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Should you marry a manglik person?

Updated on January 17, 2012

I am not an atheist; you may call me an agnostic though. I don’t know whether god exists or not. But this hub will eradicate some misconceptions about myths and god. For those who don’t know what “manglik” means, I will try to explain a little stuff.

In Indian astrology, a person is assumed to be suffering from “manglik dosh” if Mars is placed in their horoscope in some certain houses. It is assumed that there are many ill-effects of manglik dosh. The scariest one amongst these is the death of spouse within a few years of marriage. You can read more about manglik dosh in this fellow hub by premsingh.

Due to the presence of ill-effects, a manglik person is advised to marry another manglik person. The problem arises when you are having a relationship with a manglik person. Your parents may get scared of manglik dosh and may not agree for the marriage. It happens most of the times in India. Now the question is what you want to do. I will try to explain this stuff by taking two cases.

Case 1: You believe in god

If you believe in god, then you must trust him completely. A person who believes in god should not be afraid of anything. God will never do anything wrong with anyone. He is not going to kill you if you have courage to marry your lover. Love is also a form of worship and you must believe in your worship. You must listen to your inner voice because that is the voice of god.

Case 2: You don’t believe in god

If you don’t believe in god, then what is the point in believing in all these stupid things? Live practically. Enjoy your life. Do whatever your heart urges to do. If you want to marry a manglik person, then go ahead, don’t worry you will tackle your problems yourself. No one on this earth knows their expiry date. There is nothing like magic. Everything has logic. If your marriage is not doing well, the reason is not the manglik dosh; it’s the way you are dealing with your marriage.


If you really love someone, you may not want to regret whole of your life for not marrying your partner. You don’t want long life to regret each and every day. Just believe in god, if he exists, he wouldn’t do anything wrong with you. And if he doesn’t exist, we are already on auto-pilot mode.

Make an effort to convince your parents. It is hard to explain this to your parents but “emotions can be dealt with emotions”. No need to hurt them. Take your time until they realize:

“My life may or may not end if I marry my manglik partner, but surely, it will be of no use if I don’t marry her

What are your views?

Should a non-manglik person marry a manglik person?

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    • profile image

      sumit 3 years ago

      Hi friend, Bro & Sis I fall in love a mangolik girl and I want to marry with her but she told me that if I will marry with her some ill effect with me wht should I do plz. Suggest me.

    • imvarunkmr profile image

      Varun Kumar 5 years ago from Punjab, India

      It happens in almost every relationshi "Fighting without a reason :)". Never mind these little fights, rather if there is no fighting in your relationship, then you should start worry :P

    • profile image

      Jaidev Khatri 5 years ago

      I have married to a manglik person, nothing to say I fallen in love with her and when I match her horo with mine, I came to know. So, what we did, we hide this from our parents till we get married. We have 9 years of marriage now and have children too.

      I really feel upset when we fight with each other with no reason and only for few hours. I thought it should be relevant to this.

      But, the real reason is we are completely distinct personalities which is just very hard to keep with each other. Your relationship can only survive if you love each other deeper and deeper. Lets forget the fight and keep loving.

      Love you 'trini'.