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Sinclair College Ghost Hunt : Home to The Ghost Mr. Joshua,

Updated on February 10, 2019

“Mr. Joshua”, who is known to manifest himself in various ways.

Sinclair College, located in downtown Dayton, Ohio, is considered by many to be to be one of the most haunted campuses in the United States. Thus, it was a very easy choice to include this site on our list of reported paranormal sites to visit on a recent trip to Dayton. One of the named ghosts at Sinclair is “Mr. Joshua”, who is known to manifest himself in various ways. The search for stories about Joshua was high on our list to investigate.

We politely stopped a gentleman walking from one building to another, and introduced ourselves as “researchers of history”. The gentleman was a professor at the college, having been employed there for many years. Upon mentioning that our “internet research” had revealed stories of the haunting(s) reported at Sinclair College, he graciously proceeded to share his own personal experiences.

Our Professor stated that strange, ghostly activity in Building 13

Our Professor stated that strange, ghostly activity in Building 13 produced his own personal encounters. The location of Building 13 was once the site of the old railroad roundhouse, where a turntable was utilized to turn the locomotives and tender cars around. In the lower level, or basement, mules were hitched to a turning wheel which powered the turntable above. In 1913, the entire Midwest was the scene of flooding of massive proportions, and Dayton was nearly destroyed. Enter Mr. Joshua, the muleskinner for the Railroad Roundhouse, which was situated next to the river. Contrary to other reports that Joshua was killed by a machine press, our Professor assured us that Mr. Joshua was drowned attempting to save his mules during the flooding of the Roundhouse in March, 1913.

The ghost of Mr. Joshua, according to our Professor, manifests himself with events related to water, which is fitting due to his death by drowning. He related two such “encounters” to us, emphasizing that while he really did not have a belief in the paranormal prior to these events, he is now convinced that something unexplained had indeed happened to him.

This was a large, coffee table sized book.

While working on the first floor of Building 13, he noticed water dripping from the ceiling. As genuine pipe repairs had been required in the building previously, our Professor thought that yet another pipe had burst. After going upstairs, he located in an Interior Design classroom, the source of the water. Indeed, in a double stainless sink, the cold water was running full blast, overflowing onto the floor, and subsequently flowing into the downstairs room.. In the sink bottom, he and a fellow college employee found a large book filled with drapery samples swatches, flat on the bottom of the sink, blocking the drain. This was a large, coffee table sized book. In addition, another smaller book had fallen into the sink. Both books, they could tell, have fallen from a shelf over the sink. Only two out of a shelf full. Looking at the shelf raised the question in his mind as to how only those two fell. Our professor said “The sample book “fell” first, and landed such that it blocked the drain and the second book “fell” and hit the large handle turning on the cold water. This appeared to be impossible without the help of someone or something.” We questioned whether or not this was the work of vandals. “No, I don’t believe that. Vandals would have simply used the drain plugs AND would have turned both the hot and the cold water on. This was the work of Joshua.”

Our Professor’s second encounter with Mr. Joshua came during use of one of the restrooms. He delicately related the time when he was in a stall, door closed. He heard footsteps and observed a pair of heavy boots under the stall door walking by in front of the stall where he was, uh, taking care of business. Upon leaving the stall a short time later, our Professor noticed that no one else was in the rest room, as all stall doors were open and unoccupied. He had heard no one leave: no footsteps or other trace of anyone. Once again, Mr. Joshua had made an appearance, according to our Professor.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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