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Simple Wiccan Mabon Ritual for Solitaries (without Ritual Tools)

Updated on August 10, 2017
WiccanSage profile image

Sage has been celebrating the Wheel of the Year with her family for 25 years as a Wiccan; she's like the NeoPagan Martha Stewart.

Simple Mabon Ritual

When the Sabbats approach, new Wiccans—or those just learning the Wiccan ways who are not quite sure of their path yet—may feel moved to observe the day. But some people quickly get discouraged when they read the rituals in Wicca 101 books that call for athames, cauldrons, censors, wands, pentacles and other tools they may not yet possess.

Truth is, you don’t need to go on a shopping spree to celebrate a Wiccan Sabbat rite. Here is a lovely little Mabon rite to observe the Autumn Equinox without loads of fancy tools. This just goes to show you that tools should not get in the way of honoring your Gods or observing your faith—you don’t need anything special, you can use things that are readily available lying around the house.

What's Mabon? Learn about it here.


Before Mabon: Gathering a Few Things

It might be a good idea to read up a little about what Mabon is about (I explain more detail here) before you celebrate. For your ritual, you should try to gather these simple items in advance:

  • 1 item to represent Water (a seashell, a picture of the sea, a river rock, etc.)
  • 1 item to represent Air (a feather, a fan, a reed, etc.)
  • 1 item to represent Earth (a rock, a flower, etc.)
  • 1 item to represent Fire (a candle, a lava rock, a picture of a campfire, etc.)
  • 1 bowl or basket full of offerings (this can be fruits, breads, pretty leaves, flowers, dried herbs, pine cones, acorns, twigs and other things you pick up on nature walks—whatever strikes you)
  • 1 black stone (painted if need be)
  • 1 white stone (painted if need be)
  • 1 cup of juice or wine (or water if nothing else)
  • 1 plate with a muffin (corn, apple, or if need be just a slice of bread or a few crackers)
  • Incense in holder (completely optional—stick or cone is fine)
  • Music (completely optional)
  • If holding the rite indoors you’ll also need 4 small bowls or cups

A Perfect Setting

Autumn glory-- you can't beat it.
Autumn glory-- you can't beat it. | Source

Setting Up

A perfect setting for this ritual is outdoors at sunset in a private area on the Autumn Equinox—but work with what you can arrange. You don’t need an altar; a small blanket is fine, or you can put things directly on the ground if you like.

Place your Elemental representations at the quarters; this can vary from trad to trad, but the way I lay mine out is:

  • Water symbol – West (facing setting sun)
  • Air symbol - North
  • Earth symbol – East
  • Fire symbol – South

Set up your altar or blanket at the western edge of the circle (right behind the Water symbol). Lay your basket in the center of the altar or blanket. Place the black stone on the left and the white stone on the right. Place the cup of juice or wine and the plate with the muffin before it on the altar.

At that point, you can light incense, play some soft instrumental music or do whatever you like to promote the mood.


I just can't get enough of this woman's music. This Sabbat collection has the perfect Mabon song.


Ritual Opening

About a half hour before the sun sets, the ritual may begin. Take some time to relax and admire the sunset, thinking about how this day falls in perfect balance—half dark, half light. Think about how it separates the year into the light half and the dark half. Finally, consider how we are entering the dark half of the year and what that means to you.

When you’re ready, turn to each direction in turn (starting in the West), saying:

I call to the Powers of the West and the Element of Water; let your intuition flow as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

I call to the Powers of the North and the Element of Air; let me breathe in your wisdom as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

I call to the Powers of the East and the Element of Earth; let me be grounded in your strength as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

I call to the Powers of the South and the Element of Fire; let your spark energize me as I celebrate the rites of the Second Harvest.

Go back to the center of the circle and call your deities in any way you like; or you may simply say:

Goddess of Water, tide puller; God of Water; cycle mover;

Goddess of Air, breath of life; God of Air, of wisdom rife;

Goddess of Earth, Grain Grower; God of Earth, Seed Sower

Goddess of Fire, hearthkeeping One; God of Fire, of the blazing Sun

You who are All: Lady and Lord,

Dark and Light, Deed and Word,

Day and Night, Sun and Moon,

Blessings bright, Harvest boon;

May You be here, at twilight’s hour

As I honor You and toast Your Power

Solitary Mabon Ritual

Observe the Wheel of the Year with regular rituals.
Observe the Wheel of the Year with regular rituals. | Source

Observance: The Body of the Ritual

Take a moment to feel the presence of your deities. When you’re ready, pick up the black and white stones, with one in each hand. Say:

Day and night hang in the balance; Today, in equal measure, they meet.

