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Shirdi Saibaba - Part XI

Updated on February 3, 2012

Saibaba surrounded by devotees; His sayings!

How Saibaba blessed a doubting soul?

Let us read a fine episode about Saibaba. There was a student named Sapatnekar who was studying for Law exam. All his friends who were colleagues in the same class were also preparing hard for the ensuing examination. It was found that one of their colleague Shevde has not prepared well for the exam. Every one thought that Shevde can not come through the examination due to his poor preparations. But the student Shevde was confident that he would come out successful in the exam as predicted by Saibaba! Sapatnekar took him aside and inquired about the name Saibaba. Shevde told him that Saibaba is a great saint and unless one deserved merit, one can not go to him. However Sapatnekar was not impressed with the story and he ridiculed his friend and Saibaba!

Time flied past. Sapatnekar has passed his law examination and he was practicing as a lawyer. After ten years, he lost his only son due to diphtheria. He was lost in grief and he could not get peace of mind. Hence he started visiting different temples and places but he could not regain peace. At that time, he remembered about Saibaba about whom his friend has spoken during student days. Hence he visited Shirdi and went to the Mosque where Saibaba was living. When he approached Saibaba, Baba told him to go back. He was inconsolable. He found there one regular devotee named "Balasimpi". He discussed the situation with him who asked him to purchase small photos of Saibaba and wait for an opportunity. Once Balasimpi approached Saibaba with the photos purchased by Sapatnekar. Saibaba saw the photos and he said that it is Sapatnekar's lover! Finding Saibaba in a jovial mood, he again approached him. But this time also, he was sent back. Hence he prayed sincerely that when he arrive next time, he should be admitted near Saibaba.

After his return to his native, he started visiting pilgrim centers but still he could not get peace. One day his wife had a dream. She was going to some place to collect water in a pot. At that time, a Fakir accosted her and told her, "Oh woman, why you are anxious? I will fill up your pot with water! Having been accosted by a new person, she ran away from the place out of fear. After waking up from sleep, she narrated the story to her husband. They thought that it is a ripe time to visit Shirdi. Accordingly they went to Shirdi and they heard that Baba has gone outside and they were waiting for him. As soon as Baba returned, Sapatnekar's wife found the resemblance of the Fakir she saw in the dream. She was astonished. As she bowed to Saibaba and sat there, Saibaba was saying, "My limbs and waist were aching for a long time and even after taking medicines i did not find any relief but now I feel relieved". Actually this is the condition of Sapatnekar's wife and as soon as Baba finished his statement, she was relieved from all pain!

Sapatnekar went to the Masjid to salute Baba. Again Baba told him to go back. This time he prayed very sincerely and regretted for his past mistakes and approached Baba and prostrated at his feet. Baba placed his hand on the head of Sapatnekar. Now Sapatnekar felt very happy that Saibaba has admitted him to his presence. Again and again he joined other devotees in prostrating to Baba's feet. Baba told him, "It is enough if you prostrate once with Love and Faith. Then Sapatnekar sat at Baba's feet and messaging his feet. Baba told the entire story of Sapatnekar to somebody else and told them, this man is thinking that i have killed his son" "Do I kill my devotee's son? Now I will place the same soul in his wife's womb! Saying this prophesy, He blessed Sapatnekar stating that this Feet is ancient and powerful. Now do not bother. Place this coconut on your wife's sari fold and cast of anxiety. You will get a son. As predicted by Baba, a son was born to Sapatnekar and they brought the baby to Saibaba! Two more children were born subsequently to him.

It is evident from the above episode that Saibaba's uttering will never become false and it always turned TRUE! Rest in Part XII.


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    • profile image

      Udhayakumar G K 5 years ago

      Well said. Baba cures all his devotees and neutralises all our sins and he gives us a happy and better life to live.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      This is really a rare coincidence. For a week or so i was preoccupied with problems in the home front and i could not actually go through the hub pages or post. Even if i tried to post, my mind went blank and simply i signed out. Thank you for the continued interest in Shirdi Saibaba!

    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 5 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      Due to some hardware problem, i can't able to keep in touch. Now i have the opportunity to read the episodes of Sirdi Sai Baba, as coming in one by one. very interesting to read.