile image

      Emma 5 years ago

      I have worked in a nursing home for a few years now. It is quite common there. Most of the Nurses and CNA's have reported seeing something strange.

    • profile image

      Juliette. 5 years ago

      When I was younger I was getting ready to go to sleep. As I was in bed I was staring at my closet,thinking. My door was open and some of the light from the hallway was shining against my closet. No one was in the house my mom and her boyfriend were outside smoking.I saw a shadow of a man walking across the hallway I saw it on the shadow of my closet. It was a short man but with narrow arms. I was young so I didn't think much of it. But now, I always think about it and wonder what is really was.

    • profile image

      amie 5 years ago

      I was watching tv one late evening on my big screen tv, and I left a light on in the kitchen around the corner so my kids wont bump into stuff if they wake at night. Just off to the side of me, there was a completly black, darker then dark, shadow figure not three feet away from me. It was only about 3 feet tall, but was 3 dimenional and very obvious human shape. I had my heart pounding a million miles an hour just staring at the thing for like five seconds...although it seemed more like a minute at the time. there was plenty of light comming from the large tv and from around the corner in the otherwise darkend room, but no light passed threw this figure. Finally, it zipped across my livingroom into the dining area and my cat chased after it. There has been other stuff happening in the house that led me to believe there was somthing else sharing the space with us...lights turning on or off, bathtub turned on full blast, things movinging.

      I never told my son about what I saw, but he has had his own experiences which led him to wanting to sleep on the couch. He was out there one evening with me and I was faced into the couch trying to sleep while he was on the love seat staring into the livingroom trying to get sleepy. I felt my couch start to vibrate and then my son fearfully called out to me and I imeadatly asked what was wrong. He recounded that he just saw a small shadow figure move from around the corner tward him and stop about three feet away. Again, there was the kitchen light on so he could clearly see it advance tward him but there was no light passing threw this "being" the only difference to the way he discribed this figure to what I had seen, what that he said there was mist around it as well, which I definatly did not see. Once it stopped infront of him, he said it looked as though it ducked down by the coffee table right between us(where our cat was sleeping) then he lost sight of it. He then called out to me as just moments before I felt the couch vibrate.

      I can't not believe in paranormal things as I have experienced things several times in my life. As to what it is? I would like to know.

    • minymoe678 profile image

      minymoe678 5 years ago

      i've seen a shadow person before i saw it at my youth club we freaked when we first saw it but this put my mind at ease. But im still slightly freaked after researching about them for hours

    • profile image

      nessa 5 years ago

      Last night was the first time I ever experienced anything like this. I'd gone to bed last night, and then when I looked up, I saw a figure there, kind of leaning over my bed-frame, and it almost sounded like it was whispering. I think it was female since I first thought it was my mom or my sister, but the moment I came to realize it was neither, I freaked out, jumped out of bed and turned on the light, before I called my sister upstairs.

      Afterwards half of my face sort of felt cold, as well as a section on my chest, before it suddenly became very warm.

      I'm not sure if I can go to bed tonight. What do I do?

    • profile image

      reneerhea2 5 years ago

      i have seen a shadow figure since i was 19. I feel it is a man. I have moved from place to place for the past 8 years and the same shadow man fallows me. i still see him. I dont see him all the time, just once in a while. My 8 year old son has seen him too. the shadow man scared the hell out of my son. i have had friends that see the man too. they say everytime they see him, he is standing behind me. when I see him he is standing in front of me looking right at me. I get a feeling of fear, and then the fear turns into calming. When I dont see him I feel him. I can feel his presents and i can feel him watching me. I get scared sometimes. But for the past 8 yrs it is the same man.every where i go everything i do he is there. Could he be a gaurdian of some sort? HELP!!!!! e-mail is: i really need someone to figure this out for me.

