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Signs of Good Luck Decoded

Updated on September 18, 2015

Good Luck

Goldfish- Goldfish are said to bring power, peace, and wealth to those who keep them in their homes; dating earlier back, many also believed this during earlier times. It is common for people to look at goldfish as being lucky and has been for years. People of different backgrounds look at the goldfish as a sign of good luck, and many have the same perspective on what exactly it is that goldfish bring about. The ancient Egyptians thought this way of goldfish, along with those who know the eight symbols of Buddha, in modern time. Goldfish are attributed to the growth of a person in many different ways, goldfish are also said to pass on what they have with them, once they have died. It is no mystery that goldfish are charmful, but who would've thought that they could be attributed to many great things.

Dreamcatchers- As most would probably know, the dreamcatcher has with it, great meaning. The dreamcatcher is well worn and admired, and has been made popular by Native Americans. The dreamcatcher brings everything but negativity; based on the way it looks, most would already assume that it wouldn't be intact with negative feelings or spiritual beings. The dreamcatcher catches negative feelings from where it is hung and is known to take away the bad parts of a dream. While you can still find these today, they are not as easy to come across as they once were; not to mention that they have inspired earrings and are depicted on T-Shirts. There is no wrong in owning a dreamcatcher, even if they don't filter out the negatives, there is still fun in trying.

Rabbit's Foot- Dating back to 600 B.C., the rabbit's foot has been said to bring luck in many ways, despite how tiny it is and how little the luck about it is expressed. The rabbit's foot still has a certain luck to it today, although many years have passed and one common connection hasn't been made between different countries who possess the same belief that the rabbit's foot is lucky. The different kinds of luck that the foot brings according to the beliefs of many people across the world are; protection, prosperity, and resolvement. Other ideas, especially in North America, have been thrown around relating to whether or not the rabbit has to be killed first for it's foot to be in any way lucky, and also, where the rabbit has to be found. Some North Americans still today, believe that the rabbit must be shot or must be found hiding in a cemetery, for this to be at all true. The rabbit's foot, no matter if you want to keep it hidden or wear it, is still happily available without it having to be removed by individuals who want to possess it.

Four-Leaf Clover- The four-leaf clover or the "shamrock" is said to be good luck because it blocks out evil spiritual beings and helps those who posses it to encompass a certain unidentified luck. The four leaf clover was said to have been carried by Eve in the Garden of Eden, and almost appears to look like a cross, which is also why it is said to be good luck. The third explanation of why it is lucky corresponds to back when a few hundred years ago, children claimed they could see fairies when they picked up four-leaf clovers. It isn't every clover that is lucky, infact, a three-leaf clover is a sign of bad luck to some, for others, it just isn't worth picking.

Raccoon Penis Bones- The raccoon penis bone is possibly the most unexplained charm of luck today. The penis bone was a way to show love when gifted to one person from another, while it also brought forth help in attaining a relationship. The raccoon penis bone was also used for luck in finding sex, but less so. Also called the baculum, the penis bone isn't thought of the same everywhere and doesn't enter the mind of many unless they lived where owning or gifting them was done and is still done today, partially. Nicknames of the penis bone or baculum consist of the "love bone" or "possum prick"; out of respect to where this had been practiced and where few own these charms today, the raccoon penis bone is also called the "mountain man's toothpick".


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