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Make Some Right Stuff

Updated on November 11, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

So much beauty in the simplest intimacies of nature!
So much beauty in the simplest intimacies of nature! | Source

This is the STUFF That Drives us Crazy

The stuff gets us crazy as we get rattled and sidetracked; if we shake people up, we allow most of the negatives to drop away? Given the opportunity, people are sincere; at least, they try to be. The dilemma presents when affected by the images in the universe! If we shelter ourselves too often, we lose familiarity with what's happening around us. We may as well grow complacent in our little groups as we shut ourselves off from others, restricting their potential for strengthening in our lives. Suppose our society remains locked, with agreeable little friends we've chosen and admitted into our inner sanctum soon after. In that case, I suspect limits to any resolution, and is this what we prefer? If we live as representatives of God's people, we must live less discriminating and maintained.

True, we must refuel and invest ourselves with individuals who aspire to do well, at least as best they can. When people around us follow Christ, this helps us continue to be better for Him. But we must be careful not to become trapped in our stuff, both material and emotional. Become a steadfast believer and move back to His Word, prepared to explore His revelation instead of your own.

There is a mutual obligation to share the good news. We should seek to improve ourselves as disciples and bring others to it. Often, personal agendas distract from the desire to open our circles, limiting our ability to share God's promises. We will answer the call to make our valuable stuff for God's glory, so reach out and get to know people where they live, available and prepared to hear from nonauthors' testimony.

The Wrong Stuff

Question: Why is it that once we decide to follow Him, we don't always change how we react to the STUFF?







Now, we are offenders of reacting to stuff! Sometimes when we worry about what others think, we stray from the focus of what God has planned? When do we find fault in another person instead of owning our part in the problem? The instant we allow our words or thoughts to judge or condemn or choose not to treat a brother as one made in the image of the most loving God, we have missed the point. Often we forget He sees everything, both in public and private? We're not performing on a stage in one theater. Because His scene is everywhere, we can't and should not want to hide our actions if they are for Him.

When, amid our narcissistic thought, do we even stop to give thanks? Does this time comprise a quick head bows with a formal speech before plowing into a fantastic feast? Can't we take a second to consider those with nothing to eat or the lost, lonely, homeless, addicted, imprisoned, or hopeless? What if we stop worrying about material things or our wants long enough to go to praise Our Father and pray to Him?

This truth should not stir up guilt; how limiting can we be in our devotion becomes habitual offenders? Do we become complacent? As humans, we distract ourselves from reality. While aware of the devastation that touches populations young and old, we continue to deny it. Caught up in ourselves, we lose sight of what's essential, but the best way to get through life is not to worry yourself and instead help others.

When caring for others, we are no longer uncontrolled as foolish fakes! In this venture, we are working hard to present Christ to everyone. Christians must become better at this selfless representation as God's children. Other times we slip. We must keep trying to recognize that we are dealing with junk that takes away from God and His plan for our lives.

So much stuff!

Don't let your stuff overwhelm you!
Don't let your stuff overwhelm you! | Source

The Right Stuff

Maybe we could take our stuff and get rid of it? It's time to shake things up! We might start talking to someone, then someone who understands us frustrated or a person we have avoided; perhaps we begin with a smile where there is a frown and reaches a hand out to someone who needs theirs held. Visit an old friend needing a listener or work to understand someone you may have judged but didn't know?

The truth of surrender is to admit that all people deserve love in the light of God, and everyone's heart is as important as our own. Everyone is essential, not only those from our inner circles. Our rings often change; what's interesting about that is that we can always come full circle in forgiveness. We can start by shaking our world enough to let go of the negatives we hold. If we did more good deeds, the positives would surface? It seems our society wants us to give more attention to the negative energy; the truth is , people like to feel good. However, media and worldview keep us bound in the yuck and not the sum of life's good news! What a concept to believe in, hope for the future, and share that with others. This strategy we can get behind!

Our hearts are like flypaper for stuff. Hence, it will be immediate that things will want to cling back to us. By making a repellent together walking in the light of Christ, we can find all the Right STUFF to get involved together. When we let the good stuff cling, we will see only the Christ-likeness within one another.






Family of Christians

Let's not just write it, let's not just sing it, let's not just say it or pretend it, let's DO IT!

Please, can we all try to do more of THE RIGHT STUFF?

We have some work to do, people!

What do you think?

As we deal with our stuff are we to remain a Christ-like representation?

See results

© 2011 Kathy Henderson


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