    • profile image

      Heartj00 5 years ago

      Hello. I have seen a shadowed man and a dog. I saw them as long as I could remember when i lived back home. I started seeing the dog outside through a window. My mom told me I was just seeing a stray dog or something (although there was no stray dog it just made more sense then ghost dog) then I started seeing a shadowed man. He was large and had a dog with him. After awhile I stopped seeing them. I am not sure why. When I got a little older I started to hear foot steps and I could hear a dog panting/breathing. A friend of mine heard it once too and got so spooked she would not come back over again. I never told her that I heard/saw these things. In this home I had a number of sightings including what I believe to be a demonic entity. I have never had anything occur since I moved out. Interestingly no one else from that house experienced these things. I would see bright lights, children playing, hear babies crying, hear loud banging sounds that no one else could hear, saw a flaming orb and felt physical effects such as being pushed, attacked and temporary loss of hearing (from loud noises). I wonder why no one else could see/hear these things? I can't be crazy because it doesn't happen now.

    • profile image

      alena viluan 5 years ago

      i had hear things like someone is like watching me and i get scared and i hate that thing and i scared the shit out of me

    • profile image

      Robbswater 5 years ago

      Thanks Crazyhorseghost. I will do that as well.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 5 years ago from East Coast , United States

      A small Bible placed under your pillow will also stop the visits.

    • profile image

      Robbswater 5 years ago

      I have sice placed a Cross at the enterance of my bedroom. This seems to have stopped the visits.

    • profile image

      Kentucky 5 years ago

      When I was eight years old I saw a lady ghost(I think she would be considered a ghost). She looked just as real as me. I woke up from sleep and gasping for air. I was drenched in sweat and the room felt hot. When I opened my eyes and looked out the door way, I could see the lady dressed in a all black long sleeve lacy dress w/ a black lacy veil. She was not looking at me she was looking straight down the hallway to where she was walking.

      This was my first encounter with supernatural activity that I am able to remember. Some family members say when I was 3 or so I would say I saw a lady that wouldn't leave me alone.

      After the lady in black that I saw, I had a few more experiences of lesser extreme.

      My great grandma use to tell me god had given me a gift. I would cry and reply I do not want the gift. I was traumatized by the lady in black. I refused to sleep, shower, or be left alone by myself for a very long time.

      I would refuse to go back into my grandmothers house for a year or so more.

      I am 22 now and I still sometimes have nightmares where that lady is in my dream. Not frequent maybe just one every year.

      I prayed every night to god when I was eight that if he had given me a gift I wanted him to take back the gift. I would pray to not see, hear, feel, or sense a ghost.

      I believe that's prob. why I have been blessed not to see anymore supernatural things.

    • profile image

      Trish. 51. Waikato, New Zealand 5 years ago

      I see them in my house.

    • profile image

      88galaga 5 years ago

      nice info, keep up work truth. i've done, i saw a ghost with red eyes long time ago.. he look at me creepy shit!!

    • profile image

      Robbswater 5 years ago

      'Jessica' if you feel frightened of them and you believe in God, just pray for his protection. They seem to go away. Try not to be frightened as they will feed off this.

    • profile image

      Jessica L. 5 years ago

      I myself am from Greenville NC. My family are very opened minded when it comes to the afterlife. I was raised with my grandmother who is a chruch going women talking about ghost. I myself had never seen a thing until about 3yrs ago. I was lying in bed with my cat Iris lying on my stomach. I could'nt sleep and the closet light was on. Out of the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of something going through the light. So I looked at the ceiling and it was almost like a black shadow flying around my head. So i quickly looked at my cat and her eyes follwed it too. I was terrified, I took the cat and left the condo. I moved out weeks later. However after the sighting my life took a very negative turn and I felt as if the life was being sucked out of me. I see here You speak of shadow people as something good, but what I saw was coming after me and I did'nt get a positive feeling. I want to know what are they? I saw a show called dead files lastnight. It was the first time i heard someone speak of shadow people, and that's the term I used it was like a black mass no shape flying almost like swooping around my head! If anyone could explain more please post a comment.

