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Sharing Christian Preschool Books

Updated on January 23, 2013
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Bronwen was a teacher for over forty years. Degrees include School Librarianship, Psycholinguistics and Theology, and Applied Linguistics.

Physical Types of Books and Genres are Varied

Preschool books for Christian children come in many different genres and are produced in a variety of different ways. They may be board books that are suitable for little fingers, paper books with soft or hard covers, or e-books of different types and these latter may be interactive. The genres may be varied, too, or even intermingled in the one book.

When my children were tiny, preschool books even came printed on tough cloth and could be popped into the washing-machine when necessary, and later starched and ironed, but I haven't seen any of these around lately, so perhaps they aren't available any more. I remember one that was much loved. It consisted of the Lord's Prayer and included some delightful, colourful little illustrations.

Sharing is Important

By writing that sharing is important in the Christian home, I mean that it is of major importance. How can we help our children to learn to love books and reading?

1. By our modelling. Our preschoolers can learn from our modelling when they see how we handle our books with respect and care, how we enjoy reading - and preschoolers are always learning every day, watching and observing how we behave, imitating and copying us more than we would wish, sometimes! A child's rate of intake is amazing at this age and that is why our sharing of their books with them is so important.

2. By our careful choice. Whether we choose Christian books that are simplified Bible stories from the Old or New Testament, imaginative stories that teach a Christian tenet, or perhaps a tale where the moral is told in a great fun way, we need to select them carefully. The books we choose may have been purchased at a Christian bookshop or on-line so they can be kept and enjoyed over and over, or borrowed from a local library. However, choosing and providing our preschoolers with good books is just the beginning; it is how we use them that is vital.

3. By showing that we care. The crucial thing is that as Christian parents, or Christian Grandparents, we show our preschoolers that we care about them and about books. We need to sit down next to him or her in a comfortable place and put an arm around them as we share the book together. That is the key. It takes time - and often considerable effort to make the time - but it is so very important that we show our little ones that they are loved and that sharing good Christian books together is a really important activity.

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