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Sheihu Dr. Imam Salawatia 2016 Tafsir Series in Hausa.

Updated on August 4, 2016

Sheihu Dr. Imam Salawatia 2016 Ramadan Tafsir Theme

It will surprise you to know that, the complete Ramadan Qur’anic exegesis for 2016 of Sheihu Salawatia (Qutb Zaman) centered on Qur’an Chapter 1:5. The verse reads “You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
This verse talks about the pledge or commitment every Muslim made with Allah not to worship any except Him alone. It is also a commitment we made not to seek assistance from any but He alone.

Every Muslim knows that worshiping anything besides Allah is Shirk. Likewise, associating partners with Allah in worship is prohibited in Islam. This fulfills the first part of the verse “You alone do we worship.” However, the second part of the verse “… and You alone do we ask for help” is not given much attention as it deserves. It escapes most of us in our daily dealings.

This verse is recited repeatedly in every Salat. The commitment is also renewed constantly every time we recite the verse. If Allah is the only One we pledged to seek for help of any form, will it be wrong if we seek assistance from others apart from Allah? Will seeking for help from others amount to shirk as the first part of the verse does when gone contrary?

If associating or worshiping others with Allah amounts to shirk, it implies that seeking help from others apart from Allah also amounts to Shirk. Most often than not, Muslim scholars hammer on the first part of the verse leaving the latter without much tackling. It is therefore paramount to know that, the second part of the verse is as important as the first.

If we accept that this pledge we made with Allah is important and should be kept in check. Then, can we seek for medical treatment when we are sick? Can we ask friends and relatives for financial assistance or assistance of any kind when we are in need? Or do we ask only Allah for help in every situation? If the latter is what we pledged, how do we then seek every need and help from Allah for it to be granted?

To find out how to seek help from Allah in every circumstance in solving our problems, then, one must take some time off his/her busy schedule to listen to the tafsir of Sheihu Dr. Imam Salawatia. In it, one will learn how to depend solely in Allah for his substance and help. By so doing will one attain Allah’s pleasure and achieve the Ultimate Success one desires.

The complete tafsir of Sheihu Salawatia is uploaded in Gallery. In the menu under the Audio section. What do you make of the theme for this year ramadan tafsir?


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