    • profile image

      Robbswater 5 years ago

      We have moved into an old Irish Cottage. The lady that use to live here died about four years ago, but she died in a Care Home. The other night a 'shadow' person what looked like a man walked across the hallway as I looked up.

      I asked an old neighbour did the old man die at our Cottage. He said yes. I use to be frightened of them but reading the messages on here, now I sort of accept them.

    • profile image

      Hank 5 years ago

      I been seeing shadow people for some time now. They are always doing some sort of task. Washing dishes in the kitchen of my friends house. Walking from room to room in a lot of places I go. I never talk to them and some times they notice that I see them and they just turn towards me and I guess stare. A lady just told me about a week ago that she knows I see shadow people. Kinda weird cause I never told anybody that I see them everyday. I dunno where I'm going with this. I just wanted to share my story.

    • profile image

      Jean 5 years ago

      Have you ever SEEN, not saw.....

    • profile image

      (Enter Name Here) 5 years ago

      once when i was 9 years old, i was coming out of the shower about to grab by clothes from my bedroom when i saw a shadow person walk in the hallway on the floor below me. 2 weeks later, i was watching TV when a shadow person walked right behind me, seemingly going outside.

    • profile image

      necrokage 5 years ago

      yes i have

    • profile image

      Robbswater 5 years ago

      I have just found this forum about Shadow people. I have had Shadow people around me all my life. It is though they follow me from house to house and Country to Country. We lived in a really old Georgian Farmhouse in the UK. They were always there. I always wake up screaming. They bend over me and watch me sleeping. I 'see' them and scream, they then go away. Sometimes I feel them sitting on the bed.

      We have just moved to an old Cottage in Ireland. For a few months I have not seen the Shadow people and hoped they had 'lost me' they other night one ran through my bedroom. It hesitated as it seem to know I had recognised it. Last night one again was bending over me and I woke up screaming.

      If they know you recognise them they hang around. I speak to them sometimes in a language I neither know or recognise. My husband has laid witness to this and has taped me.He say's I go into somesort of trance, when it gets really scary for him, he gently wakes me up.

      Does anyone else have this same experience?

    • profile image

      Horrez White 5 years ago

      I don't know if what i see almost everyday out the corners of my eyes or if i suddenly look towards my front door or around the corner of my hallway but it appears to look like a tall man with a blacck coat on..And the strange thing about it all is at first i would feel like a presence in the room with me or as if someone was watching me or just touching me or something.Another weird thing is that i have been finding money on the ground and have been having alot of weird things happen.Just last week i found 67 dollars in a pocket book that was on the ground and i walked right to it...Then i needed bus fare for the bus and as i am walking there was a dollar on the ground.Then another time i found quarters and dimes and nickels..Another strange thing is objects in my home disappear or fall and a lot of times my catacts funny towards me when i hold him and he will be looking at something in the air and following it with his eyes as if he sees something.Another strange thing is a lot of times i feel as though what ever this being is,it seems to like me or something.Once i heard voices as though someone was talking and at times i can hear a voice call my name when i am sleep and i suddenly woke up.It seems that every since i changed my belief in religion this has been going on..I don't know but its all so strange and weird.

    • profile image

      Marilyn 5 years ago

      I have had a few bone chilling experiences with shadow people. More recently as I work nights. I had a shadow person cover themselves over me, and in doing so, everything went dark momentarily. This was with the lights and T.V. on in the room, so I knew it was something. Then a few weeks after that, in a different location, at my place of work, I saw a shadow person approach outside the window. It was very fast, but I saw it. That was the first time I could actually distinguish what a shadow person looks like. It did not really scare me, but the one that covered me, scared me.

