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Skipping Rocks, Letting Go Of Our Children.

Updated on December 11, 2012

Spending some time at the river’s edge, I did one of my favorite pastimes of looking for special rocks. Some with color, some with unusual shapes and those with fossils. Hardly ever do I take any home, I just like to appreciate what I can find beneath my feet. This time, my appreciation was for the flat round smooth pieces. These little gems hold memories of my sons and how we would have rock skipping contests. In these stones, I learned about letting go of my maturing children.

Usually these wonderful bonding moments with my boys, would take place at Kentucky Lake, when we would go to visit my Father and Mother. From the time they were small and anytime a decent body of water, along with a good supply of skipping stones were near, we would take advantage of the sport.

The flat rocks with a little bit of weight worked the best. Between giggles and exclamations of, “Oh man, did you see how many times that one skipped?”, we would pass the afternoon skimming those rocks across the water. We learned that the best skipping was all in the flip of the wrist and timing of the release. But even more, we spent time together and making memories and forming character.

My sons are grown up now and the sport of skipping rocks is far and few in between, but they do still happen. My oldest son and his companion came to visit just awhile back. We went down to the river and in no time he was lifting a rock and tossing them across the water. “Hey Mom, remember when we would have these contests?”

A smile spread across my face as I recognized the impact that those moments had on my son. What makes a good skipping rock takes a long time of wind and water working them to smoothness. Nature nurturing the stones to perfection. I like to think that I have nurtured both my sons to perfection, but I know there is imperfections in all of us and only through the Creator can we come close to perfection.

As I lift another stone, I realize too, that even nature has its imperfections and no one stone is the perfect one for skipping. Some of the smoothest stones don’t skip well and some of the uneven stones surprise us and skip beyond imagination. Our children can surprise us in that way!

When it is about our children we raise, it comes down to the quality of time we spend with them, while they are young. That time we hold them in our hands and feel their weight, their worth. Then the timing in releasing them onto their own walk in life, as they continue to be formed by the waters and wind of young adult experiences. The letting go into adulthood. Having faith in their flight across the river of life!

I picked up one more stone and pulled back my arm. With a quick thrust forward and a snap of the wrist, I released the rock sailing across the water. It skipped maybe five times and I watched with satisfaction the rippling rings disappear, knowing my boys are flying through their journey on Angels' wings. In my eyes, it was perfection, for I have faith that God made all with His Grace, including those skipping stones and those two boys!


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    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      What a lovely hub this is! I really enjoyed the memories you shared here. These kind of memories are precious, and can be treasured over and over again.

      I have to admit, I was never any good at stone skipping, but having read your hub about the wrist and timing, I might just have another go - I might even beat my nieces and nephews for once!

      Really enjoyable hub + voted up!