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Shared inheritance

Updated on July 24, 2011

Paved with gold

My spin on real treasure

The only legacy we should endeavor to leave behind for others is not ours to give or possess, it is only to share. It seems to some to be complete rubbish, yet to the many who see the actual worth, it is a treasure beyond our limited comprehensions.
God is life and treasure is spending what can't be earned and that is life through his Son, Christ the Lord ☺

the gift received

When all else fails as it will sometimes, it is a refuge we seek to recover from our follies or the wounds received at another's hand.

But when we have true wisdom, a wisdom that surpasses all other knowledge, that is or was, with One exception. Then we know we will be forever confident of adequate provision in our findings, for we will have found our Utopia, and we will have found our treasure, an inheritance that can never be destroyed.

This is the treasure given freely to all who seek the Lord, hearing his message and receiving it with joy and a call to action.


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    • Johnathan L Groom profile image

      Johnathan L Groom 6 years ago from Bristol, CT

      You're so right.