    • profile image

      Oceanside40-California 5 years ago

      This evening my two daughters that are 6 and 8 have just informed me that they have been seeing a green glowing figure, approximately 5 feet in height, skinny and it has red eyes. She went on by telling me, "Mommy, it likes to stand on your side of the bed when you are sleeping. It looks like it is afraid of Daddy; it just stares over you at him. When I walk into your room is turns to me hisses and runs around your bed and disappears into your office." I tried to keep my composure and asked her if is talked to her. She said no. It just hisses and runs away. I asked her what the hands looked like. She mentioned that they were human like ours, but the hands were a little deformed. Then I asked did it have any hair. She said, no it was bald. I then asked her if she still sees this ghost. She said, “I stopped seeing it when I turned 7". However, my 6 year old says she still sees it running up and down the hallway from time to time. The 6 year old mentioned that it runs from her when she walks into the room. My heart was in my throat. I just had to take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Quickly, I changed to subject and slipped onto my computer for some answers. I have searched for why the color green and what does the red eyes mean? I have gotten conflicting info. Some say spirits that glow green, means that they are a healer and the red eyes may mean that they could be a guardian. What bothers me is this thing hissed at the girls. At this time I am on the fence about this spirt in the house. It is creepy that it is mainly attracted to me. I have had some health issues, so I am not sure if it is good thing or a bad thing? It has not presented itself to me. So, I marched the girls to bed and assured them that nothing is going to happen and in a loud voice, I told this spirit/ghost that it is not welcome in the house and it was not right for it to scare them and to get out.

    • profile image

      darkshadow66 5 years ago

      everytime i see a dark shadow someone dies the larger the shadow person is the closer the people to me dies? why

    • profile image

      levanna 5 years ago

      last night at 430 am i woke up because i heard my mattress making that familiar creaking sound when someone sits on it. i looked and this hooded black shadow figure was sitting on the side of my bed trying to scoop my head under his elbow.. i almost had a near heart attack as i awoke, trying to squeeze his nose! my heart was pounding and i couldn't breathe. i got up and turned on the bathroom light and grabbed a cross necklace and made the sign of the cross across my chest. i was scared to death. i spend the next hour awake. my television had been left on and cast a glowing light across the room.. i don't know what to make of it. was it a dream or real? i have to say that i feel that i saw if AFTER it woke me up. i definitely heard the creaking of the mattress.

    • profile image

      db 5 years ago

      i have always seen thing in the corner of my eye, for a while when i drove at night i was seeing shadows that seemed to what i can only describe as a squirrel move, stand in the road then as my car approaches take off, several times ive almost crashed thinking it may have been a deer. always thought i needed my eyes checked. i also have for several years woken up to a hooded figure holding me down in bed never a face but can make out a human form, i am awake but almost in a dream state. i scream but it comes out as a whisper,this happens quite often and i believe has been happening for years. almost more succubus than shadow, im new to the realization of having a shadow person problem, but this one in my sleep is not friendly for me. i also find it strange how most of these posts meantion the 40's style hat, kind of like from the movie the adjustment bureau. i'm glad everyone else has what i'll call friendly's but the red eyed ones concern me, specially if they are growling.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I believe in shadow people. I have always seen them and have just shrugged it away. We now live in a house that is full of shadow people. My daughter awakens at night to see one standing over her as if watching her. The children that come in my house have encountered these beings and thought they were ghost. I believe they are some form of ghost. Ours have never tried to harm us but certain ones do not like cats. I have seen them in shape form, smoke form and sometimes as a film across an area in the house. Some people say I am just seeing things, but this has been happening since I was a very young child.

    • profile image

      RJay 5 years ago

      I believe i already commentted earlier today on this sight ... would like to add and i realize how insanely crazy this may sound however it can't get any more bizarre after my first shadow person experiance. Aprox 4 hrs later my neck had begun to feel soar and stiff .. i went to the mirror to examine it .. it was red and swollen and i have two small puncture marks in it .. i took pics at once. I know how insane this sounds ... try being me right now. I don't even know what to say.

