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Should we judge Islam by its followers?

Updated on September 20, 2012

I know that there are some Muslims who are bad,brutes,dishonest and misogynous,but the media all the time blows it out of all proportion as if only the Muslims who are involved in such activities.If you skim through Newspapers or electronic media headlines or even TV news channels ,you will read or hear such phrases like “Muslim caught for robbery” ,“Muslim kills wife and buries his children alive.“,instead of referring to the countries from where they come from .However,In the other side,if an American or European commits a crime,the Media will not label them as Christian or terrorists,but they will identify them only in terms of nationality.Don t you think it is a kind of hypocrisy and duplicity?and Who is behind this mechanism ?.The answer is obvious. Certainly, US elite media,academics, policy pundits are .They don't mince in words to bash Islam and lump Muslims and Arabs ceaslessly for many decades.If we go through American history,our upset or resentment will be softened because always America needed an enemy to denigrate and debase so as to live and thrive.For example,in the beginning ,British were enemies and Americans broke away from their rule .Then Native Americans were all enemies,so White people uprooted them and stole their lands.During the two World Wars,Germans and Japanese were enemies,so Marines cut them to ribbons,Then the Cold war,Russia was an opponent enemy which couldn't sustain its ideology for long, because Americans deceived them in making them spending every penny they stole from farmers,factory workers on the project of the nonexistent Star wars.

Not a long after the collapse of Soviet Union.American foreign office invented a new bogey and enemy to fill vacuum .They didn't hesitate to portray a lopsided, biased and prejudiced image of Muslims in attempt to spread across-the-board wave of Islamophobic sentiments in the world and introduce the Muslims as the number one threat to the global peace and security or as in Bush s words:Gog and Magog who must be exterminated.

Even if I said, above , that there are some Muslims in the world who are less devout and don't practice the teachings of Islam , that doesn't mean that we should judge Islam by its followers.I said that just only for the sake of argument..Besides,every society has its black sheep .No one can deny that !.Imagine that you want to judge how good is a car and the person who sits at the steering wheel doesn't know how to drive, who will you blame? The car or the driver? certainly, the driver. To check how good the car is, a person should look at the ability and options of the car not at the capability of the driver or instead of judging,one he has to bring an expert to check it.To further simplify this issue, let`s take this example: all of us,we know that there is a difference between a man and a father.Being a father means a responsibility like supporting a family financially and being all the time present -physically and emotionally-in the lives of the children,but if a man doesn't fulfill those responsibilities means he is not a good father.It is the same thing when we talk about the difference between Islam and Muslims.Islam is the complete submission to the will of God and a good Muslim is the one devotes his life in practicing the teachings of Islam.Therefore, comparing Islam by examining Muslims is not a wrong way to approach the truth of Islam.


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