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Signs a Pisces Likes You

Updated on July 26, 2017

Who is Pisces

Pisces is one of my favorite signs. It is the last of the zodiac, the twin fishes. It's a mutable water sign, so it has softer gentler tone. It has more hopeful emotions than Cancer or Scorpio -- who I find to be more brooding. But on its worst day, a Pisces can be deeply troubled and feeling lost to an oblivion. The dark side of a Pisces shouldn't be taken for granted. Like Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces is all one who deeply wants to merge with another, share a telepathic connection, and find a soulmate. Pisces is the sign who most frequently believes in true love, and sees this as life's ambition. A Pisces who has stepped away from love could fall into deep depression and despair. Pisces should think before it leaps into love, because a heart break for this one doesn't come easy. But Pisces often likes to dive into the waters and get shaken up by the sharks and squids.

The Fish Comes in a Variety of Colors

Pisces can be old souls, traditional, and incredibly compassionate. This is the sign of an empath. Most of the Pisces I have met are incredibly intelligent, they have a certain kind of nervous energy. I wouldn't describe it as like a Gemini (who is also a mutable sign, but with air). Gemini has so many ideas running through it that it makes it nervous and anxious. I think Pisces comes from anxiety due to having big goals, a humanitarian heart, and essentially caring for others, but that caring not always able to externalize itself or able to do so in a way that it feels acceptable. Pisces often hides itself because it feels it has too big of a heart and too big of an imagination for this world where many people think in monochromatic colors. Even in sexuality, this world is strange for Pisces who craves romance. Pisces may find a lot of people are searching for monochromatic sexual encounters rather than as rich and full as what they would call... a soulmate. Sure, Pisces will dive into some bizarre sensuality, but at the end of the day they are craving something more magical that goes beyond just skin.

* * *

Pisces is the mentor of the zodiac because it is the last one, making it the most mature. It's not at the beginning stage of a new child, it's not like a Cancer who is a pregnant woman about to go on a new journey, and it's not like a Capricorn who is got that old man of the sea hermit mentality. Pisces is both the beginning and the end. They are the almost god-like sign reaching for closure, but they also in a way are beginnings, and maybe that's why we still have Pisces here on earth rather than in heaven. They are still seeking for something here before going on into the next plane of reality, so to speak. This is what they're daydreaming seems to circle back to in a way.

Signs a Pisces Likes You

Kind, sometimes lengthy, sometimes absent
Wants to spend time with you. Suggests ways you could meet or hints at it.
Buys you gifts. Buys you meals.
Interpersonal, long conversations in person that could go for hours
Sends you plenty of material that shows a portion of their own emotions, like movies, music, books, pretty pictures. You might randomly out of nowhere receive a video from them from YouTube that's well crafted.
Makes a point to make you their favorite, gives you attention, tries to make things special. A romantic at heart.
Silly, demented, hilarious, inquistive. You'll see every side of the Pisces because they are comfortable around you
Wants to grow closer and closer to you until the borders are not so defined. You are me, and I am you.
Will sacrifice everything for you. Will be there when your car dies, will run you to the hospital
Expert texters. Intentional when they want your attention
Gushes then withdraws
Comes up with plans, whether loose or not
Dreams of writing love letters. Dreams of having romantic explorative conversations
Tries to make you laugh, tries to see what you're like with tears of joy. They have a lot of questions about what makes you tick and how to make it happen
Very obviously keeps an eye on you, sometimes gentle, sometimes sharp

Pisces Finds Common Ground with Aquarius

I find that Pisces and Aquarius have a great deal in common because they are at the end of the zodiac, both winter signs, and are unusual. Aquarius is the flat out rebel, where Pisces is the innovator. These are two of the most misunderstood signs of all. Pisces sometimes tries to act tougher than it is to strengthen itself and have a backbone. I find that a lot of Aquarius and Pisces types are attracted to journalism. They want to know the facts, the stories, and they want to hear and seek the needs of humanity.

So how can you tell if a Pisces is interested in you?

When a Pisces is interested in you, they will want to serve you. They will want you to feel comfortable, they will give you gifts, compliment you, and really try to earnestly get to know you.

They can very actively show interest, but it might not necessarily be in an overtly flirtatious way, they just put energy out there to see how you take it. That's their key. They want to see how you interact with their energy before sharing more of it.

I know of some Pisces who are very scandalous, and I think being a water sign comes with some scandalousness. But Pisces is that sign that really believes in true love. They are looking for their twin fish soulmate. Though they may not say directly that they believe in a soulmate, they do have high standards, they have high expectations, and they really want a tight interpersonal connection. Most Pisces are really looking for monogamy. Personally, I think most signs eventually get magnetized toward monogamy because it is more focused, and that focus creates a strong foundation and amount of intelligence for you. Polygamy can be difficult to evenly communicate with all people involved, and easily implode. The definition of the model in polygamy is less than that of monogamy. There are reasons that monogamy eventually developed in societies, therefore, again, I would say that signs eventually get attracted to monogamy. It's part of the human evolution. Or even getting to a point where you are comfortable without having a partner at all -- focusing only yourself does bring you a high amount of definition.

