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Sleep Continuity as a Lucid Dream Induction Method

Updated on January 12, 2016
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Having Lucid Dream experiences at 3 years old & with over 30 years experience in LD, Robert hopes to share his passion for LD with the world

Sleep Continuity is an Important Aspect of Lucid Dreaming

If you have trouble staying asleep, that could be why you have trouble lucid dreaming
If you have trouble staying asleep, that could be why you have trouble lucid dreaming | Source

Sleep Continuity is One of The Basic Lucid Dream Induction Methods

Most living creatures on the planet earth have a normal sleep cycle that they keep throughout their daily cycle, every day. Even if their cycle is not exactly the same every day or every week, the average person has similar shifts of sleeping in their life.

Many people do not have a regular sleep cycle. This could be due to work requirements, due to insomnia, or from other external sources. There are also a great number of people who have difficulty staying asleep for a regular sleep cycle without becoming restless and waking up frequently. When people have trouble staying asleep, it can cause them to have problems if they attempt to have lucid dreams. Sleep continuity is simply making an effort to achieve a full sleep cycle when you go to bed in order to have lucid dreams.

Why can't I control my dreams?

Sleeping in uncomfortable positions, caffeine, even having a night-light on in your room could be preventing you from having lucid dreams
Sleeping in uncomfortable positions, caffeine, even having a night-light on in your room could be preventing you from having lucid dreams | Source

How Can I Achieve Sleep Continuity?

Many people have problems sleeping due to simply thinking too much. A basic mindfulness meditation might be able to help to clear your mind and help you sleep, if this is your problem.

Drinking caffeine can cause problems with the sleep cycle, as well. It is best to avoid caffeine; if not completely, at least after mid-day. The same can be said for processed sugars. Both caffeine and processed sugars, like most substances, effect every person's mind and body differently. If you are having problems lucid dreaming and you are consuming caffeine or processed sugars, it might be a good idea to stop; or at least to avoid consumption in the late afternoon or later if you want to have lucid dreams.

Drinking water near bedtime can also break up sleep continuity. Try avoiding drinking water or other liquids for at least an hour before bedtime to avoid breaking the sleep cycle if you have been having problems with sleep continuity.

Exercise can also keep people awake. It is best avoided in the last three or four hours before bed.

Make sure your bed and you pillows are comfortable to avoid tossing and turning. Room temperature can can issues with remaining asleep, as well.

Make sure you are not exposed to light while you are trying to sleep. Noises can also cause problems with saying asleep, try turning off the tv or radio if you are accustomed to sleeping with these on.

Will Sleep Continuity Guarantee Lucid Dreaming Success?

Remaining asleep for a full sleep cycle is important for lucid dreaming, at least, for those who have trouble staying asleep.

If you can stay asleep all night, this will greatly increase your chances of lucid dreaming, but it would probably help if you used the tips above, along with reality checks. Until you have been able to sleep continually as a daily pattern, it might be best to avoid trying any sleep interruption lucid dream induction techniques.

Reading about dreaming or lucid dreaming just before bed can help as well. Autosuggestion is a powerful tool for programming our minds. If your goal is to lucid dream, the more information you have and the more effort you make, the more likely you will be to experience a lucid dream.

If You Can Manage to Sleep Regularly, You Increase Your Chances of Lucid Dreaming

For many people, all it takes to lucid dream is a little bit of extra knowledge and a little bit of extra effort.
For many people, all it takes to lucid dream is a little bit of extra knowledge and a little bit of extra effort. | Source

In Conclusion

Every method of lucid dream induction has varying degrees of success; sleep continuity is no exception to the rule. There are many people who already sleep regularly that might not benefit very much from working on staying asleep. Every person and every mind is different, not to mention that sleep habits vary from person to person. This method seems to have different levels of efficiency for different people.

However, if you want to lucid dream and you are having trouble staying asleep, you could very likely benefit from trying this technique.

If you are interested in lucid dreaming, feel free to research more ways to increase your chances of lucid dreaming. You will be amazed at what you can do when you take control of your dreams!


May your dreams be fun and enjoyable

© 2016 Robert Cassady


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