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Shirdi Saibaba - Part VI

Updated on January 22, 2012

Baba sitting alone, Baba sleeps over a high plank!

How a lady was blessed by Saibaba?

He was wearing torn cloths. He wore a full kafni (which is the dress of wandering sadhus) and had a dhoti in white. To ward of cold, he was always sitting near the fire place uttering “Allah Malik”(God is great). He had a gunny bag over which he sat and slept on a gunny bag. His attire was simple. He never harbored any desires. All his desires if any were about the welfare of the devotees who came to him. Once a devotee brought a wooden plank for Baba to sleep. But Baba tied it to the wooden rafters above with torn pieces of cloth! The rafters were already worn out and it could not sustain any weight to hang from it. But somehow Baba used to sleep on the plank which was hung from a height. None could see, how Saibaba climbed the plank and how the rafters supported the plank with Saibaba. In addition he used to keep four mud lamps burning all through the night on the four corners of the plank. The cloth pieces will get tiered easily. But somehow it sustained Saibaba along with the plank.

Many eager people were watching closely to see Baba climbing over such a height. But none could succeed knowing about it. As the crowds grew thick, one day he has broken the planks to pieces! Though he possessed all powers, yet he never exhibited them to others. One day an issueless woman came to Baba. She had no children of her own even after 20 years of marriage. She brought her sister’s son as a guide. They had stayed in Shirdi for around two months. She could not go near Saibaba to express her desire due to heavy rush. Whenever she went to the Masjid, Saibaba was always surrounded by many devotees. Hence she approached one Shama who is a confidant of Saibaba. She told him her pangs for a child. Shama told her, “Saibaba’s Durbar is open. However you wait in the front veranda with coconut and perfume sticks. As soon as I make a sign, come to his presence. On that day Saibaba, after finishing his lunch, he started drying his hand with a towel held by Shama. Afterwards, he pinched Shama on his cheek! Shama with an illusory anger talked in this manner. “Baba we don’t want a God who pinches us. We want only kisses from God. We do not desire even salvation. We want our attention fixed to your lotus feet! Baba replied, “Shama why you are feigning anger? You were with me in the past 72 births. Never once I have pinched you. However I am here to grant all your wishes!

Immediately Shama signaled to the lady to come forward. She came in front of Saibaba and gave him the coconut. Baba immediately shaked the coconut and asked Shama, “What this coconut tells? Shama replied, “Deva! This lady wants a baby to move in her womb in a like fashion! Baba told him “How foolish are the people. Whether the coconut will grant her a child? Shama replied, “Deva I know the powers of your word! If you bless her and hand over the coconut to her, she would get child. Then Baba asked Shama to break the coconut and hand over one portion to the lady which she held on her sari’s front side. Shama told the lady, “Mother mark my words, If you do not get any child within a year, I will dash a coconut on the head of Saibaba and drive him out of the mosque! Such was his faith in Saibaba! Within a year, the lady delivered a son and he was named “Diwakar”. On his eighth month, the child was brought to Shirdi to get Saibaba’s blessings! Rest in Part VII.


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