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Shadows That Peek

Updated on June 28, 2015
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My one and only goal in writing is to increase the likelihood of intellectual thought coupled with critical examinations of societal trends.

Shadows of Memories

Often times we forget just how different other places in the world can be from what we are used to. The differences become apparent usually in simple things like what kind of food other countries offer or how how people of other nations they great one another. My experience was far less comfortable than than that of most people traveling from country to country and is an experience that I will not likely forget anytime soon.

While deployed abroad in the Marine corps, I had the pleasure of seeing a whole new culture. While some of it was quite disturbing, much of it was interesting and enjoyable. (if you ever get the chance to have goat in Afghanistan, try it!). One thing that seemed rather strange and unpleasant about the place however, was the fact that it seemed that tall and thin shadows would peak out at me and my partner in the middle of the night almost every night.

For me this was a bit unerving at first and actually made me question whether or not I was seeing them or just tired. I spoke to my partner and he admitted that he had seen the same thing as well, but did not want to say anything for fear his mental state being questioned. While I am fully aware of how high stress situations can bring about strange reaction psychologically, to this day I still have trouble believing that what I had seen was nothing more than a hallucination.

One night, under the moon in Afghanistan, I sat smoking a cigarette before climbing into my. I had just finished a twelve hour security detail and sat enjoying the warm air relaxing my mind before passing out for the night. I remember that night well because the moon had been so very bright. In the desert of southern Helmand province, night is as black as pitch. So much so that you barely make out your hand in the darkness. When ever there was a full moon however, The sands were a lite with with the white of moon making it very easy to see.

As I enjoyed my nightly smoke I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a tall black shadow round the corner to my right. Being tired I thought nothing of it and blinked my eyes, not even bother to cast a glance in it's direction. When I blinked, I could the shadow moving closer to me. It came so close infact that I could make out a head and shoulders above a pitch black frame. The heckles on my neck began to rise as I continued to smoke refusing to look at the shadow. When it reached me, the black form sat down next to me. Not believing that this could in any way be real i turned my head to look. When I did I saw only a full black sillouette hunched over on the bench beside me with it's head turned toward me. I refused to yell out or say anything. Instead I put my cigarette out at my feet (only half finished) and calmly walked to my squad bay. I passed directly by the shadow and out of the corner of my eye, watched it's black head fallow me as I passed. While this may sound as though I was calm, cool, and collected, in all honesty I was so dismayed at what I was seeing, that I did not know how to react and felt that I would rather be in my rack rather than alone in the night, smoking a cigarette with a shadow that may or may not have been there. While I have had other experiences with shadow people, this is one that will stay with me until I die.

I would like to point out that before this point in time I had no idea that shadow people were "common" if I may use the term. It seems that they are particularly common in areas of great strife or hardship. Helmand province was indeed a place of strife and hardship as most place in war-zones are. As fun as it may be to jump to the conclusion that I had an experience with the beings they call shadow people on this and other occasions, I feel it is important to take a look at what information is currently available that may or may not support their existence.

Shadow people themselves have been chronicled throughout history and have been bothering us normal nice folk for some time. Many of the more recent sightings are said to have been in the witness's bedroom. It also seems that many people believe that there sighting occurred while they were in that strange state between dreaming and reality also none as a hypnagogic state. I would like to take that last sentence apart for a moment.

The idea that shadow people come in the night while a person is sleeping or in between dreams as it were plays into the idea that shadow people are simple the by product of our front-loaded imaginations toying with our minds in a lucid state by replicating things that we have seen or heard. there are two counter arguments to this. One is that while are minds are in are in a relaxed state we are better able to perceive the beings of the supernatural. If we can slow our minds down enough and relax, we become more in tune with our spiritual senses. I have always found that idea just a little to zen for me but interesting none the less.

The other is that they , the shadow people, are intelligent beings that know when we are weakest. Some believe that they come to us when we are sleeping because that is when we will feel the most fear from the encounter. There is a somewhat jarring theory that our own fear gives them sustenance. I myself cannot even fathom how such a thing could be the case and take a much more physical stance on the subject.

Perhaps what is even more frightening than the beings themselves is that now in more recent times, there are increasing reports that people are actually being attacked by these shadow beings. Perhaps most well known case of this was written about in 2013 covering the horrific experience of a young woman who claimed to be violated late one night while in here bed. Other reports include lacerations and bruising from black beings who came seemingly from nowhere.

I want to finish with one last thought, It would seem that many people have had experiences with these creatures as children. As they grow older, the experiences become less and less until it is all but gone save a dark memory that is shrugged off nervously. If you have had such an experience, please share it at the bottom. If you have insight into your experiences, you have all the more reason to share. Thank you and look for my next post in the coming week.

What about you?

Have you ever had an experience with the shadow people or something like them?

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