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Signs You Have Connected With Your Spirit Guide Or Angel

Updated on January 12, 2016
Angel wing cloud.
Angel wing cloud.

12 Signs of Contact

Spiritual connection can come in many forms. As you work with your spirit guides, angels or any other deity, you will find they have preferred or favorite ways of connecting with you and will use those methods most of the time. This way, you can immediately recognize who has come calling. Once you’ve come to know the patterns of your spiritual connections, you’ll no longer wonder "What was that?" Instead, you will easily recognize them all — from Grandma Bell to Archangel John.

During connection, you may experience some of the following:

  1. A flash of heat. Sometimes, the room heats up while I am working. Someone, like an Archangel, arrives and I get a flash of heat that descends through my Crown Chakra. I even sometimes break out into a sweat.
  2. Cold chills. I personally have felt shivers in my spine. It’s not as obvious as getting the shakes, but more subtle internally — like my spine wants to shake, but can’t quite do it.
  3. Feeling or sensing a presence or an energy. It can feel like someone is in the room, but you can’t see them. Or just a knowing that someone is there.
  4. Seeing shapes or shadows. Spirits can appear in any way, from the movie-like version of ghosts, to sparkles or lights and orbs.
  5. Pressure at the base of your brain. This is the location of one of the main spiritual energy gates in the body. When it isn’t open or functioning properly, you will feel pressure and sometimes get a headache. Proper grounding can keep this gate functioning fully and keep your energy distributed properly so that you don’t develop a headache.
  6. Tingling in your head. The top of your head may begin to tingle, or you may feel like something is in your hair and want to brush at it.
  7. Third Eye pressure. The Third Eye, also known as the Brow Chakra is located between your eyebrows. You may experience a slight ache there when contacting your spirit guides.
  8. Hearing voices. Sometimes, these voices seem a bit outside of your head. You hear things but physically no one is around. Rather, they are in your head, but yet they also seem outside of it. I sometimes hear a very clear voice without seeing a body.
  9. Seeing things through your third eye. You may see symbols, colors, words, flashes of light, or pictures through your third eye. These seem particularly present just before you fall asleep, but they can also be there during meditations and psychic exercises.
  10. Smelling odors without a physical source. This is a well known phenomenon from departed spirits. People often report smelling dad’s pipe or Aunt Claire’s perfume. Some smells are associated with certain angels and deity too.
  11. Tasting specific flavors without a source. You could possibly taste something in your mouth that you aren't actually physically consuming as a sign of trying to be contacted. However, this seems to be a rarer occurrence compared to the others. I’m not sure why.
  12. Messages from the living as a vessel. People could show up in your life and say something, or hand you something that is a direct message from your guide’s contact. I was a bit frustrated with my connections one day and adamantly demanded that my guides be more obvious in answering me. A couple of hours later, a lady walked into my office saying she had been pumping gas across the street and got this urge to bring in a brochure she had in her car. The title was "Angels Heal." She left as confused as she entered, but I knew that was the answer to my demand.

However your spiritual friends and help-mates choose to show you they are around, remember that all it takes is to be aware of your surroundings. You’ll find that there are plenty of signs to show that you have connected with your spirit guides.


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    • profile image

      Mark 21 months ago

      You know when spirit connects with you. All this stuff about flashes of heat or chill down your spine, in my view is someone trying to generalize.

      I'm a medium, my hearing is very clear. When I see them I know. When I feel them there is no doubt what so ever.

      My blood goes cold and I shake with the shivers. My third eye pushes a charge out of my brow.... I have a list!

      I'm tired of what I see people post on line.

      You either know or you don't. It's really simple and don't be fooled by someone making general claims.

    • profile image

      renee 21 months ago

      I have seen, heard, smelled and sensed spirits since a child. I still do and now I speak back, they are usually just lost souls and it breaks my heart.

    • profile image

      James odiver 21 months ago

      Last month

      When I wake up

      I hear voices

      It's like a choir but has an angelic and harmonious voice

      And a voice that said good morning

      And the choir started to be more loud

      I said to myself it is no ordinary

      So I keep on trying to investigate

      Because I also don't know those language spoken by the unusual voice of choor

    • profile image

      vidya 23 months ago

      how can i connect with my dad's spirit? Can u help me

    • profile image

      ariel 2 years ago

      You mentioned the presence of an archangel make you warm. Are there any other specific beings connected to certain feelings. Like does a chill mean the presence of an unwanted spirit?

      Who cares what Fred thinks. I feel sorry for people like him stuck in a circle. At least we can be a few steps ahead and appreciate life the way it was meant to be viewed.

    • profile image

      ariel 2 years ago

      Thank you it helps alot

    • profile image

      KKC 2 years ago

      This helps a lot you do not know what my friends and I have been through

    • profile image

      speeeedy 2 years ago

      I really dislike it when skeptical people try to imply that we are making this up, or mentally ill. You'll see the truth, one day. And it may be that you don't ever recognize that you have guides until after your death. You have to be open to have a good connection with them

    • profile image

      Millissa 3 years ago

      @ Fred, you should be more open minded. You don't know what others experience or how they have connected with spirits. keep your bitterness to yourself and learn to spell while you're at it!

    • profile image

      Fred 3 years ago

      I think this is a lot of bullshit there is another plane and camunication with the other side is very suttle and usually brushed off as coincidental not cold or hot or someone touching you or hearing voices if you are hearing voices you better go see a doctor

    • profile image

      Nikki 3 years ago

      Was told I am a strong and powerful earth angel .. Been getting chills and headaches .. This has happened since I lost a loved one

    • profile image

      jessica 4 years ago

      How do I reconnect with my dads spirit

    • profile image

      aly 4 years ago

      I am very new at this but i always have ringing in my ear or ears and i know That this is from my guides, but cant decipher what is trying to be comunicated but yesterday i had the most alarming ringing litterally like a bell or alarm clock going off in my head and i had the weirdest sensation and feeling of not to do something because it was a bad idea. I felt connected more that ever. Has anyone ever felt this before? Some wise words would be greatly appreciated!

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I see all kinds of shapes colors . This si a new one . I seen a diamond like shape that was grey and white, it was sparkling. I was almost asleep and I felt something was scared me when I opened my eyes and seen it. I am not sure if it was one of my guides..if it was, why would it make me jump?

    • Daryel Taliaferro profile image

      lola lock 5 years ago

      I was laying in bed this morning and i heard my friend whisper Hello in my air (it was without a doubt his voice) - it was at 8:40 am in the morning (he was at work) just before that maybe an hour before I heard something fall on the floor - got up never figured out what it was - nothing was frightening and his voice was calm and beautiful - just saying Hello. Just curious.

    • profile image

      Poppins 5 years ago

      What does it mean when a spirit leaves dried red roses near their bed ?

    • lillieruby profile image

      lillieruby 6 years ago

      I posted some of the most commong signs. Another way could certainly be the hairs standing up and feeling the cold chill about you. The hairs are connected to the nadis on the body. They are little chakra-like receptors. They may be your strongest sensing device.

    • pokermoneyclips profile image

      pokermoneyclips 6 years ago

      I gotta ask about the cold chills, the most common that I've noticed would be the hair on my arms standing up accompanied with the cold chill on my body.