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Shining Your Light in a Time of Great Economic Despair

Updated on May 5, 2012

“Every morning is a new beginning, a new chance for you to rewrite the story of your life.” ~Tina Su

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” ~Buddha


The Economic Storms

With companies laying people off in record numbers, mom and pop establishments going under, families losing their homes, schools laying off well-needed teachers, it is hard not to be upset by the economic state of this country.

My heart goes out to those affected by this economic crisis.

Imagine dedicating forty plus years of your life to a company to only be terminated because they found a person to do the job for peanuts. What does this say about loyalty? What does it say about dedication? Nothing, when you are a company that only focuses on dollars and cents!

To me that doesn’t make sense! We are spiritual beings, not mechanical machines!

I feel very sad when I see a mom and pop business go under. It is hard for them to stay in business when competing with large corporations that pay their employees slave wages, get special tax incentives, and employ slave labor to make their products.

That house that you’ve been paying steadily for twenty years is no longer yours, because you cannot keep up with the payments, due to the fact that you were laid off. It didn’t matter that you were the hardest worker in the company. It didn’t matter that you did the job of three people. In the company’s eyes, you were only a number. You were replaced with a minimum waged worker.

The teacher that made a huge difference to the lives of her students did not matter when it came to budget cuts. We are told that our children are our future, but with every passing year they cut more and more, and we are at the point in which there is nothing left to cut. What can we do during this economic crisis?

Cairo and Munchkin sharing love.
Cairo and Munchkin sharing love. | Source

Law of Attraction Empowerment Visualization

Shine that Beautiful Light

Being compassionate is very important during this economic crisis. How would we feel if we were one of the individuals that have been deeply affected by the crisis? I know that at some level we are all affected by this.

We can do a lot by sending our loving energy to those affected by these rough economic times. This may not cure their economic woes, but it may help to ease their pain.

Treat others with kindness. Kindness goes a long way to make a difference in someone’s life. An act of kindness has the power to shift a person’s emotional state.

There is also the option of sharing. We can share our time, love, items, and services with others. I have noticed that more and more people going back to bartering.

If we have the money and resources, we can create jobs by starting our own business. Imagine how freeing it would be to have your own business. You can run it the way you want to run it!

We can also pray, meditate, and visualize. These things have been proven to make changes.

Form your own group. This might be a "Law of Attraction" group, visualization group, prayer group, meditation group, and so on. Use your imagination.

Miracles can happen if you believe.

You are the Miracle

The Magic Formula

Amazing things happen - miracles - when large groups of people come together.

It only takes the square root of one percent of the population to jump start a change. If this number of people all focused on prosperity and abundance, we would begin to see amazing results. Of course, the more people involved the stronger the effect.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


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    • Terry27 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terry Fatland 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      You're welcome, mcleodgi. I'm glad this post spoke to you. I can also relate to you. I also have Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, but I am not working in that field. I was going to school to work on my Master's in Counseling, but I eventually left because it lacked the spiritual aspect.

      I am currently going to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, because they focus on the spiritual and holistic aspects. I see my self working as a practitioner in a spiritual/holistic center, or starting my own practice.

      I think it is wonderful that you are volunteering. That is a wonderful way to gain experience and make connections. My wife did volunteer work. She very much enjoyed it.

      I think it is great that you want find a career that resonates with you. I don't think a person should settle for less. I wish you the best in your educational endeavors.

    • mcleodgi profile image

      Ginny McLeod 

      6 years ago from Overland Park

      Thanks so much, Terry27, I've been looking for something like this for a long time now. I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Art. Like many I have had a lot of difficulties finding a job (mostly due to my lack of experience) but I don't let it discourage me and have been doing a lot of volunteer work. Aside from the usual meditative work and cocreation, I think this is also a great time for many to volunteer and unfortunately, many don't seem to think of it.

      Since it's going on almost three years since I've graduated, I'm ready to just get a move on to the career I really want and am planning to go back to school, not this coming Fall but Fall '13. :)

    • Terry27 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terry Fatland 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      Thank you very much Seeker7. I am glad you enjoyed my hub. I love to write from the heart. It brings me great pleasure to share my work with others.

      I totally agree that we all can give a little in helping those that are struggling. It is a great feeling to be of service to others.

      I greatly appreciate you voting this hub up! Thank you very much.

    • Terry27 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terry Fatland 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      Hi Tony. Great to see you again. I don't have as much time to stop by as well, since I am going to school full-time. And even though I lead a busier life these days, I still I enjoy doing my part in helping the world. I enjoy writing and connecting from the heart.

      I'm glad that you enjoyed the videos. Take care. I'll see you around.


    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      This is a very beautiful and uplifting hub. I think if we can all give just a little to those who are struggling it will ease the burden of this recession for many!!

      Voted up!

    • TKs view profile image

      TKs view 

      6 years ago from The Middle Path

      Greetings, Terry

      It's been a while since I've been able to stop by, but I'm glad to see you're still doing so much to help uncover the dream within the illusion.

      Great videos, wonderful way to start my day.




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