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Significance of Symbols

Updated on August 17, 2013


The Snowflake: The snowflake represents coldness and hardness in human nature, but also the fragile beauty of a snowflake symbolizes truth and wisdom. The snowflake is also a symbol of individuality, since no two are alike.

The Snowflake symbolizes me very well in my opinion. Many complain that I can be cold and harsh at times, but I always strive to tell the truth and value wisdom dearly. The world could use some more harsh truth, too often we seek to delude ourselves with comforting lies. It also represents my belief that we are all individuals and we are all unique, tying in with my contempt of conformity for the sake of popularity.


Silver: Linked to the moon because of its color, silver is bright, but also tarnishes, symbolizing the corruptible side of human nature, which needs cleansing. In China silver is the lunar, feminine yin: in Christianity it is purity, chastity, and eloquence. The Vikings also held silver in higher regard than they did gold.

This works well for me that while I am a quest for self purity, I must always fight the corruption in my soul that threatens to consume me at times. I have also preferred the night and moonlight over the sun and daytime. Also I am quite bright, but I can become easily tarnished with distractions and unnecessary naval gazing at times. Like my northern ancestors, I too hold silver in higher regard than gold, which to me has always been too gaudy and extravagant. Silver is perfect for those who want class, but don't want to be too blatant about it.


The Moth: As the moth is irresistibly attracted to the light, so the soul is drawn to divine truth. The moth is thus a symbol of the soul's quest for truth. Because of its delicate structure and brief lifespan, it also represents fragility and impermanence, frequently dying in its pursuit of light.

The moth and I have a lot in common, we are both seekers of the light, or in my case, the divine truth that I am always searching for and has given me such a love of learning, though there is a good chance I will die in my pursuit of divine truth, though I will never rest in its pursuit. I have also always held the moth in higher regard than the butterfly, a frivolous insect that just flutters about. The Moth is a driven creature, and much more humble in its existence.


Dice: Dice represent chance, the random pairing of numbers symbolizing life's unpredictability. Thus the phrase "the die is cast" means that one's fate has not yet been decided. dice are also a christian symbol: after the Crucifixion, soldiers there dice for Christ's cloak.

The dice is very important to me, since one of the only certainties in our world is that most things are uncertain, which is why I laugh when I hear someone talk about controlling the economy, such a thing must be left up to chance, any meddling with fate will only lead to misfortune. The great conqueror Julius Caesar understood that things in life are uncertain, but he still took his chances anyway leading him to glory and power, and ultimately his untimely death. He is the origin of the aforementioned "the die is cast" quote.


Mirror: Since thought is reflection, the mirror indicates truth, clarity, and self-knowledge, as well as vanity; thus to break a mirror brings bad luck because it is a form of harming oneself.

I am always trying to understand myself, to gain clarity about internal matters, and to find the truth about who I really am and what my purpose in life is. I can be a bit vain at times though, too much for those around me.


Candle: A candle is a symbol of the individual soul and the flame that lights the darkness of ignorance. It is the sun and spiritual illumination, and an extinguished candle can signify death. Candles play a part in many religious rites and in Christianity the lighted candle represents Christ as the resurrected light of the world.

I am always fighting a war against what I consider to be true ignorance, using my candle to chase away the clouding shadows of false hope and self indulgent bliss that grips my generation. What my light reveals is not pretty but is is the truth. My soul burns brightly in this quest, and it will continue to do so until the day it is snuffed out.


Book: Books are symbols of knowledge and the wisdom of the universe. An "open book" is a person or subject that can easily be understood, whereas a closed book remains a mystery.

I am a closed book, I am a mystery to my family and friends, though I am filled with knowledge and wisdom, few ever bother trying to open me up. It is weird that I have such a strong desire to find truth, to open up books while being a closed book myself, but that just comes with introversion.

Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink: Like the brush used in Chinese calligraphy, the pen is a symbol of learning and intellect, and it marks out destiny on the blank sheet of life.

Considering what I am doing right now, this one fits pretty well for me. I will write out my destiny on the blank sheet of life.


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