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Shaping Your Destiny

Updated on June 2, 2009

You can make a difference every day

Be careful of your thoughts,
For they become your words.
Be careful of your words,
For they become your actions.
Be careful of your actions,
For they become your habits.
Be careful of your habits
For they become your character.
Be careful of your character
For your character becomes your destiny.

This little moral saying has been doing the rounds of the internet for some time now. In fact the first time I heard it was when I was just 13 years old. It all sounded grand at that age, and I prompted noted it down in a little “Quotes Diary” I used to maintain. All the nice proverbs, sayings and verses I liked used to find their way into that diary. It was one of my most precious possessions at that stage.

Then I suppose just as promptly I forgot all about it. Till this group of phrases hit me in a mail when I was in college. By then I had lived life somewhat and the truth of the words was visible in the thoughts, words, actions and habits of my friends. I could see the idiom in work among them. I started to think it was very profound. Then again I forwarded it to all the friends I could think of and forgot about it.

After that I went about living my life, got married, worked, had a baby, and this morning read the newspaper. We have a local rag here called DLA AM. It’s the only local English Newspaper and very often I feel like offering my services to do their proofreading and editing free of charge. The reason I still subscribe to it, is that it lets me know what’s happening in Agra and it has this sweet section called “Thoughts”. Guess what was printed there today?

How did I react to it? Somewhat the same some what different. I still believed it was very true, but I was also able to see one more truth that existed there between the lines. It was the fact that at every stage, there was an option to change. You can change your thoughts, to change your words. Changed words will lead to different actions, and habits. Different habits mean a different character. So by the simple means of controlling your personal thoughts you can control your very destiny.

Now that was really profound. How often do you pay attention to what you are thinking? Do you even realize that you are conditioning yourself to act and react in a certain way just because of those thoughts? Consider this a small boy with a bunch of flowers is trying to sell you some as you get into your car. What do you do? Some get angry, because all they want to do is get in the car and drive away, some get sympathetic and buy a flower. Why do they react differently? People have different natures, because they have different thoughts that dominate their minds.

So the next time you catch yourself thinking, think about how it will affect your destiny, and never make the mistake of thinking that it will not affect anything…


The energy of the universe flows as you make it flow. Make it flow well to shape your destiny.
The energy of the universe flows as you make it flow. Make it flow well to shape your destiny.


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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 6 years ago from India

      Thank you for stopping by. Its an interesting debate to see what is destined and what can be changed. personally I believe that we fix some of it before we hit earth and then after birth we are on our own trying to do what we decided needed to be done in this lifetime by sticking to the original game plan. Some of us get distracted and then have to be born again to do the task we decided we needed to.

    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 6 years ago from Canada

      Nice hub. Some would argue that our fate and destinies are pre ordained, while others would say that our future hasn't been written in details, rather only in broad strokes. It is up to us to fill in the details.

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Hi cashmere very nice hub. I agree we must train our thoughts We are what we believe and think and say.In these times of challenge this is very important. God will supply we must keep out mind on the high road. I joined your fan club. Please visit my hubs I think you will be blessed. I love new fans

    • Kimberly Bunch profile image

      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Awesome! Here's one along those lines:

    • profile image

      Kimberly 8 years ago

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      I have read Covey's book but am unfamiliar with Donella meadows work. Will check it out. Thanks for your beautiful comment Michael.

    • profile image

      Michael 8 years ago

      Stephen Covey in his book the seven habits of highly effective people, in the early chapters, talks about the difference between 'personality ethic' and 'character ethic'.

      Personality ethic is often centered around 'perceptions' - ie trying to 'seem' a certain way, to get what you want. It talks about modifying attitude, which is useful, but in many ways it is superficial, ie manipulative, and when people see that someone is just acting a certain way to get what they want, trust and the foundation of the relationship collapses; at least in as much as people will expect that you won't live up to the values you espouse if they don't seem to serve you in a given moment or situation.

      Character based ethic is more about integrating values, and focussing on who you are 'becoming'; this is a life-long endeavour, but also nurture the foundation of relationships. As people get to know you more, they will trust you more; at least in as much as they believe you will live for and stand up for you values. This means, strangely enough, that such a person with 'character', who seems inept and incapable of their noble aims, may elicit aid from those who may be more capable in some areas - if they believe that, given this aid, this person with character will do the right thing, and actually be able to succeed. The more so if such aid requires little effort or risk to oneself.

      A principle he talks about related to this, and how the authour and his wife needed to 'change their perceptions' of their son, to stop 'projecting' their fears of his frailty and weakness, to instead nurture him by projecting trust in him and his abilities, suggests another dynamic that seems to me to exist as sphere of influence extending outward.

      change your perceptions,

      change yourself;

      change yourself,

      change your family/friends;

      change your family,

      change your local community;

      change your local community,

      change the global community.

      Donella meadows states something simliar in her twelve leverage points to intervene in a system (wikipedia 'twelve leverage points'), listing 'changing your paradigm', or basically how you perceive the system, the world, define yourself, your role, the problem, the solution, etc, as the most powerful way to change these things.

      Thinking outside the box. 'there is no box'

      create any shape or form of box to suit any situation you see fit, by losing attachment to having to see things only in one particular way.

      There is no spoon. We cannot see the future past a decision whose reasons we cannot understand. The journey outward can be empowered by a similar journey inward.

      We need to know ourselves, in order to know the world.

      (It's said slightly differently in "the art of war")