Tomorrow, the dark takes over the year, and the hours of light retreat.

The darkness ushers in the chill, with leaves that whirl and winds that howl,

The snows may fall, the rains may cease, with empty fields and barren bough.

Dearest God, in Your waning strength, You move towards Your deathly sleep,

Yet memories of Summer shall warm my soul, and the promise of Spring I keep.

Lovely Goddess, in Your womb is the secret of what lies in store;

Rebirth of our God, rebirth of our Light, and rebirth of our land evermore.

For the mystery that you’ve taught me of the cycles of season are not in vain:

The darkness does pass, the light does return, and that which falls rises again.

Place the stones in the offering basket. Sit and meditate a while if you like, watching the sinking sun.

Harvest Chant (feat. T. Thorn Coyle)
Harvest Chant (feat. T. Thorn Coyle)

Such a beautiful harvest chant, you'll be singing it every year from Lughnasadh to Thanksgiving-- go listen to the sample! Actually, I'm a huge fan of this whole old CD.


Simple Feast

When you’re ready, pick up the juice, hold it up and say:

Bless this juice, infused with your love that is poured on the Earth;

As you’ve freely given, I freely give in return;

Accept my thanks and love at this Harvest season for Your bounty

Pour a libation (a small amount) into the basket of offerings.

Stand up and go to the Western quarter. Pour out a small splash of drink on the ground (or into the bowl if you’re doing this indoors), then move to the North, East and South in turn, saying:

May the delicate balance of nature’s energies every flow in harmony,

With the Goddess and God, with each other, and within me.

Take a sip of the drink and place the cup down back on your altar. Next, pick up the muffin or bread. Hold it up and say:

Bless this grain, infused with your love that springs forth from the Earth.

As you’ve freely given, I freely give in return;

Accept my thanks and love at this Harvest season for Your bounty

Break off a piece and put it into the offering basket. Then walk around the circle, sprinkling some crumbs at each of the four quarters, starting in the West, as you say:

May the cycles of the seasons keep turning,

May the Power of the Wheel keeps burning,

So mote it be!

Take a bite of the remaining bread. Sit and enjoy your simple feast as you enjoy the scenery and the cool autumn air.

Cakes and Ale (Ritual Feast)

Or juice and cookies, or bread and wine-- whatever you like.
Or juice and cookies, or bread and wine-- whatever you like. | Source

Ritual Closing

Sit and enjoy the season. Reflect on your life, on the fruits of your labor—what have you sown? What have you reaped in your life? Think about the things you need to let go of, the things that have held you back—don’t feel bad about them. Know that this is the season in which you can put them to rest if you’re ready.

When you feel ready, or when the sun slips below the horizon, you can close the ritual. Simply turn to each quarter in turn (starting in the West again), thanking each Elemental energy and bidding it go in peace. Bid farewell to your Gods as well, with these or similar words:

In life there is death; in death there is life. And the circle ever goes on.

My thanks and praise go with you this season, in celebration of this Mabon.

For the season does turn you toward slumber as we move toward the icy realm of the North;

But Your presence remains in my mind and my heart, and I carry you with me henceforth.

All that’s left to do is clean up and head home for a quiet, peaceful evening.

Celebrate Mabon!


© 2013 Mackenzie Sage Wright


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    • profile image

      victor 4 months ago

      this is super useful. I'm a new witch and my parents are not very supportive and I don't have the money to get any ritual tools but I'm so happy because my mom said I'm allowed to do a ritual tonight and this is perfect! this will be my first Mabon celebration and I'm very excited!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 17 months ago

      Hi Munyeca; it really depends on you. Visualizations are fine. Some people prefer props. If it was meaningful to you, then that's all that matters. Hope you had a happy Mabon!

    • profile image

      Munyeca Trujillo 17 months ago

      Hi I just did the ritual tonight in my room without any supplies just imaginary supplies. Is that OK honestly??

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Thanks Sally, I'm glad you enjoyed the ritual. Blessed Mabon to you and yours.

    • Sally Perzanowski profile image

      Sally Perzanowski 3 years ago from Monticello, Mississippi

      My friend and I have moved 1500 miles away from each other and did the mabon ritual tonight.

      It was beautiful and we raised great energy from a far. Thank you again blessed mabon.