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Sixth Sense & Dreams: Air Signs ( Libra - Gemini - Aquarius )

Updated on November 15, 2014 | Source

Sixth Sense: Air Signs

People born with the air signs have an inborn ways for meditating and getting deep into things, their characters go from spontaneity to superficiality, they might get some states of shallowness and anger which would take control of them sometimes, their feelings might betray them or be true.

They get to see uncountable dreams but they claim that they don't see any of them that's due to the fact that they have weak memories for their dreams especially Gemini.


In general, Libra loves everything that's related to beauty and they would do the impossible to make themselves lovable and special.

They would feel that their dreams get balanced when they explain them while adding few things and explanations that comply with their inner world that's connected with their favorites and mistakes.

People born with Libra refuse anything that doesn't comply with their ego and they get shocked and surprised from the real images of reality because they fear them, no matter how much they claim that they love the truth, no one lives it and witnesses it better than Sagittarius.

Libra get a lot of dreams that talk about nations and history.


People born with a Gemini sign are known for their so moody behaviors, they rapidly change their moods and opinions, they often move and think fast and unconsciously refuse warnings, they might get more into pessimism than into optimism, they have great and rich imaginations, they love to live in their imaginable worlds, they believe in magic, miracles and Psychoanalysis.

People born with a Gemini sign never hate on someone and they also forgive and forget quickly, they love fun and are also looking for perfection.

They become good friends with Cancers and Scorpios.

No one can bring them or their confidence in themselves down and that's a positive thing!

Their dreams might include images about the human body parts like hands, arms, nose and psychic states. | Source


People born with an Aquarius sign can have special facial features and beauty, they're also known for their great wisdom and inventions. In fact, a huge number of great worldwide inventions have been done by people with this sign.

Aquarius is naturally born clever but they also love to keep their minds in action, they're mostly dipped into finding about the secrets of why humans exist on earth and everything that has to do with humanity.

The past events might really affect them deeply and you would find them talking or blaming you about something that has happened one year ago or even 5 years ago! They have sharp memories concerning things that affect them especially for the negative incidents and events.

Aquarius people are very curious into finding out about the things that matter to them, they have a great ability to understand things and discover the unknown and hidden things.

They see futuristic dreams more than any other sign and they might also have some dreams related to nations and history.

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