    • profile image

      Alicia 5 years ago

      I have seen a shadow ghost we were traveling to schlitterbahn and needed to stay in a hotel for the night no hotels had a spot except this really old ugly hotel we had to stay at. In the middle of the night my dad my mom and my brother were asleep and all of a sudden i felt sick and nauseated so i got up to go to the bathroom and there was this manly completely black figure coming right at me and wouldnt stop and i of course thought it was my dad well the figure continued on into the bathroom i waited forever for " my dad " to come out the bathroom so i got up and looked into the bathroom no one was in there! I looked and my dad was completely ASLEEP! I was so scared but this isnt the first time things have happened to me

    • profile image

      bill 5 years ago

      well, it all started when i saw my shadow. i noticed it was tall and unussually skinny, and also looked like it wasnt casted on anything but 3d.and then it ran and disappeared.

    • profile image

      myrna 5 years ago

      I would say to have a Paranormal team come out and help you. I don't knowwhere your located but I belong to the Chico Paranormal Investigation Team. There is one for every city and you can find them on the web. Good luck and may God protect and be with you.

    • profile image

      Howard 5 years ago

      I have seen strange things my whole life, BUT , to date my home has become very chaotic and I've been seeing shodow people for the past 2 years or so. I have allways had a feeling comming up my basement steps that something is behind me . lately it gotten worse I seen a large shasow follow me up the steps and it growled at me . It scares the crap out of me. my brother has seen a white faces man at the bottom of our steps , I did not tell him what I saw and asked him to go look down stairs. He told me he saw a white face looking at him. I saw the same thing. At this point I started thinking it not mind tricks.. my son runns up stairs and is pure white and is shaking and would not tell me why he is scared, the second time he told me he is afraid of the shadows... well I am too... I have seen things that looked like dogs or small animals run past the bed, I've seen a man with a wide brim hat staring at me allways in the same spot. it used to be at only one area of the basement and now its everywhere . My girlfriend does not believe in any of this stuff and after 5 things she cant explain happening to her she is starting to believe me.

      my whole family is angry and its starting to affect my kids, I am not sure what to do.

    • jennzie profile image

      jennzie 5 years ago from Lower Bucks County, PA

      My sister claims to have seen a "shadow person" on the wall in my grandparents' house when she was little. I was there- I remember her screaming as if she was being attacked, so she definitely wasn't joking and swears what she saw to this day.

    • profile image

      Vicki 5 years ago

      I live in North Carolina and see "shadows" fairly often here, I have seen them throughout my life but there are definitely more here. They seem to gravitate toward certain people. For instance, my neighbor has one that can often be seen outside her home in the front yard. She doesn't seem to know he is there. I feel like they disappear once they are aware that I can see them. Other times I feel like they seek me out and will follow me around for a day. When they do this, I tell them they cannot stay and need to move on. I am very direct and I think it's important not to fear them, as some will use this negative energy to feed on.

      sweetpickles: Tell them, out load, to leave your home and they are not welcome. Let them know that you are surrounded by the light and love of god and he is your protector. Know that god will protect you both physically and spiritually, all you have to do is ask.

    • profile image

      kelly davis 5 years ago

      the one i saw in the mirror also had glowing red eyes with an inky black shadow surrounding them. When it turned to look at me i saw it was also wearing a fedora hat. I left the room so quickly i didn't notice any cold areas.. his eyes followed me as i left the room. Not sure what the shadow man wants but i recently saw a shadow walk up behind me and when i turned around, nothing was there.. I hear that they are evil entities who are attracted to people who have addictions. I smoke cigarettes and do not drink. I guess that they are just inquisitive or think that they will cause people t have fear that they can feed off of.

    • profile image

      Suzie P 5 years ago

      I had just got into bed and switched off the light when a pair of bright glowing red eyes appeared in the corner of my bedroom. They were right in a dark courner of my room just below the ceiling. The eyes just stared at me intensly for a few minutes, they followed me when I moved, although I was rigid with terror I did manage to shift onto my elbows and I saw the eyes flicker and move with me. I moved my gaze away from them and looked back a number of times and they were still there just as vivid and intense. They disappeared in a second, just switched off, gone just in a flash! It was the strangest experience and not until I found this website did I have any idea what I saw. There was definatley something looking at me, it felt menicing and cold, the area around the eyes was ink black. I'm convinced it was a shadow person, not a nice one and why was it looking at me like that? It was extremly disturbing and I'm not easily spooked.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 5 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Shadow People really interest me as I'm not really sure if they are ghosts or a life form of another type entirely. What if they are another life form entirely. Has any one ever thought of that.

