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Sharia Justice

Updated on March 27, 2010

The eyes of love

Sharia and Love

I met Miriam,Fatima and Usman those days at the University and we all became very close friends irrespective of our different religious belief.

Something that changed our lives happened just at the prime of our lives, this is a young bright girl,in whose eyes,a young man sees,he calls it the eyes of love but there was something against these eyes.It is something i do not know how to explain but what is Sharia?

You see, Sharia and Love does not agree

Fatima became pregnant immediately after our graduation, they both had dreams of a wonderful wedding, a wedding that will be graced with love and teen memories, a wedding i will witness, she told me that she will wear a white gown and will be graced with flowers and white roses,she dreamed of wearing gold bangles.Usman was so happy and i was too, you would even think that it was going to be my own wedding.

They decided to tell their families about their dreams and plans but that was where the whole problem began.Fatima's father said that she has stained the family's name by having an affair before marriage, so he took her to the local council where it was stated that Islam forbids such an affair and under the sharia law, she has committed an abominable act punishable by stoning to death.

I could not believe this when i heard it, these are folks who wish to get married and to them pregnancy was even the best option to allow them tie up with each other.I traveled back to their state to make sure that this was not a joke but to my own disbelief, you dare not mix SAHRIA AND LOVE.

She was sentenced to death by the council of elders in their so called Sharia court under the sharia law.They said it is HONOR TO HER FAMILY AND TO ISLAM.


This is barbaric. How can this thing happen and how can a father ever be so ruthless,i am still about to come to terms with the whole situation and the fate of my dear friends.Sitting with Usman that evening before her execution took me back to our last days at school.

She wanted to marry the only man she ever loved and dreamed of a blissful and colorful wedding,she asked me to promise and vow that i will attend her wedding, this i did and i kept my vow but It was not her wedding,there were lots of people as she told me but none was there to trow roses and flowers on her,they were all there to trow stones.

She told me that i will witness the first Muslim marriage and family get together of my life, yes it was a get together but like she said that i will hear different kinds of musics and love songs, i heard nothing but roars of mobs chatting Allah-u-Akbar! There was no song neither was there music.

She wore her dream white gown and there was a pit dug for her, it was not a lovely cushion as she told me.

Sharia Justice.

Sharia Justice.

I can't believe what i saw.

They tied her hands to her body

They buried her up to her waist

I wanted to save her but there was nothing i could do,they said that she defiled ISLAM and has to pay this prize.

I could still remember everything as it happened,they circled her with stones and showed no mercy to her despite the fact that she was pregnant, to them, the baby itself is a curse and need to be confined in the same solitary withe the mother.They stoned her from close range,i cried as each stone hit her while she twitched with pains.

Blood gushed from her eyes,nostrils and ears,she was shouting but i could not hear whatever she said, there was chants of Allah-u-Akbar! Allah-u-Akbar! Allah-u-Akbar! Allah-u-Akbar! Allah-u-Akbar! Finally, i saw my dear friend gave up the ghost as her head fell sideways but this did not even stop the rays of stones.

Usman was left heartbroken,i didn't know how i left their state,the trauma was too much and it still hurt me though Usman was sentenced to 100 lashes of the Cain but what is Sharia?

He could no longer bear the pains and injustice against the only lady he love and i wonder how he manged to survive the one month before he decided to give his sweetheart and unborn child Justice. He went into the bush that evening, to him, it was honorable and it means JUSTICE because mixing Sharia with love according to the so called council of elders is not tolerated in ISLAM.

He hanged himself.

A note was discovered in his pocket, it was a note he wrote the night before his suicide.

“Justice deprived is never justice denied, for my unborn and true love, i give this justice. Allah will forever hold you ransom for casting the first stone upon a girl who did you no harm, a girl who gave her heart to the man she truly love, the blood of my child who you gave no chance to feel fresh air will forever remain a course upon you and your entire families, I lay my life today as a sigh of honor for my family”

Sharia Law.

His death was never talked about,no one cared and no one will ever care but i care that is why i wrote this hub.

Now i ask, will the so called council of elders, ever lay hands on him and his sweet heart again?

Perhaps my dear friend is safe somewhere, where no one will hurt his family or term them taboo(s) to Islam.


I mean not to offend anyone with this hub but i am highlighting on the injustice upon our sisters in the Northern Nigeria,Somalia,Ethiopia,Saudi Arabia,Afghanistan,USA, UK, Yemen, Iraq and all over the world.

Where are the true Muslims?

What is the real essence of Sharia Law?

Is this barbarism true Islam?

Is this what Islam stand for?

I want to know.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      Thanks Freya Cesare,i appreciate the light u shed in here.

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Rossimobis, hello.

      I'm really understand your feeling. But I must clear this a little even with my little understanding on this law.

      1. Stone to death for adulterer is should do under strict law.

      2. It should brought the two of adulterer, not just the lady.

      3. It need to bring 4 witness to testify (if less then 4, the punishment will drop by itself) that she really did adultery, and those witnesses must be those who we really can put trust on; do not have a grudge on the couple at all.

      4. Those punishment will be drop if someone testify; before the adulterer being caught by law, they already repentant with all of their heart. if this is the case, the adulterer can't be judge any more! They should be free from the punishment.

      5. It can not do when the lady pregnant. No way!

      6. The punishment for the adulterer who not married yet is 100 lashes, not stone to death.

      7. The punishment for the adulterer who already married is 100 lashes or confined to death, not stone to death!

      Stoning to death punishment never existed in Al Qur'an but it is in Torah. The history of this punishment in Islam written in hadidth where there is a story about a single pregnant woman who asked Muhammad, SAW the way to clean her sin after committing adultery. Muhammad, SAW asked her if her pregnancy caused by rape, and she said no. She want to be forgiven since the hell more scary than what earth ever hold. Muhammad. SAW told her to get birth to her baby first and back again after that. When she finally coming back again and ready to get her punishment, Muhammad, SAW ordered her to be stoning to death.

      What I'm trying to tell you is this; this woman not stoning to death without her own will. She asked for it because by stoning to death she do not have to paid this sin in hell, and Muhammad, SAW only give her a way to save her soul from hell.

      Rossimobis, I'm so sorry that you already witnessed the worst from my community, but trust me, this is not how Islam told people to treat and keep the Sharia. What you witnessed indeed barbaric and it is not Islamic, but only shaitan game playing over human rotten mind. Sadly many of Muslim really mislead by this. For this I believe Allah will punish them severely!

      I will try to writing a hub about this later, Insha Allah.

    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 8 years ago from Biafra

      I believe that there is a misinterpretation some where so they don't see reasons to step back.Glad you came down this way to check on me...I am okay and will keep circling.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Insanity rules the day. Can they not step back and use common sense to determine what is more rational? Is it natural to commit a sin. Is this sin un-natural? Is stoning someone a "natural" action? Is killing natural? so religious there is no mind! Thanks Rossimobis!