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Shri Ramana maharishi

Updated on October 30, 2011

Who is Ramana?

Rare things happen in this world in the realm of spirituality. An ordinary boy of 14 years left his home in search of Father(father of the entire humanity-God). He reached a town named Thiruvannamalai after a tedious journey by train, and walking the remaining distance. In fact, he had nothing with him. Someone inquired whether he need to remove the bush of hair from his head. He simply nodded and his head was shaved clean. He just dipped himself in the temple tank and proceeded straight away to "Arunachala", the deity in the famous Thiruvannamalai temple. He understood that he has at last reached the destination. Ramana, the boy found a place below the ground where a small altar with a "shiva linga"(the form of shiva) is kept. To avoid public attraction, he selected the place for his meditation. Neither he cared for food or drink. He was there absorbed in himself for many days!

How and what prodded him to leave the home and mother is a vital question. He was an ordinary boy studying in high school. One day his teacher asked him to write an imposition of grammar lesson several times since he was not able to repeat the same. He started writing the pages. After one or two attempts he was disgusted. He thought "what for i should write this mechanically? Thinking thus, he laid himself on the bed. Suddenly he had a peculiar fear of death overwhelming him. Then he thought within, "Yes, death has come and what i should do ? He enacted death perfectly by lying motionless closing his eyes and stopped breathing. He thought then the body will be shifted to the burning ghat(hindu tradition) and will be consigned to the fire. What will happen if the body is reduced to ashes? Suddenly he had an intuitive thought that "I" will survive the death of the body. I am not this perishable body or mind. I am the indestructible Self within" I AM I. This great revelation drove him away from home and family. He lived in the Arunachala hill always absorbed in himself mostly remaining silent. Many people visited the boy who never cared for food or drink or clothing. He adored only a loin cloth. He sat motionless for hours together unconcerned with the outside world. Very rarely he has spoken that too in a word or two but his uttering were profound and baffled many philosophers. There is a long list of famous people including Paul Brenton who visited Ramana there. Paramahamsa Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi are the famous people who came to his presence. The disciples of Ramana started taking care of his basic needs. Many devotees noted down his teachings and published them for the sake of the humanity. He never considered himself as a body. He identified himself with the SELF which exists everywhere. Hence nothing was a secret to him. Whoever comes in His Divine Presence were absorbed in his silence. None dared to speak in front of him. However certain curious seekers got answers from him for their doubts and fortunately we have now his teachings published in many languages. In the end of his earthly career, he was affected by cancer in his hand. He asked the Surgeon to operate it without administering anesthesia. Some body inquired him whether he has felt pain? To this he replied, "There is pain but I am not in the pain. He passed away fully conscious untill the last moment. When the weeping devotees plead him, not to leave them, he said, "Where I can go, I am always here". At the time of his passing, a glowing star rose in the horizon and moved towards the Hill top of Arunachala, which was reported in the newspapers too.

Shri Ramana


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