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Slender Man Vs. The Rake

Updated on June 19, 2013

Two cryptic creatures that were created on the internet, only one can be the creepiest ghoul. Slender Man and The Rake are here to see who the best monster is. Which one sends chills down my spine, and keeps me awake at night? Let’s get to know our contenders.

When it comes to popularity, Slender Man wins by a landslide, it has a lot more fanart, has appeared in video games, independent films, and has more of an overall presence throughout the internet; but don’t underestimate The Rake.


Physically, The Rake has a rawer animalistic appearance; Slender Man is a tall “man” in a business suit. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing scary about wearing a tie, and looking formal. He has long octopus arms, and doesn’t have a face, but the business suit just ruins his image of being “scary”. It worked for “The Gentlemen” in Buffy, but I’m just not feeling Slender Man. The Rake looks like a combination of a rabid dog, and a zombified human. The rake reminds me of the chuppacabra in appearance. In comparision, slender man has a more original design, but that doesn’t make him scary. I prefer the traditional humanoid-creature -hybrid-look.The Rake wins.


The original legend of Slender Man mentions that it kidnaps children and influences the behavior of others. He picks off his victims in the woods, playgrounds or near rivers. Fanfiction and fan movies completely ignore that and make slender man also terrorize adults. In the internet you have creative right to do whatever you want with a character, so I guess I can't complain. The Rake never had a specific victim. It attacks everybody. Well this isn’t much of a surprise, monsters that attack people. It’s a tie.

How they attack

For the Slender Man, it’s really vague. He takes children, and it’s not really clear what he does with them after taking them. He is basically a modern day pied piper or a supernatural pedophile. Most of the interpretation says that Slender Man probably eats the children. The Rake mauls people, and inhabits their nightmares. Slender Man’s method is more mysterious, but I’m not a child, I'm not likely to be kidnap by him. The Rake, on the other hand will rip your family into pieces, and keep you alive to live through the trauma. The Rake wins.


If you tally up the score, The Rake has two and a half points, and Slender Man only has half a point. For me, the winner is The Rake! The Rake is a lot scarier than Slender Man. The Rake looks and behaves in a more terrifying manner than Slender Man. Seeing the picture and reading the story about The Rake on tumblr really bothered me the first time. Slender Man never once gave me the chills, or elicited the need to pee my pants. Congratulations on The Rake for being the scarier monster! With that said, hopefully Slender Man won’t retaliate by paying me a visit tonight.


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    • profile image

      brian 3 years ago

      ya right

    • profile image

      bloodprison 3 years ago

      slender man is my guardian angels

    • profile image

      brian 3 years ago

      slender man will win

    • profile image

      None of your business 3 years ago

      The Rake

    • profile image

      darcie 3 years ago

      The rake scared me at night. I am absest with slenderman wen my big sister showed me him I was very scared but now I do not care.

    • profile image

      Michael martioski 4 years ago

      I think that the rake will win because of how it looks like a crawler in call of duty zombies.

    • profile image

      smrty 4 years ago

      slenderman would own there have benn reports of people shooting him and nothing happening another point the slenderman would steal his soul the instant he got close enough for an attack

    • profile image

      derp 4 years ago

      not to mention there's no known method of killing slenderman due to his teleportation abilities, i guess if the rake could get close enough he might be able to damage him, but in a real fight the rake would be getting stabbed in the face a hundred times before he gets the chance to hit once.

      not to mention, the suit makes him look fing scary. sure the rake is creepy but i have guns in my house and i sleep with a gun. if he got in i' shoot his face. slender gets i nand i'll be like FML popopopopop(silence)

    • profile image

      Reyes 4 years ago

      I wouldn't be too cocky, saying you wouldn't be caught by slender. In Germany, during ww2, slender preyed on soldiers, people who were military trained.

    • profile image

      Rev 4 years ago

      Gf had a screaming nightmare about something that fitted the full description of the Rake, during her sleep paralysis nights. She's never seen the rake before so not gonna show her this page lol , especially if it's a made up monster.

      The slenderman guy just looks like the aliens from Doctor Who. Or the suited demons in buffy, called "The Gentleman".

    • profile image

      Clm8000 5 years ago

      I'd say Slenderman. The Rake obviously can only inflict physical harm up close. Slenderman on the other hand can stretch his arms to great lengths and be anywhere he wants. And since those who see them usually go insane, I think he could probably get into the Rake's head to and make it kill itself.

    • profile image

      Me 5 years ago

      The rake

    • profile image

      jarrett mcdonald 5 years ago

      the slenderman has had reports of people commiting suicide of those who have merely seen. it has also apperently driven others to madness. slenderman has also not been invented on the net but has been around, and seen, since ancient egypt on the hyroglyphs. he apperently can appear anywhere at anytime and has been spotted all over the world from the states, to asia, to europe , to canada. as you said, he steals the children of parents and they are never seen again and he can appear before you and take you away as well and never be heard from again. he's said to be very tall, around 7", have many arms, no face, and formally dressed.