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Shirdi Saibaba - Part IX

Updated on January 31, 2012

Saibaba grinding wheat, mortar used for grinding!

The wondrous Saibaba!

Here I have to say a few words of caution. Incarnations of God choose different roles to play in each such manifestation. Those who compare Shirdi Baba with Sathya Saibaba may find that the roles chosen by them in the outer world is completely different in appearance and ways but they are from the same source, which is God in un- manifested state. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to state that in the great tree of creation, there are many incarnations hanging from the tree. Only a few choose to come to the earth to transform the earth into a heaven!

Sathya Saibaba used to say, "In the Ocean of Brahman, the incarnations happen. At one place when he rise, he is named Rama and in another place when he rise, he is called Krishna. Likewise in the west, He is called Jesus when he rose once again. They are basically "Brahman"( Almighty). We should never compare them differentiating their forms and actions.

Shirdi Baba lived a fakir's life in a dilapidated mosque. Sathya Saibaba has revealed once that Shirdi Baba is the manifestation of Shiva! He is the manifestation of both Shiva and Sakthi and the future "Prema Saibaba will be the manifestation of Sakthi alone. In the Shirdi time, Baba was preparing the meals and at times, he shouted at those who disturbed the cooking. In the Sathya Sai Avatar, the Divine meal is being distributed. Hence Sathya Saibaba was always in Bliss and never exhibited anger at any time, though he used to frown at the students and devotees for not listening to his words, he always showered his love on All!

Even after laying his mortal coil on 15 October 1918, Saibaba used manifest himself in many forms to many devotees around the world according to the necessities.They have chronicled their experience in many forums and it was interesting to read that He manifest sacred ash on his photos and also the offerings made to him! Many of his followers consider this age as "Sai age" and not Kaliyuga! The name Sairam reverberates throughout the globe! He has promised, "Why Fear when I am Here"? This applies always and everywhere.

Shri Hemadpant while writing Sai Satcharitha has said an interesting anecdote which prompted him to write the beautiful story of Saibaba. It was during the year 1910 and one fine morning, Hemadpant noticed that Saibaba washed his hands and mouth and placed a cloth on the floor. On the floor, he laid the stone mortar which is used for pulverizing the wheat and other grains. Saibaba put one handful of wheat in the mortar and started pulverizing it by rotating the top round mortar. Seeing this four sturdy woman entered the mosque and forcibly removed Saibaba from the grinding and they started grinding the wheat singing songs about Baba. Though Saibaba was angered in the beginning, he become happy after seeing the devotion of the women. After grinding the wheat, they removed the mortar from the place and kept it aside. They collected the flour and started dividing into four portions. They thought that Saibaba has no family and he begs his food from four or five houses. What he is going to do with the flour? Thinking thus, they started removing their share! Saibaba suddenly got wild and shouted at the women saying "Am i indebted to you? Whose father's property you are removing? Hearing his words, the women hung their head in guilty feeling. Saibaba calmed down and told the women to spread the wheat flour in the village border!

Hemadpant could not understand the strange direction of Saibaba to the women. But the villagers told him that "Cholera has started spreading in the village, Saibaba want to drive away Cholera and hence he asked the women to spread the wheat flour on the village borders. Peculiarly, Cholera was eradicated from the village after this act! Hemadpant could not reconcile the connection between Cholera and wheat flour. He thought about this and wanted to write more about Saibaba wondering at his great powers! Rest in Part X


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