    • sweetpickles profile image

      sweetpickles 5 years ago

      I am experiencing a shadow person in a home that I live 4-days a week. It come's from the side of the bedroom where the closet is and goes up the wall to the middle of the celing and disappears. I get scared and have been sleeping with the light on. I have not seen it now that the light is on at night. My question is, how do I address this as I have tried holy water and prayer but it still is here. I have chills and my room his chilling even when it is very hot out. Can anyone help me as the owner of the house does not beleive in such things.

    • profile image

      kelly davis 5 years ago

      i saw another one last weekend. I was outside with a guy smoking cigarettes and i saw my own shadow on the sidewalk then another one walked up from behind me on my right side, when i saw the shadow i turned immediately to see who was behind me and no one was there, my friend also saw it's shadow on the sidewalk, we don't drink and it was clearly there. Looked like a man a little taller than me, 5'7" maybe, no hat this time. Of course when i looked back nothing was behind me and nothing was on the sidewalk in front of me when i turned around, no one else was around us or the light which was suspended at the top of the apartment complex rooftop. I didn't feel threatened, just as though someone was actually going to be walking from behind me.. wish i had my camera at that moment.

    • profile image

      karen 5 years ago

      i can honestly when iv seen the shadow ghost (apart from the first sighting ) iv never felt scared or threatened. i think they are just curious, as the few iv seen just watch me ,iv also seen them in broad day light and my teenage daughter who happened to be sitting next to me at the time has seen them also. i also think they are around us more when were upset or feelimg low ,as those were the times iv seen them. im not on any medication lol just thought id get that in and perfectly happy 99.9 of the time.

    • profile image

      edward metcalf 6 years ago

      [ have had the same group of shadow people following me since i was 3yrs old they have never menaced or threathened me they have helped and guided me through life as far as i can remeber so the concept of them being evil beings is not true at all.

    • profile image

      Abet 6 years ago

      I have seen one back when i was a teen in our old Family House. I saw it ran very quickly and disappeared. On a dialy basis I hear footsteps at the second level of the house when everyone in the family was on the ground level kitchen. I knew then that there are other entities living in the house. They never seem to harm nor try and frighten us so we usually just ignore or let them be.

    • profile image

      keiiykeii 6 years ago

      once i saw a black spiderman crawling up the wall of the apartment complex across from mine, it was 1984, long before the black spiderman movie. it scared me because i thought if he's climbing that wall over there he could easily be climbing this one on my apartment! so i got out of bed and as i walked out of the bedroom, i saw a shadow in the mirror. it was just a man's head, as black as could be, a solid head but all black, he turned to look at me and he was wearing a fedora hat from the 1940's and he had glowing red eyes! i then rushed from the bedroom to the living room. I never thought anything about it until i heard on coast to coast about shadow people with red eyes! then i realized i wasn't the only one who had this in her house.

    • profile image

      hayley 6 years ago

      Ive seen some ... once at a grave yard my boy friend and his mom and i went to see my lil sister there was 15 ish that i counted that lay on the ground

    • profile image

      Griffin L 6 years ago

      Thanks for this blog.

      I moved apartment (I work in Shanghai China) because every night for around one month I felt that the light in my room was getting weirder and weirder just as I was trying to go to sleep.

      I felt a compulsion to open my eyes, strangely, and would always see shadows moving around the room. Never in predicatble ways, sometimes darting, sometimes kind of 'phasing' in and out of sight like gas. Hard to describe.

      The feeling was very unique. I was compelled to open my eyes and my eyes were then compelled to fix on a point in my small apartment from where I lay in bed.

