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Shirdi Saibaba - Part XIII

Updated on February 7, 2012

Saibaba blesses devotees, Old Shirdi Masjid.

Dream experiences about Saibaba!

In this episode, we will see how Saibaba has guided certain persons to Shirdi through dream experiences. There was one Punjabi gentleman named Ramlal. Saibaba came in his dream and asked him to come to Shirdi. But Ramlal could not identify Saibaba nor heard about the place called Shirdi. As he was not sure about the dream experience, he has left the idea. One day as he was strolling through the Bazaar, he found the photo of Saibaba in one of the shop. He inquired the shop keeper about the person in the photo. The shop keeper told him about Saibaba and the place where he stayed. Then learning about the location, he visited Shirdi and went to the Masjid where Saibaba lived. After seeing the form of Saibaba and the gathering of many devotees there, he developed great interest in Saibaba. After some time, he returned to his native place but he chose to stay in Shirdi subsequently. Thus he was blessed by Saibaba!

The second case was about a postal employee. One day his wife dreamt that Saibaba was asking her to serve him “Kitchadi”(a dal preparation). The couple went to Shirdi but could not serve Saibaba with Kitchadi for food for the first fourteen days of their stay. The lady felt guilty and on the fifteenth day she prepared Kitchadi and went to the Masjid to serve Saibaba. But Saibaba has already sat for his lunch and the front screen was put. She removed the screen and voluntarily went near Saibaba and served the hot Kitchadi. Saibaba with great interest has eaten the Kitchadi morsels after morsel and the lady was immensely pleased since her dream has come true.

The third experience is different. One poor court employee went to hear a musical discourse on Saibaba given by Dasganu Maharaj. The court employee was holding a temporary post and his family could not manage the house hold expenses. Hence he prayed to Saibaba mentally that he should come through the Departmental examination successfully so that he can get permanent post and his emoluments will increase. He vowed to abstain taking sugar in order to save a little money to go to Shirdi once he passes the Departmental examination. He was fortunate to come out successful in the examination. With the little money saved by not taking sugar, he went to Shirdi and fell at the feet of Saibaba. Saibaba blessed him and asked the attendant to give the guest Tea with teaspoon full of sugar. The court employee was immensely satisfied to know that Baba listened to his prayers uttered inside the mind and that proved Saibaba’s Omniscience and Omnipresent.

The above experiences of the devotees clearly prove that Saibaba visiting in dreams are very much real and He is aware of the innermost thoughts of all individuals wherever they are! Rest in Part XIV


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 5 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      The three incidents are very nice to hear and want more to hear from you. Thanks for sharing.