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Simple living and High thinking!

Updated on March 15, 2016

Wisdom tips from BABA!

Why go for newer gadgets?

Everyone here may be aware that my pet and favorite subject is Philosophy and spirituality. I love all selfless sages, saints and prophets, whichever region or religion they belong. Their task is simple and straight forward. To correct the mindset of people, who are steeped in rank materialism? They have come on the earth to show the futility of pursuing material goals in life. Of course, I am quiet aware that as long as one lives in this world, he can not neglect material life. Our entire life on earth surely rests in food, drinks, cloths, medicines and a comfortable shelter. As it is, there is nothing wrong in striving for the above upto certain level. The problem comes, when we cross the threshold of needs and enter into comfort zone. This will automatically lead us to ‘luxury zone’.

Many examples are given in the scriptures, ‘how one should lead a life on earth? Fulfillment of basic needs is a must for all living beings. Only when we gather more than what we really need, greed silently enters our sub-conscious. Hence, contentment is advised to spiritual aspirants. Sathya Saibaba, once started a program called “ceiling on desires’ for the members of the Sai service organization, common devotees and students of his Institutes. One can not allow the desires to reach higher and higher. This is similar to feeding the fire with more and more fuel. As long as you pour fuel in the fire, the flames will raise higher and higher, craving for more! How to put out those tongues of fires? It is simple! Do not feed any more fuel and the fire will come down and quenched soon.

Our desires have to be dealt in a similar manner. Of course, the mind will clamor more and more objects. The mind is easily attracted to newer things. Nowadays, the entire world is crazy for gadgets. I have read a few days ago in the newspaper that a couple has sold their baby daughter for obtaining a new I Phone. Is it not crazy? This is also the saddest news for me. Is the I phone more valuable than a living baby who is your own blood? People have lost their thinking capacity in acquiring newer and newer things. The ECommerce sites are doing big business by advertising in all the possible ways, reaching everyone on earth through the net by using the phone numbers. The advertisers like “Google ad words” and other social platforms promote products with catchy phrases.

Hence, the youth and students must be wary of the constant prop up of advertisements while we surf different sites. Also, the news media including the visual media is interspersed with lot of advertisements which goad everyone to go for newer and advanced versions of gadgets. I don’t think that someone is using Intel 386 or 486 versions. They have become absolutely obsolete. Even the grocer or milk maid is flaunting a feature phone which aids her business. The internet seems to make inroads everywhere. Many service providers are offering cheap data initially to attract new customers. Once they are hooked in, the data charges are hiked without the knowledge of any body. None can read between the lines advertised by the Internet service providers. Since there is heavy competition and the service providers have invested in millions of dollars to upgrade their infrastructure, the ultimate cost falls on the head of user. Hence, at times we are perplexed at the usage and balance. If we want to remain update, we need to top up in quick succession. Games, Cricket and other events attract us to go through the latest updates in games. Many people foolishly watch videos and even picture trailers in their mobile or tablet. After some time, one will feel the pinch of raising bill amounts for data consumption. Hence one must be prudent if one wants to avoid unnecessary browsing. What if we access the news later in TV which is cheapest compared to smart phone or tablet browsing!

Why should we conserve our resources? There are millions of people who clamor for a morsel of food in many third world countries. Is it correct to spend huge amounts for purchasing newer versions? Hence we must save those unwanted errands and use it for helping the needy poor on the streets with many possible ways. Help at least one man on the street who badly needs food or cloth. This is the very idea of “Ceiling on desires” program founded by Sathya Saibaba!

Thoughts on desires!


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