      I would see shadows moving for several minutes and then strangely I would close my eyes and go to sleep.

      Finally this all sort of came to a head when I, again whilst trying to sleep, opened my eyes and fixed them on a point in my apartment, this time my coffee table which was only slightly visable.

      A figure appeared, somehow forming or solidifying in front of my eyes, yet still being only shadowy and dark.

      It was a large man, he was tall and big, not thin but broad shouldered.

      He had no face or discernable features, just a shape which was human (anthrapomorphic) and he was definitely a man.

      For what seemed to be a minute at least he stood watching me and then turned and slowly moved/drifted towards my front door and was gone.

      I felt calm and after seeing this I once more closed my eyes and went to sleep.

      The next day I woke up and immediately was shocked and shaken by what had happened the previous night. I told all my colleagues at work and I felt excited yet a little nervous.

      Over the next few days I saw more shadows yet the man didnt appear to me again.

      I developed a nervous tick on my top lip and when telling this story to more people, one time of note being when I told my students aproximately one week later my emotions were I quess stretched too far and my eyes welled up with tears.

      I had the tick on my lip for at least a month, I have just used a tissue because recounting this story makes me teary even now. Phycologically I know this event affected me badly, though to be perfectly frank: whoever the person or thing was that appeared to me, and whatver those lesser shadows or shadow phenomina were which I also witnessed; I know there was no malice or threatening energy coming from it.

      Having said that - I moved from that apartment and I have never seen anything like it since.

    • profile image

      karen 6 years ago

      Iv seen a shadow man for the last 14 years iv moved home three times , not because of the shadow , and its been the same shadow the whole time. Its about six and a half foot tall and it has a solid black form ,there are no features to the face but thers a solid outline to the body and it apears to have its arms crossed. Iv always seen it in brightly lit doorways and during the daytime. Im aware of it watching me but as i turn my head to look at it it melts away .i know its a male form becase of the way it stands and the ouline of the body.iv never been scared of it just a little unerved when iv caught out of the corner of my eye .

    • profile image

      lovinglibra 6 years ago

      Well the past few months I have sensed and seen things out of the corner of my eyes. I have seen white and black shadows run across the floor, this is usually where I see them in my dining room going across the floor sometimes they feel ok and sometimes I feel scared or negative. I have pictures on my phone of these mists always in the same area of my home its night there's no light reflection it is the exact same mist as in above photo. I took a pic of my child with her father it was about 9 pm I still had the curtains open there are faces & figures in the window looking at me and looking over at them. My boyfriend says its his father and uncle who were both killed years ago I showed co workers of mine they all couldn't believe what they were seeing its so vivid in 2 pictures right after another they moved. But lately I see the shadows as dog like forms I could go on and on but any opinions? Email me

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Very interesting discussion/theory/observations by you. Some think that everything exists in a parallel universe concurrently...kind along the lines of the theory of relativity. That we all exist from the beginning of time up to now (our perception) and beyond what our senses tell us. I am certainly not going to contradict the possibility of this phenomenon. Very interesting and enjoyable hub. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Shannon 6 years ago

      As an avid researcher of the paranormal, myself, I think that at times the menacing shadow people could actually be an inccubus or a succubus. Feeding off of the life energy of people. It is possible. They could also be perhaps apparitional residue from other times.

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      Very intresting. I have never seen them myself. Thank you for the great hub on shadow people.

    • Austinstar profile image

      Austinstar 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      More things exist in this universe than we'll ever know about. My husband is sensitive to ghosts, while I am not. We tried walking into Iao Valley one night and Bob could not go there, he was overwhelmed with something that truly bothered him. I felt nothing but the wind.

      Iao Valley on Maui is famous for the battle between two Kings. Some say more than a thousand warriors were backed up to a cliff in the valley and were forced over it. Their blood made the Iao valley stream run red.

      I am fascinated by ghosts and shadow people, but I am resigned to never being able to actually see one. Perhaps they only show themselves to people they like or don't like.

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