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Signs of Bad Luck Decoded

Updated on September 18, 2015

Hanging Picture Falling from a Wall- A hanging picture falling from a wall can be supported by different facts in terms of how it can be unlucky. If a picture that was hung were to fall and land on the head of someone, it would probably end badly; but that is only a minor and uncommonly thought of reason for why this is unlucky. Usually, things that are slanted or disproportional, are thought of as bad luck. A picture being positioned where it shouldn't be would drive anyone up a wall, but don't panic, it is right to feel this way. Having a picture that is positioned incorrectly relates to miscalculation as a whole, according to tales, and according to small surveys that were conducted in which people were asked about this, most said they were irked by things positioned incorrectly, and worsely, things ending up on the floor that are particularly valuable such as a picture in a frame.

The Number 13- There are a number of suspicions when it comes to the number thirteen. The biggest fear of this number can't be linked to one thing; according to experts, 10% of all people in the United States fear this number, and they don't even know why themselves. One assumption is that 13 preceeds 12 which marks all the months in a calendar, and completes half of a day. Other assumptions geared towards where this large scale fear arose from date back to the Apollo 13 moon landing that failed and two aircraft crashes that both occured on October 13, 1972, one resulting in 174 deaths and the other 29. High rise buildings and hotels have avoided using the number 13 in many instances as well.

Three People Using the Same Match- The idea that three people shouldn't use the same match to light something back to back, is hardly thought of and would sound whacky to many; however, the result of doing so if you believe this to be bad luck is death. During the days of World War 2, if a soldier were to use a match to light something to smoke, light would flare and that soldier could've possibly been seen, by the time the match got to the third soldier, he would've definitely been seen and shot on sight. Tales were told between soldiers stationed on American soil about their souls being overtaken, originating from the year 1894, which is also how this interestingly enough is still commemorated.

Stepping on a Crack- We've all heard the saying "step on a crack, break your mother's back", but this is more than just a saying. Children were told that if they stepped on a crack they would break one of their mothers bones and that for every crack that they stepped on, more of her bones would break. Fortunately, this isn't true. Children were also told that they would be taken by demonic spirits who would make their way above ground through these cracks. This has only been turned into a catch phrase, luckily, and no one person has claimed the phrase. If we could only imagine it as more, what would things be like?

Spilling Salt- The spilling of salt is far more easily caught onto as a sign of bad luck, mostly because salt was sold for a lot back in the day and spilling it didn't get taken lightly, and also because holy water contains salt. Another way to make spilling salt seem like a more believable sign of bad luck is to refer to the "Last Supper", when Judas Iscariot knocked over a salt-cellar. There are physical aspects of salt that could be correspondent to why spilling it out of it's container might end in bad luck, for example, salt has been said to lessen the quality of soil. Spilling salt is probably something of which happens often, so for those who have done it, you do the deciding, is it or is it not bad luck?

Bird Inside a House- Birds are known for many things. Birds have been known to be a source of rescue in locating a pathway, and their chiming in on people from beneath them according to folklore, is an alert. Birds are also scavengers and not all possess the same good qualities. If a bird flew into a house, most would want for it to be removed, not all, but most. Apart from not wanting a winged creature to possibly ransack your home is the foretelling a bird has been said to do. Birds that land in, or near a home too sometimes, have been said to be foretellers of death or an emerging swarm of insects. Those two things alone could cause a jittery feeling. Yes, maybe this is being seen for what it isn't, but there are surely some who are convinced.


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