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Shirdi Baba advocated FAITH AND PATIENCE!

Updated on January 19, 2016

Sai with devotees!

A gem among saints of Maharashtra!

Faith and patience are two cardinal virtues, every spiritual aspirant must possess. This was emphasized by Shirdi Saibaba, a great incarnation that happened in Maharashtra and his shrine containing the mortal remains of his body which is kept in Mahasamadhi. Millions of people gather there during festive days and every day, not less than 40 to 50 thousand people visit his shrine.

When he was alive and living in a dilapidated mosque during 1858 to 1918, he counselled daily many hundreds of visitors on various matters of mundane and spiritual aspects of each one. Many people came there for alleviating their troubles, some people came there out of curiosity, yet some came there for material needs like wealth and properties, jobs and promotions, health and happiness, marriage and children. There was no end to the continuous stream of visitors. Yet Saibaba maintained his simplicity by wearing a kafni, sometimes there are holes in the kafni due to wear and tear. He begged his food from four or five houses daily collected the solid items in a cloth tied to his shoulder and the liquid items in a tin tumbler. After finishing his begging rounds, the entire food will be poured in a mud container. Saibaba used to eat some food from the container. The remaining food will be distributed among his devotees; the rest was kept there for cats and dogs to eat.

He had some gunny bag for resting and some sort of stockings made of gunny or jute to avoid intense cold. He kept a fireplace always burning throughout the day and he was sitting in front of it most of the time. He never cared for fame and riches but he was distributing coins to many devotees out of the offerings made to him. At the end of the day, he will become pauper once again. He knew the innermost secrets of every visitor there. Sometimes he will tell them to create faith in him. He saved many people from grievous hurt and death. In the beginning, he was giving herbal medicines to those who sought him. But in later years, he was just distributing the ash from the fire place. The ash has cured many from ailments. His words carried truth and become reality.

He never uttered meaningless words. To many people who had no issues, he blessed them for progeny. It became true after a year or so. Those who relied upon his words found them happening in reality. He used to foresee the future and guide the devotees accordingly. His ways are unique. He never visited any place outside Shirdi baring a few villages nearby. But he knew the exact time of arrival of trains in Kopergaon station which is around 15 kilometers away. He has not seen any train or travelled in them. But he warned the people about the late arrival of trains’ prior hand so that they can start a little late.

To some people, he never gives his permission to move out. Those who disregarded his words met with accidents on the way. He will tell, ‘though I am sitting here, I know what is happening throughout the world and hence he could predict future events effortlessly. He told the Hindus and Muslims to live amicably like brothers so that they can achieve National freedom!

He was aware that India will achieve Independence, once Muslims and Hindus work together. Of course, the partition was a political mistake. Hence he called one and all to have FAITH AND PATIENCE, to achieve both mundane and spiritual aims. His life is a saga of sacrifice and love!

He preached Faith and Patience!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 24 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      These things are ordained by the Lord so that one has to undergo the effects of the past deeds. Hence lot of people suffered due to partition. I wish the entire world should live in harmony and peace. Thank you for the kind reviews!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 24 months ago from london

      Nice article and loving thoughts on Sai Baba of Shirdi. Yes, separation was a big mistake. Glad you think so. Much Love.