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Are They Muslim Liberals?

Updated on February 4, 2017

What Went Wrong?

The topic which has been in all print/electronic and social media these days is the disappearance of Pakistani bloggers i.e. Salman Haider etc who allegedly made derogatory remarks against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). A rift between liberals and loyal Muslims is apparent on every social forum, even at barber shops of every town.

Religion Spreads Peace

Does any individual who also claims to be a Muslim have the authority to pass any derogatory remarks, not only against Islam but against any religion? Whatever electronic evidence have been collected by the concerned authorities so far, is quite shameful and represents some objectionable opinions of so-called liberals of Pakistani/Muslim society.

Islam is the religion of peace, love and it spreads the message of harmony, why do people like Salman Haider (Who is a born Muslim) try and defame the very fabric of Islam? Any individual who has some confusion or query should contact the relevant authority, in this case definitely some renowned Islamic scholar. Nobody should have the privilege to pass any such comments/opinions against any religion.

Who Is Liberal and Who Is Not?

Liberalism is a phenomenon which is getting out of limits nowadays, in the name of religious, social, economical and cultural pretentious intellectualism. Things need to get right and right straight away, legislators should sit and formulate strict laws to forbid any future attempts by individual and/or group. religious scholars should give authentic advises in the process of legislation for crimes against religion, international social media forums such as Facebook, twitter etc should integrate these laws in their policy and filter/delete such comments/issues altogether.

Islam Is Religion Of Peace

Some people call it enticement when condemnation of such attempts made by public and/or media, is it not better if all forums coordinate and apply a methodology that prevents any individual to spit the venom against any religion in the name of freedom of speech?

Islam is a complete religion and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is without a doubt a complete human being and last messenger of ALLAH(God). If we can take actions against individuals who try to criticize head of our states, why should we not make any individual answerable for being a critic of the most beloved and complete personality of this world?

Game of Hatred

This game of hatred needs to stop now, respect and love for every religion should be the agenda of every society. Fools like Salman Haider and others needs to realize the difference between being liberal and social media propagandist. Salman for the sake of God, stop being the tool of subversion and confusion especially in the hands of others. You all are grown up individuals who have been lucky enough to be educated and are living in a free world, do not spoil the essence of freedom of speech for yourself and for others who are not as extreme in their views as you are.

Wrong Perception

People of Pakistan do not condemn eating at Macdonalds and wearing jeans and t-shirts, as Salman Haider has described in his enticing poem. No one calls you Kafir (Non-Muslim) for eating at an international chain of fast food and listening to songs. 70% of Pakistani nation is advanced mentally and technologically and they like competing with the world in a positive manner. The 20% of the population is either old enough to sit and relax or striving hard to earn righteous income for their children. The remaining 5% are innocent children and the last lot of 5% are the people who may have some extreme views, just like Salman Haider and others.

Dialogue and Apology

A sincere apology on a public forum would not lower the esteem of Salman and other like-minded people. In fact, this gesture would create a cordial breeze in the ongoing tensed scenario of the country. If the majority agrees or disagrees with something the verdict goes in the favor of majority, in this case of freedom of speech the majority of Pakistani nation disagrees with Salman Haider's views giving a clear signal that his attempt to justify his views is null and void.

Let us hope and endeavor to create a peaceful and loving society with defined limits so that no one in future would try and influence the perception which is based on truth and reality, that no one tries and amend the basic teachings of religion.


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