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Shirdi Saibaba - Part XII

Updated on February 5, 2012

Saibaba with devotees; On his routine outings!

How Saibaba proved his powers to newcomers?

Some people visited Shirdi to verify facts about Saibaba’s various powers. One rich gentleman visited Shirdi to test Baba’s powers. He went to the Masjid where Saibaba stayed. He had a new pair of slippers. He was hesitant to leave the slippers in any open place since he may lose it. He was wearing a Turban with Jari(embroidery work). However he had to leave his new slippers in a corner of the open place near the Masjid and went inside and saw Saibaba. When he returned, he felt sad to find his new pair of slippers missing!

With heavy heart, he returned to his room, and he was doing morning rituals. Meanwhile a boy holding a pair of new slippers was shouting, “Hari Ga betta, Jari Ka beta.(Son of G, Hari who wears a Jari(embroidery Turban). Immediately he rushed outside and told the boy that he is Hari, son of G and he has shown his embroidered Turban! The boy told him, “Saibaba has sent me to call anybody to find out whether he is the son of G, Hari and he had an embroidered Turban and to hand over the slippers to him. Now this gentleman named Hari was astonished. How Saibaba knew his name and his father’s name? How he identified all these and correctly sent the new slippers through the boy? He came to test Saibaba and he was happy to know about the omniscient powers of Saibaba.

Another devotee wanted to test Saibaba. He accompanied his subordinate to Shirdi. His accomplish purchased two measures of dried grapes. They went to the Masjid and prostrated to Saibaba and handed over the dry grapes to Saibaba. They were just watching the proceedings there. Many devotees have assembled there and there were songs on Saibaba. Afterwards, lights were lit and waved in front of Saibaba. Then Saibaba instructed a devotee to distribute the dry grapes among the gatherings there.

The new member who came to test Saibaba got some grape fruits. But his Doctor has instructed him not to eat grapes without washing. But here, he is in a great predicament. He can not eat it without washing. However against his sentiment, he put it inside his mouth. But what to do with the seeds? Against his will, he put it in his pocket since he could not spit it inside the Masjid. He thought “How Baba did not notice his dislike for grapes? When this thought arose in his mind, Saibaba again asked somebody to distribute the remaining grapes. This time also he got few. He kept it in his hand. His accomplish told him to eat. He again put the grapes in his mouth against his will. To his surprise, the grapes had no seeds! He asked his accomplish, what type of grapes he got? He said it was with seeds. The newcomer was happy. He wanted to see a miracle and he has personally seen and experienced one. That is the rare power of Saibaba. He knew our innermost thoughts. The above experiences clearly prove Saibaba’s Omniscience! Rest in Part XIII.


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 5 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      A nice story about the miracles of Sirdhi Sai Baba. Want to know more about.Thanks for sharing with.