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Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit

Updated on September 3, 2016
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The most important thing to me is my faith. When I read or hear something that interest me. I try to teach it which helps me remember it.

St John of Holy Bible


Debate Over the Word Ghost or Spirit

God is a Spirit

The verse in St. John 4:24 has been resounding in my spirit. "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." I began thinking on the scripture and the part that keeps repeating is "God is a Spirit." I mulled on this for several days, then sat down to do some research. I kept questioning if perhaps the change from Spirit to Ghost came after Jesus died, but that was not correct. The 'Holy Ghost' came upon Mary, Mother of Jesus, in Matthew 1:18.


Debate Over Words

It was in the researching that I found that there is a debate over which word should be used 'Ghost' or 'Spirit'. Having never gotten into a debate about whether it should be ghost or spirit, I had not formed an opinion. I guess a little 'working out my salvation' is going on. I was amazed that this was a debated subject. I realize that creating a new version of the Bible might cause it to be debated.

Holy Spirit

Defining the words can bring clarity to me. The word "Holy Spirit" is not found in the Bible. The word "Spirit" is found there. We add the holy because it is a good or friendly spirit. The word "Spirit" is found from the very beginning in Genesis 1. In Hebrew, which is the original language of the old testament, the word for "Spirit" is 'ruwach' which means wind. The definitions of spirit from the internet is "a force or principle believed to animate living beings," and out of the dictionary is "a life principle." The definition of principle is "a base part."

Friendly Ghost


Holy Ghost

The word "Holy Ghost" is found in the Bible. It is first mentioned in Matthew 1:18. The New Testament of our Bible is in the Greek language. The Greek word and definition for ghost is 'pueuma' which mean "of air." The internet definition of Ghost is "a spirit of a dead person." The definition from the dictionary is "a disembodied spirit of a dead person."

The Word Spirit

The definitions to me can be interchangeable 'of air' and 'wind'. I would be hard pressed to distinguish the difference.

I am not writing my own version of the Bible. I have decided that I believe the word 'Spirit' would be more acceptable to me. St. John 4:24 states God is a Spirit, then if I believe in the Trinity. God is a Spirit, the Father, the Son and the Spirit are Spirit. Then, 'Spirit" is the word I find more pleasing. I was raised calling Him the Holy Ghost and it will take a while for my vocabulary to change. I want to think of Him, refer to Him and address Him as the 'Holy Spirit."

Ghost or Spirit

Should the third person of the Trinity be called a Ghost or a Spirit?

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