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Updated on March 9, 2012

Lake of Fire

To the grave

In the Hebrew language, 'Sheol" means grave or pit. One day our bodies will be returned back to the earth, what will become of who we were, will our soul, our essence, go along as well? Many believe just that, in death we no longer live, there is nothing else. Who is right, can anyone prove life after death, can anyone disprove it?

As a Christian, I don't accept the grave as the end, only as a new beginning. Many other followers of Abrahamic faiths believe this to be true as well and although there are variances as to what the other side will be like, we do believe there is another book to be opened, when the first one closes.

I am ignorant of what that will be like, it is as unfathomable as are the ends of the universe or even the notion that there are any ends.

Imagine we die, then our bodies are placed in the ground. That's it? No, that is not it, from here, even in death of the physical body, there is life. The organisms of the air and of the soil, they consume the body and the body nourishes the organism. The body is broken down, but it doesn't disappear. It assumes a new role here, on this earth and those same molecules, once contained within a thin membrane layer are released to travel throughout this earth, but they do not disappear. Such is the same for our memory, surely with regards to our families, we are the patriarchs or matriarchs. Perhaps if we have been blessed by means of gifts, we may leave a scratch in the annals of this world, a legacy for humanity to enjoy.

But I believe there to be a bigger possibility for each of us, through and after the physical death we all must accept. Just as that skin keeps our flesh from becoming wayward, God, if we chose to accept Him, will keep our souls from the pit, from Sheol.


The grave

The End

Death has come and is always coming, never satisfied, always hungry. The grave, Sheol, is only the end for those who believe there to be nothing else, what difference will it make for those who believe there is more? Well, even if we have no proof of life beyond physical death, what harm comes in accepting the possibility; in embracing hope, through faith and expect more than what we see?

Would it really matter to say and believe "We expect to be resurrected and to have eternal life, to be in the care and embrace of our Creator", what harm does this do? Rather than dwell on what we can gain for ourselves, we can live in hope of what does not stay behind, our loving and kind spirit. There are many who don't share in my hope and they are good and kind people. I would like that they should be joining me one day, perhaps they will consider what there is to gain and what there is to lose. Dear LORD, I don't consider anyone unintelligent, we are all made in your likeness and we all make our own choices. I pray and for myself, as well as others, that perhaps we all consider the possibility of your existence and that even if our faith is small or our hope seems slim, that we would come to realize that we can move aside our barriers of only believing what we can see or hold, that we can trust our own instincts of knowing our own knowledge, no matter how great, is still limited, we are always grappling with new ideas, we are always searching for solutions and yet, you, O LORD, have never left. Some may say you never were and just like many an idea, they never were either, until someone invested faith and time into those ideas, that brought about life.

Life from Death? Fairytale? The end is most definitely nearer, everyday, for those who believe there is nothing more.

The River Styx

I wont be crossing here, no I can not, this is hate and not love, this is death and not life. I will not cross here. Where I am going you can not follow, but unless I go, I can not send the Helper, that is the Comforter. Unless I go, you will not have life.

I will not follow you, I will not follow, just not yet, for my time has not yet come, but when it does arrive, I will give to Charon what is his wage, that I may cross the Acheron and not sit idly by and by. I will enter the grave and accept my fate, my judgement be upon me, my name not found among the living. What I have sown in life, I shall also now reap in the everafter.

Styx-Boat on the River


Am I washed in the blood of the Lamb? Are my garments spotless, are they clean as snow, am I washed in the blood of the Lamb? Sanctification, am I regarded as holy enough to enter into the LORD's court? He will alter my path, He will have my Intercessor, dwell within me till I have become as silver put to the flame, removing the dross or as wheat being threshed, removing the chaff. Yes, I must be made right in his eyes. He is holy and can not accept anything less than the same.

I am made over, as the bride prepares herself before meeting the groom, the church and it's many members of one body, each is primped and made ready before the big day, the unifying moment. It will take time though, some may only need wash of their feet, for their bodies are already clean,but they wandered off the road and into the mire a while before being helped back onto the road. Still others may take more time to be made ready, they did not stay ready, they rested to much and gained back flesh that they must now lose again, so they might fit once more into the spotless garments chosen for them long ago by the bridegroom, that is the Christ.

We stay not for eternity, this be a laying over, a final preparation for those who have been hindered. He waits patiently though, not becoming ill tempered. He anticipates our arrival and when we get there he ogles us and reaches for our hands, to present us as an object of beauty, as the apple of his eye.

Going Down


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