But I don't think Pisces is one of our more single signs. I would say Aquarius and Virgo are the ones who can go on long, everlasting routes into being single.

What Does Pisces Want?

Pisces sees the highest amount of lessons in true love. They are a sap for romance. I think Scorpio can get into raunchy-dirty love, where Pisces gets into romantic love. Not that they don't like both, but in determining a relationship, Scorpio will look at sex while Pisces will look to imagination.

So a Pisces relationship I would say will have a certain degree of romance to it instead of purely sensual or sexual. Pisces can also be malleable enough that it will step away from its real internal dialogue and be experimental. But when a Pisces really has the right focus, they want things to come out in a romantic way, they want deep expressions of love, of someone being true to them, a really impressive telepathic connection. Being able to feel someone from afar even if they are not there.

I think Aquarius can be a romance-love-sick-puppy, but they often feel like they don't have the tools to pull it off, and also feel so out of the norm that they're not sure if anyone with a romantic preference will see them clearly. Or as intimately as they desire. They really want a deep amount of intimacy instead of passion. Scorpio is passion... Leo is passion.

Pisces is a daydreamer, if they are opening up to you they will have an intense amount of imagination to share with you. Except long conversations, exploring emotions, a focus on you. I find Pisces more focused than Cancer or Scorpio. Cancer is so focused on their heart that they can be a tidal wave of emotions that overtakes them. Scorpio gets so lost in its sexual appetite that it can lose focus and even loyalty if not checked. Pisces is more sage like. They are an old soul. They are what some people would call the ones who have lived many lives, if that is even possible.

How the Fire Builds for Them

Pisces has a go with the flow kind of nature. Sometimes Pisces may have difficulty deciding which direction they want to take. This is a sign that follows love, sensuality, and sometimes selfishness. This is a sensitive sign, and understands the connections of being one with others. Pisces tends to be accepting of flaws, sometimes this causes them to be easy prey for others who will take advantage of them. Pisces does put a lot of emphasis on harmonizing and balance, somewhat like a Libra. Because people take advantage of Pisces, this sign will put up a guard, and sometimes give up on their goal of true love. Giving into sexual quests that don't necessarily suit them. This is a dangerous mode for Pisces.

Pisces likes to emotionally mesh with someone. They don't want to just hang out or come up with a game plan, they want to feel like their taking care of your needs, emotionally bonding, and emotionally devoted. Pisces wants to defer to their partner, they will use their intuition to guide them, and daydream or observe from a distance. A Pisces likes to give, so if they have a crush on you, they'll give of their time, give of their body, and give of gifts. Pisces needs to focus on whether their partner is actually reciprocating or just using them. If you always take and never give to a Pisces, you'll likely lose them. This could cause Pisces to fall into lows if they don't feel their getting enough fairness in a relationship. They'll sense the imbalance in their feelings and might not know what to do immediately.

Pisces like to blend boundaries and not feel too much separation with their person. Pisces will want to feel needed, and that gives them a sense of emotional comfort.

The fish zodiac is a sweetheart, but don't take them lightly. They understand deep lows and towering highs. Sometimes their own narcism gets projected onto their lover, and they don't realize the person they are with doesn't have the right qualities for them or isn't holding their end of the deal. This is the opposite of Gemini who has a tendency to mirror their partner and their expectations, rather than project too much of their vision on them to see clearly. Narcissist behavior has to do with not really seeing a person correctly and instead projecting what they feel is someone's identity.

Pisces will do what it can to express its love. Pisces can be elusive, sometimes they may evade from really telling you how they feel, but sometimes Pisces isn't really sure. Pisces is sentimental. They may look for validation from someone they like or reassurance. Pisces in a relationship wants to find someone who gives them a structure, something that gives them a belonging, and something that can externalize the kind of visions they have going on in their head. When their visions start coming true, that's when they'll fall for you.

Pisces can see you for who you really are. They are able to empathize with those around them, and they seek finding the most genuine person they can find. Pisces has a tendency to fall in love with a few bad apples because of their idealism, and again, narcism.

Pisces can fall in love easily, but they can be unsure of what they want. Pisces can be gentle, you can have no idea they like you because they're pining and not being direct. It takes a good Pisces whisperer to figure out with ease if a Pisces likes you in many cases.

Pisces can be both forward and also wait until you approach them.

Final Thoughts

1.) They treat as many people as they can with compassion, acceptance, and with a strong social politeness.

2.) Pisces is devoted. They are someone who is a shoulder for you to cry on.

3.) Pisces many times are like glistening illusions, like mermaids, who lure sailors (or suitors) to them. A Pisces will do what it can to seduce you, often times without flat out saying what they want. They have allure.

4.) Pisces do like to spend a lot of time with the person they care about, this is a general water sign attribute. They'll want to watch movies, read books, and music that has deep feelings in regard to what they feel.

5.)Pisces like projects, they see the good in people and they want to bring out potential and nurture people. If you feel like a Pisces is taking you on, as if you are their muse, they have an interest.

6.) If they really like you, they'll go all in -- they'll sacrifice anything for you, at that point it should be obvious. They may stare deeply at your eyes -- because they're captivated.


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